• Episode Rewatch - The Ticket Master

    After an epic start to a show that was confusing most of us, it was time for a much more down to earth, slice-of-life style episode for Friendship is Magic to help flesh it's characters out a bit more. The Ticket Master was actually considered the "Unofficial pilot", since Hasbro seemed to be passing out free discs of it with just about everything. Brushables included one, the first molded set had it, promo events had it playing in the background, and I think they even tossed it up on Hubworld super early. It's no surprise that a lot of people actually started some Grand Galloping Gala teasing.

    This series isn't specifically about the early fandom reactions, but since I was there, I'll partly do that for my half. Calpain might do something a bit different once he gets back and takes over next week.

    Anyway, below the break, get 10 interesting scenes, and go rewatch some TICKET MASTER!

    After the first episode, Applejack really wasn't anywhere near the standout pony she is these days. Typically if things came up, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, or Fluttershy were the ones to take the spotlight. Seeing her banter away with Dashie sparked a bit of fan love though... between the two. Nothing as bad as what Fall Weather Friends started though!

    Dashie continues her excellence with a show of Wonderbolty POWER in this scene. Screw Attack even did a video battling her against Star Scream using the Fantastic Filly Flash and Super Speed Strut mentioned above. I still think the biggest deal here was the competition beginning between her and AJ though. That's a theme we see continue even now, five years later.

    And then Pinkie Pie gave us another song. Was this going to be a running theme with her for the rest of the show's existence?! Honestly back then we weren't even sure if we were going to see a season two!

    Rarity didn't do herself any favors at all with this secondary introduction scene chasing after Prince Charming. The groans were heard all over the blossoming ponynet, as the 6th wheel of the mane 6 was looking like the fashion/boys/makeup/dresses shoehorned pony we were all fearing. I'm so glad she came back swinging later in the season, but for now... it was rare to find a Rarity fan.

    Shy here already had a rabid fanbase from episode 1 thanks to dat moe. She didn't do a whole lot in this one to solidify it in any way, but there were a few good screenshots of her in the garden that many a new pony fan had set as a wallpaper.

    This, and many others Dashie scenes, were some of the most captioned images in the early fandom. Sky pony here was becoming legendary, and not just because everyone was calling her a lesbian.

    And Twilight's amazing facial expressions really began here, with her new "friends" giving her all sorts of opportunities to act unimpressed. She doesn't do the snarky know-it-all as much anymore now that the mane 6 have become so close over the seasons, so sometimes it's fun to revisit it in the early days. Or just watch Discord episodes. Discord drives her absolutely nuts and I love it.

    Fluttershy popping the "Very best friend" and it not being true just for that gala ticket is surprising knowing what we know now. These ponies really weren't that close back then! You can see them evolve over time if you marathon a season or two.

    While not a "major" arc like what we see today,  the Grand Galoping Gala still played a small role throughout the first season. Apparently Hasbro didn't want things too connected for fear of not being able to actively do reruns.

    And thus begins Twilight's REAL journey of friendship! Sacrificing the tickets for all her friends. A fitting ending to an epic beginning to an amazing series we are all still watching today!

    Go get the episode below. What did you think of The Ticket Master when you first watched it?

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 3... by Jonny_Manz