• Friday Convention News Compilation

    Time for this week's convention news compilation! BUCK, Everfree Northwest, Galacon, more convention news than your body has room for!

    • BUCK Promo Video
    • Hot Diggety Demon to attend a Sold-Out Everfree Northwest!
    • PHPonyCon 2013: The 2nd Philippine Brony Convention
    • Galacon Press Note

    Hotdiggedydemon will be attending Everfree Northwest, which is now triple-sold-out! Pack your bags, ponies, cause we're coming up on this one fast!

    PHPonyCon, the Philippines’ very own brony fandom convention, made a quiet debut last March 31, 2012 at CSB Hotel, Manila, with attendance of over a hundred guests. In spite of little promotion, low profile, and absence of star power, the convention was a success. Now, PHPonyCon is back for a rerun, with the event to be held on February 16, 2013, at the West Wing of Great Eastern Hotel Manila.

    Full details to be unveiled during the PH Bronies’ 1st Anniversary on August 18 (also in Great Eastern Hotel) regarding activities, programs, event rates, booth reservations, pony con tickets, and the upcoming PHPonyCon website. Also, expect guest pre-registration and donation to begin in September.


    Philippine Bronies Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Philippine-Bronies/253550688010766
    PHBronies of DeviantArt: http://phbronies.deviantart.com/
    [NEW] PHBronies’ official website: http://phbronies.com/home/

    GalaCon Final Pressnote

    Pinkie’s Google Party


    It’s me, Canni! Why, you ask? Well, the staff is kinda occupied with panicking and running in circles, since it’s just one week until Galacon and there’s SO much left to do!

    But no worries, I got this - And while the relaxation tea is almost done steeping, I can tell what else I did today! My friend Pinkie Pie showed me this fun thing called G+Events and I signed Galacon up for it.

    She also told me that all visitors who use some kind of fancyshmancy smartphone - By Celestia’s beard, I have NO idea what that is! - can upload photos to the G+Event. I will honor the best photo with a prize! <3

    And for all of you, I have the preview of the con guide right here! Discord couldn’t help it and had to fiddle around, though, so you have to expect mistakes here and there. Meh :(

    But now everypony should know what’s up and see what we have in store!

    Oh, I think I gotta head out and collect more spring water for the relaxation tea. The staff has to be up and ready next week!

    Love you all,

    Canni *__*