• The Top 10 Best SFM Animations of 2015!

    The Source Film Maker community didn't slack off at all in 2015, taking skills and upgraded models from years of 3D pony domination, and turning them into some of the most epic videos we've seen yet! There is a lot of flexibility with so many people being able to contribute to making these work, and with tutorials popping up everywhere, hopefully we continue to see this side of the fandom keep growing as the years roll on by!

    Below the break, we have our pick for the top 10 best SFM videos of the year, covering everything from the crushing feels, to adrenaline filled combat. There is something for everyone.

    Go get them! And share any we missed in the comments! 


    A classic Weebl animation gets the ponfication and SFM love in the form of Business Pony! The perfect scene switches, coupled with smooth animation and Rainbow Dash lookin' super professional in her business attire makes this one take an easy top slot for the year. Look at that grin on her face. She knew she'd win. She's a top executive after all. That's winning right?


    The SFM EG models are new this year, and were quickly put to use in a few different projects. One in particular from a super skilled animator that absolutely rocked it in re-creating Rainbow Dash's "Awesome as I want to Be".

    It's only 47 seconds long, but it's worth if you are alright with giving the ponies hands.

    (Update: Apparently this was blender. I knew not reading descriptions would bite me some day)


    I was actually afraid the endless swarm of Five Nights at Freddies SFM animations would be difficult to dig through, but apparently most of them landed last year. SUCH RELIEF. Luckily this one was pretty awesome if you are into the fandom side of things, and even got a revamped version a year later, which we've linked to for the 9th place slot.

    It might be a generational Pewdiepie gap thing, but I always get bored when I try to play these. You all seem to love em though, and there is no doubt that the video above is really cool even for an uninitiated like me. 



    It's hard to recreate battle sequences in any form of animation, but Chemistry did just that. Even if you have never watched either of the Full Metal Alchemist series before, It's still more than worthy of your eyeballs.

    That, and Trixie is awesome of course. Check out the way she channels those Transmutation hooves. TRUE POWER.


    I knew this song would get a ton of love when I first heard it. My Jeckyl and Hyde cohorts here on EQD thought I was insane, and that it corrupted a classic. They gave me hell whenever I'd mention that I was listening to it. Jokes on them! I wasn't alone!

    We've seen countless animatic recreations of Confrontation, and the SFM version wasn't disappointing at all. Moonbutt battles with her inner demons, and the world is better entertained because of it.


    I honestly didn't follow along with the whole Alushy thing at all before this released, and was pretty surprised when it landed in the EQD inbox as the second one I'd seen in a few months. As with most Argodaemon animations, he makes those slightly awkward looking SFM models blow right past the uncanny barrier.

    The pony that really takes the spotlight here is none other than the Greatest and Most Powerful Unicorn of all thoughe! Just look at that dance!  I guarantee no other pony can dance like that!

    How Coloratura didn't hire Trixie as a backup is beyond me.


    Despite what you thought of Twilight's alicorn transformation episode, there is no doubt that the songs were fun; A True True Friend in particular. Now take the entire thing and re-create it in SFM, backgrounds included! That's what this project set out to do, and it absolutely nailed it.

    It's still amazing how many assets it added. Hopefully you all use some for future videos, because they are totally available by the creator, Discopears, and I'm tired of seeing TF2 maps!

    In fact, from now on, Gold Rush is officially banned!


    Ferexes doesn't make a ton of SFM animations anymore, but when he does release one, you know it's going to be awesome. It's always a joy to see the inbox spammed with "OMG FEREXES ANIMATION POST NOW!"

    As with his usual style, The Walk is a surreal journey into a mystical alternate dimension from the viewpoint of Fluttershy, via some of the smoothest SFM animation out there. There is some vague story about her traveling into a book, but we don't watch dreamscapey stuff for the story!


    The SFM community has always been incredibly talented on a one-by-one basis, so what happens when you make them collaborate on something? Doors follows Twilight Sparkle as she travels to a whole bunch of interesting mini-dimensions with a chaotic and upbeat feel to keep the madness going. Cameos from Zelda to TF2 can be found within. It's simply a joy to watch.

    It wins huge props on both quality and uniqueness.


    I haven't felt feels this hard from anything in a long time. We've seen the whole "Twilight lives forever and her friends die" trope an almost overwhelming amount of times over the years since she sprouted wings, but this right here proved that it can still have an affect on even those who are almost completely de-sensatized to the concept.

    Argodaemon's camera and lighting work was absolutely incredible in this one. With the doors opening and glass shattering, every moment something "shifts" brings in another wave of emotion. It easily takes the top slot this year. I don't think anything else could.

    Honorable Mention

    If you are in the mood for something upbeat and dancy, The Gateway is a lot of fun for how brief it is. Even Flutterbutt can get her groove on in the right conditions.

    I have no idea why a robot colt is all over her though. Some day, I'll read Youtube descriptions for things I post. Maybe I don't want to know?

    Honorable Mention

    It's madness, It's EG, It's appealing to some of you!

    Honorable Mention

    A retelling of Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon with an excellent use of the princess SFM models and effects. Worthy of a watch!

    Honorable Mention

    Something creepy for Halloween... I miss Halloween.

    Honorable Mention

    I have no idea what it's based on, so I don't get it, but someone else did, so here yah go!


    Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie

    This dude doesn't do the smoothest animation ever, but he Trixie Trixie Trixie OK I'm done.

    Expect more top 10's as January continues! Get last year's SFM top 10 over here, or the top 10 animations from earlier in the week here.