• Exploring Equestria is the New Theme of Season 6 - New Official Site Update

    Explore Equestria theme for season 6

    Each season comes with a toy line and modification to the official My Little Pony website, and similar to last year's Cutie Mark Magic, Explore Equestria looks to be the name of the game this time around. We saw this in the Pinkie Pie swan boat that became an actual teaser for an upcoming episode. The My Little Pony Facebook page has been hinting at traveling for a while now to top it off.

    A new website update doesn't actually reveal anything else spoilery from the 6th season yet, but quite a bit of it is grayed out for the future. Only Manehattan is fleshed out, which again, doesn't reveal much.

    Here's to hoping they wander places other than what are on the map! I need some bat ponies in Hollow Shades or I'll lose my mind!

    Thanks to Nick for sending it.