• Ted Cruz Endorses Applejack for Best Pony

    Regardless of what party you support, it's always funny to see a presidential candidate say anything at all about cartoon horses. Over on Ozy.com, someone did a bit of investigative journalism into Ted Cruz's likability. One part in particular was fun:

    I’ve just jumped from a hay bale to the upper rung of a bleacher seat — it’s the only way I can see Cruz, surrounded by fans, cameras and boom mics. Now I’m looking down, and the Texan with slicked-back hair, a rugged outdoorsman’s jacket and hiking shoes is talking about ponies. “What’s your favorite My Little Pony?” Cruz asks his tiny supporter, a little girl who is wearing a Rainbow Dash beanie. ”Twilight,” she says. “I have two daughters, and they love Twilight,” Cruz says, before adding, with a grin: “My favorite, though, is Applejack. I just think she’s funny.”
    I wonder who Bernie Sanders supports? I know Trump is undeniably Trixie.

    Thanks to Euphgeek for the heads up!