• Equestria Daily Holiday Banner Event November Submissions and Winner - December Begins!

    It's that time of the month once again! We have shifted over to the final leg of the Entertainment Earth sponsored Holiday Banner Event. The final, original Hikari Rainbow Dash figure is up for grabs in this part, and already out of stock on their website.

    Tons of people have sent in amazing banners this year making EQD much more festive than usual. You guys rock. Keep em coming!

    Anyway, we have a winner, and a bunch of awesome banners from people around the fandom. Head on down below the break for a final dose of Autumn as we move into the snowy world of December!

    1 Artist

    2 Artist

    3 Artist

    4 Artist

    5 Artist

    6 Artist

    7 Artist

    8 Artist: Sarah

    9 Artist:

    10 Artist:

    11 Artist:

    12 Artist:

    13 Artist:

    14 Artist:

    15 Artist

    16 Artist: ilovealf88

    This one was tough. We battled it out between two of the banners for the final winner, and tossed both into a random generator at the end. This guy won it! I was still a huge fan of this one too.

    Anyway, congrats to BDS-1611 on winning the Glitter Storm Rainbow Dash figure from  Entertainment Earth

    Thanks to everyone sending them in! And remember, including our mascots puts you in the running for a random draw at Spike and Cadance.

    And be sure to check out their  My Little Pony  section for any of your cartoon horse needs! 

    Next up, we have the December holiday portion where you can win an original Rainbow Dash Hikari Figure, which is currently completely sold out.