• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 2

    This thing you are looking at above is not an accurate depiction of what you guys have been up to today. The total number for tonight is... massive. No. Massive misrepresents what you've done. Makes it sound tiny. There aren't words to describe this - it's... never happened before. I am enormously proud of each and every one of you. You've done so well already and it's only Day 1. All expectations are completely blown out of the water. Today's total: 1380 images. Gallery coming soon. You guys... uh... broke the internet. o.O

    Unfortunately, there's a downside to this. Due to the sheer level of interest and participation, and due to the way the submitter works, I can no longer accept late entries. Further, submissions will close at 11:30 PM to give the system time to process every entry. I will be experimenting with this and seeing how far I can push it back, but if I don't do this, we can't publish anything. If you're late I am sorry. But your work still counts! Save it and wait: we'll be doing special makeup galleries for late entries throughout the event. Don't be discouraged.

    Now then. For today you'll need to head to the Day 2 submitter and fill out the form just like you did last night. Remember that the system only takes direct image links: only the url that shows when the image itself is the only thing the browser displays is the right one. Right click and select view image if you're a Firefox user. If you can't figure it out in your browser of choice, I recommend temporarily switching when you submit.

    Onto today's theme! You've tried resting, so now let's get on with the action, action, action! Draw a pony in motion/Draw a pony on the go! Don't forget to bring your thinking berets!

    In many ways this year's event is already far and away greater than its predecessor. If even a portion of this pace continues, by the second week we'll have exceeded the entire thirty day total for the previous event. But with your amazing turnout and your enthusiasm comes some sacrifices. Those of you who were around last year know that comments from me on your images were some of the most popular parts of the Artist Training Grounds. But with so many pictures to approve and look over and process, I don't know that I'll have time this year. If I can find a way to squeeze it in I will, but for now just know that I look at every single one of your pictures personally, and I will not forget them. If it's your first image or another in a long line of them, it's important to me, because you were brave enough to send it in.

    A brief word of caution before we get to the art: remember that not all of you are starting on the same level. Some of you have a lot of practice under your belts already, and if you don't think your picture is as good as some of the others... well, that's natural. But it's also something to shoot for! You only get better by doing, and you will surprise yourself by how quickly you catch up. So keep at it, and never be ashamed of where you came from.