• Holiday Banner Event Ends - December Submissions and Winners!

    Well, that was an awesome three months. You all made the holidays so much more interesting! Thanks a ton to everyone that sent in your awesome headers for EQD. Hopefully you all had fun making them!

    And thanks again to Entertainment Earth for sponsoring it with those awesome three Rainbow Dash Hikari figures. They are all completely sold out, so this was the last chance to acquire them from their site!

    Again, thank you all so much for entering! If you ever want to just a submit a banner for fun, use the same requirements and fire one off to submit@equestriadaily.com.

    Below the break, check out all of our entries from December, the winner of of the month, and the randomly chosen winners of the Spike and Cadance Funko figures that included Spotlight Splash or Rocket Tier in their entries. 

    Now go view banners!

    Check out the October submissions over here.
    And the November submissions here!

    [1] Source

    Holiday Banner by DeusExEquus

    [2] Source

    Equestria Daily Hearthwarming Eve Banner 2015 by Gluglotte

    [3] Source

    Equestria Daily AJ Day 2015 Banner Submission by TexasUberAlles

    [4] Source

    EQD Winter Banner 1 by 1i0

    [5] Source - Carwyn

    [6] Source - Martina B. Vivienne

    [7] Source - Sarah

    [8] Source - NickDallas

    [9] Source - Foxtastic

    [10] Source - Sparta Pie

    [11] Source -Deyrasd

    [12] Source

    Equestria Daily, holiday banner 2015 by AlexDTI

    [13] Source

    EQD Winter Banner 2 by 1i0

    [14] Source

    EQD Christmas Banner by Dreamland200

    [15] Source

    Equestria Daily December banner by DragonM97HD

    [16] Source

    EQD Holiday Banner 2015 by Pegapnea

    [17] Source

    Equestria Daily December Banner Event by Denragon

    [18] Source


    [19] Source

    EQD Winter Banner by uxyd

    [20] Source

    EqD Thanksgiving Banner Submission by cobralash

    [21] Source

    My Little Pony Snowball Fight by kathryn0627

    [22] Source

    EQD Banner Contest Entry - December by maddie8972


    Grand Prizes


    Limeskittle took this one. It may have skipped out on the "transparent background or bordered" idea, but it did a great job anyway. Rocket Tier especially looks good here! They won the Chrome Rainbow Dash hikari figure.


    Congrats to BDS-1611 on winning the Glitter Storm Rainbow Dash figure from  Entertainment Earth for November! The sugariest thanksgiving feast I have ever seen.


    Finally, the grand prize winner of December Is Nick Dallas! He will receive the Non-variant Rainbow Dash Hikari figure! Congrats!  

    Random Winners

    Random Winners for including Spotlight or Rocket Tier - Spike and Cadance.

    Winner of Cadance is Ruined Omega on Deviant Art! Congrats!And not just because Spotlight makes an AMAZING bat pony.

    And Spike goes to Ambergerr, also on Deviant Art. I'm pretty happy with these random rolls. Rocket Tier and Spotlight have some good chemistry going on in this one.

    And thanks again to January 3rd for the awesome Spotlight Splash and Rocket Tier October header!

    Until next time! Hopefully you all had fun with our banners this season.