• 5 Background Pony Episode Ideas For Season 6!

    Hey guys, ABagOVicodin here! With the recent news regarding Special Agent Sweetie Drops and the S.M.I.L.E. team, I’m surprised that G.M. Berrow was allowed to continue with M.A Larson's ambitious idea. It seems a little unreal that “Slice of Life” is canon, but since it is, let’s enjoy the hiatus and give the show staff some more ideas and talk about some background pony episode ideas that have been stirring around my head after the break!

    #1: Pinkie Pie gets a toothache and needs to visit Minuette.

    Minuette was a blast in “Amending Fences”. I’m pretty sure that she can carry an episode with just her enthusiasm, but how would we be able to write Minuette into an episode with her as the main character? I can see Pinkie Pie visiting Minuette with a toothache, saying that her tooth started hurting that morning. Minuette takes a look with her microscope, and finds a new race of bacteria inside of Pinkie’s cavity.

    Minuette and her assistant would shrink themselves down to the size of a germ and invade Pinkie’s cavity to convince the bacteria to leave Pinkie’s cavity. I’m seeing references to Magic School Bus and perhaps Anatomy Park (nsfw language) from Rick and Morty, with an entire city living inside of Pinkie’s cavity. Perhaps Minuette enlists the help of Doctor Whooves to shrink herself down?

    #2: Vinyl and Octavia collaborating in a concert.

    Vinyl and Octavia’s duet in “Slice of Life” was awesome and catchy, especially with all of the effects that DHX put on the scene. While we know Octavia’s voice, I’m still curious about Vinyl Scratch. Should she be given a voice? Does it sound like Nowacking like every Vinyl animation we’ve seen? Or should she remain mute and only communicate with music or hand motions? Let me know in the comments.

    The idea that I have for this duo would have the both of them collaborating on a concert for the first time. The concert is in Canterlot for the Grand Galloping Gala, and the staff want Octavia and Vinyl to put together a performance with both of their musical styles to impress the special guests from Applewood. I can see the episode focusing on the problems with collaboration, as well as Vinyl feeling out of place with her music compared to the simple cello music that Octavia plays. I can see the two of them fighting over whose music should take precedence, or whether Vinyl should be on the project at all. I see a lot of material here to work with, especially if they are “best friends”.

    #3: Daring Do enlists the help of Doctor Whooves to save Equestria.

    I loved Daring Don’t. Daring Do being real is probably one of the coolest things to come out of Season 4, and I really want to see Daring Do seeking help to save Equestria from another new villain. Perhaps the Main 6 are out in a different country or the stakes are not high enough for their attention? Either way, I’m all up for a Daring Do, Doctor Whooves, and Muffins Derpy Hooves trio. I can see their characters clashing a lot with Daring Do thinking Derpy is slowing them down and wanting to be more violent while Doctor Whooves wants to be diplomatic with solving the problem.


    Twist is adorable. Look at that, she’s waiting for Apple Bloom’s phone call. But yeah seriously, I’d love to see a day in the life of Twist. Is she perhaps a sweets shop assistant for Bon Bon? What if she is given the store to look after while Sweetie Drops is “on vacation”? I can see a funny episode making fun of a customer service role, and speaking as someone who has worked in it for 6 years, I’d love to see Twist trying to survive among a rampage of heartless and impatient customers. Bonus points if the Cutie Mark Crusaders show up and have a little talk. We need more Twist, dangit!

    #5: Batponies and their lore.

    Seth is forcing me to write this. Batponies are awesome. Look at those irises and with more batponies in the finale, I think they are about due for their own episode. Larson previously mentioned that he had the night and day guards making fun of the Princesses, and it’s a shame that it was cut for time. I’d be perfectly fine with a simple flashback episode that goes into depth on the first batpony. Were they made by Princess Luna? Did they used to be a primal race that were redeemed by Princess Luna or Celestia? Why aren’t there any batponies in Equestria during the day? Sethisto apparently tells me that these are important questions that need to be answered.

    And that’s all I have for this week! Do you guys have any background pony episode or book ideas? Leave them in the comments! Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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