• 5 Season 6 Episode Ideas We Want To See

    WeAreBorg here with more speculation of what is to come in the 6th season of Friendship is Magic. With the new season just around the corner, (I was so totally right) our motley imaginations must be running wild with what we can hope to expect. I’ve taken a look at way too many polls and episode synopses, and compiled a list of Season 6 episode we need to see.

    Head on past the break for more possible spoilers than an iTunes slip up...

    So first let’s do a bit of analysis, in season 5 we are introduced firstly to the The Cutie Map, the Big Brother device leading the inquisition against terrible friendship throughout Equestria and beyond. This was the so-called main theme of the season. Funny thing though, if you don’t count the 2-part Season premiere or the 2-part finale, in only 3 other episodes did the jerk sniffing coffee table send our beloved mane 6, in pairs, to the furthest reaches of a Walmart promo designed in 2012. This left 19 episodes of stand alone equine exposition and world building glory. So, despite the “Exploring Equestria” moniker now taped to the side of the unopened Season 6, not a lot of the episodes will presumably carry that theme.

    With that bit of wisdom under the saddle, let’s continue...

    Royal Foalsitter

    So, with the series' exciting announcement that Twilight Sparkle is about to become an Aunt, we will be gifted with a brand new character we are dying to see. A sort of remix on an older episode we should see Cadance and B.B.B.F.F. leave their baby, Princess Flurry Heart, in the care of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy while the two parents go on an important diplomatic mission. We know how much Pinkie thinks she’s (probably) up to the task, and as Yellow Quiet says she’s “Good with Kids,” but just what would this pair be getting into?

    Now, we’re recently sure she is an Alicorn, but regardless, she is the daughter of an Alicorn, one who can maintain a shield spell for days without sleep, a unicorn whose power approaches that of his sister- the embodiment of Magic, who can similarly cast a shield over an entire capital city; for a combined double combo that can blast hundreds of select creatures for miles. Yeah, this kid is dynamite. If you saw the sneak peeks, just look at Cadance's eyes. We saw how much trouble an ordinary pair of twins was. She not only needs a pacifier but a magic inhibitor ring over her horn...that’ll get loose...and bring about Ragnarok. Can Party Pink and the rest save the day?

    Changeling for the Better

    Okay, that 100th episode was a can of worms. There is so much potential there for follow ups and I’m trying really hard to not take but one idea from it. There will be time for more episode ideas later. What really stuck out to a lot of people though, was the one lone and shunned changeling in the back row. I’m rather sure if he didn’t belong there he would have had at the very least a large sea serpent ripping him out through a window or splattered into one like a junebug on a semi’s windshield.

    So what’s the status on these buggers? Well, fan speculation puts changelings in 1 of 3 camps. Either that Chrysalis is plotting again, the hive has disposed of its queen and replaced her, or everything over there is bug land has gone to Tartarus. Either way though, we are left with the possibility of changelings either leaving the collective, or not yet finding their way back after that genocidal love explosion. Despite the lack of black bug creeps on the shelves of our toy stores, (which you know I would buy an army of if you’ve seen my living room) some changeling focus in an episode is possible and definitely something we need to see. Regardless of what is to come, as it stands that one changeling at the wedding wasn’t being treated with that glowing friendship we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. I think our cute chitin fellow needs a friend, and I can’t decide is it’ll be Pinkie, Fluttershy or Twilight who will befriend it first. What do you think?

    Obligatory Zecora Episode

    We were kinda jipped in Season 5 with Zecora only having a few minutes of screen time in the Season finale. Though who can argue that the rhyme master wasn’t totally awesome facing off against Chrysalis. Judging from the number of Zecora POP figures I saw on clearance on Walmart the other day, she may not be getting the screen time she deserves, but she in every season regardless. So for Season 6, this is one of those perfect opportunities for the season’s theme to come into play.

    Zecora needs to take us to her homeland so we can see more zebras. Maybe some other zebras come to find Zecora as she is needed for some crisis. A Zebra is still an equine herd animal so it is rather odd that she lives alone. Is this common among zebras or is she hiding? There is so much world building potential! We notice Zecora has a bit of a cutie mark and possesses some form of limited magic. What are are the limits of this magic? We need to see some long drawn out conversations in rhythm between zebras, with the mane 6 struggling to fit in. So much that could be done here.

    Darkswirl the Bearded


    So, we all know of Starswirl is the Doc Brown of the pony world and thanks to Starlight Glimmer his spells are even more powerful. This gives us a well setup opportunity to travel back in time and meet this guy. We’ll have Twilight Sparkle screw up and pour too much magic into Glimmer’s spell, thanks to her new apprentice in non other than The Humble and Modest Trixie. As a result the pair are shot back in time to meet Starswirl the Bearded.

    Here’s the twist though, Starswirl’s life’s work is staring him in the face and upon discovering Twilight has completed his spell he will do almost anything to become an Alicorn too. With Starswirl’s trip to the dark side who can Purple Smart rely on to help her? Maybe a young Celestia. With the time in balance, will Twilight keep history from being rewritten while Starswirl tempts Trixie with untold power and can Trixie resist the urge to become the Kylo Ren to Darkswirl’s Emperor Snoke?

    Power Ponies II: Humdrum Returns

    So, Power Ponies was the bomb. It was a great show with twists on our favorite characters. Hasbro even made a whole toy line based on comic book heroes. With the fans on board and Hasbro always looking to cash in, it’d be no surprise if we say a revisit. I know a lot of people dislike a lot of the Spike centered episodes and despite him being the reason I watched the pilot episode beyond 20 secs, I’d have to agree, but Spike was great in this episode and he’d be great in Humdrum Returns.

    For round two, on Spike’s birthday, the mane 6 agree to go into another one of the enchanted Power Ponies comic books. Twilight is waiting on an important visit from an ambassador and devises a means of early escape from the book. Twilight eventually activates her shortcut portal back out but accidentally releases the comic book’s villain into the real world. When the ponies go to follow, they retain their super powers, and have to stop the villain while Twilight tries to balance this new crisis and the important ambassador. Can Humdrum save the day?

    So those are 5 possible Season 6 episode plots we just have got to see. While we can't read the minds of the writers, It would be fantastic see some some of these pan out. Let us know what you think in the comments!