• The New Canterlot Boutique Ponies Need Names! Lets Name Them!

    Rarity's new episode introduced a whole bunch of new characters. Unfortunately, they are all completely unnamed, as confirmed by Amy Keating Rogers on Twitter:

    Fandom, it's time to do what you do best. These ponies have excellent models and color schemes as per usual, and the only way to make them better is backstories and names!

    Head on down below the break for pictures of each, along with current trending ideas. Now go! NAME THESE CARTOON HORSES!

    Pony #11? 

    Architect Pony

    Bright Pony and Gothic Pony

     Chubby pony. Unfortunately a lot of people are calling her "Diabetty" so far!

    Fashionable Pony

    I have no idea

    Nasal Pony

    Name them!