• Official Map and Season 2 Cast Picture Show Up

    Breaking news! Cool stuff!

    The lovely Pixelkitties just uploaded a unique find on Twitter- an official season two cast picture and what appears to be the first canon map of Equestria we've ever gotten. I know at least one pre-reader who's very upset that he guessed his landmarks wrong, so, writers: you may want to pay attention to that!

    I had the best day of pony hunting ever! Not only did I find pretty much everything from Crystal ponies to new pony plushies to a complete box of Wave 3 Blind Bags to white Celestia, but the Butler, PA Walmart near my my doctor's office had FREE posters when you purchase said swag! I bought pretty much everything so they let me away with two copies of each of the four designs!

    - Pixelkitties

    Two small notes about the cast picture:

    • Applejack is totally in the background with all the other background ponies, which made me laugh until I couldn't breathe.
    • The Big Lebowski ponies are in there. Awesome.

    Commence freaking out.

    EDIT: Additional compilation picture with every released poster after the break!