• EQD Mascots Finally Arrive! Meet Spotlight Splash and Rocket Tier!

    Well, that only took 6 months or so! After a huge delay that I apologize profusely for, we finally have mascots! It's funny looking back at how far the fandom has evolved since it's early days. I remember making completely separate OC themed Drawfriend Posts just due to the crazy backlash we'd get every time we included them in the usual art section. It took a few years before we were regularly including them, and now this discussion post seems to point at you all being perfectly fine with it. It's time to adopt our own.

    I want to thank the SWARMS of people that sent in awesome ideas and concepts for the event earlier this year. Without you, we wouldn't be here.  When we took that vote earlier in the year, the design by Puff Pink was the victor, so we eventually based the final pony on that.

    So who are these ponies and what will their roles on EQD be from now on? What will happen to the Greatest and Most Powerful Trixie?

    Head on down below the break for the bios!

    NOTE: We will be compiling ALL the entries for the event for a post in a few days!

    Name: Spotlight Splash
    Likes: Writing, Solving Puzzles, Candy Corn, and Fluffy Socks
    Representing: News, Interviews, Editorials, and general EQD based journalistic things.

    When it comes to diving deep into the ponynet seeking the cartoon equine news you have all come to know us for, Spotlight Splash is your girl!  She strives to keep her news unbiased and accurate, while having a good time doing it. This is a pony site after all, and without some fun, what's the point?

    Another side of EQD sometimes drives her a little nuts though with taking "fun" a bit too far. Her little brother can get overly excited with the posting of everything, requiring her to step in and put her hoof down before things erupt in flames... again.

    When she's not buried under piles of news reports and potential leads, Spotty likes to curl up with her comfiest socks for a deep and puzzle filled detective novel. Sometimes this scenario plays out while on a zeppelin to another country, indulging in her other love of traveling to exotic locales.

    Name: Rocket Tier
    Likes: Space, Drawing, Flying REALLY FAST, Cookies with frosting and sprinkles, Driving Spotlight crazy, puns
    Representing: Art, Music, Video editing, and The Creative side of EQD

    In the wonderful world of "categories that are not in the the news tab", Rocket Tier reigns SUPREME! If there is a video, piece of epic art, song, or general fandom madness, he's the one to scoop it up. Luckily his sister is here to keep him in check, or EQD would look like our 3AM shenanigans every hour of every day.

    Outside of the world of bloggy things, Rocket does everything and anything he can involving space. From video games, to movies and books, if it involves planets and solar systems, he's there. Much to Spotlight's dismay, he sometimes sneaks out at midnight when the moon is full, dons a rocket helmet, and flies as fast as possible straight up imagining breaking free of the atmosphere to visit Luna's old domain. Maybe some day he will find his way into the Equestrian Space program?

    Vectors by Kooner, whom you can commission over here.

    Spotlight Splash

    Rocket Tier

    Original Rocket Tier concept by Couch Crusader.

    Old Concept Art

    Super cute early artist concept from Rayhiros

     Color scheme wars!