• Artist Training Grounds II: Day 1 Gallery and Explanation

    Ok, so... you guys gave me so many ponies that there is literally no image hosting site that is willing to take them all, especially not on a daily basis. Picasa exploded. Literally exploded, in a hail of hellfire and cutie marks. We cannot in good conscience load this in a traditional blogger post - it will crash your browser with the fury of a thousand suns. And point of fact, we have no host sites.

    Fortunately, a little bit of magic from knighty gave us a solution, and the gallery is now hosted on the submitter itself. Fingers crossed that is holds, but check out all the pony that ever ponied a pony right here.

    I'm so sorry for all of the difficulties. Somehow we are never prepared for the sheer scope of this event, and the tsunami of your enthusiasm. It's... amazing.