• Random Merch: Clocks, Valentines Cards, Socks, PEZ, and More!

    It's getting to be that time of year again when pony valentines are ready to be sent straight into our hearts.

    We've got a ton of merch today so check on after the break for all the things you can spend your disposable income on!

    Found at: Kroger
    Found by: Cameron

    Pony Clock

    Found at: Wal-Mart
    Found by: Framwinkle

    Bling Pony Decals

    Found at: Hastings
    Found by: Framwinkle

    Glassware and Canvas Art

    Found at: Gordmans
    Found by: Frederick

    Pony Fabric

    Found at: Joann
    Found by: Jeremy

    Pony Knockoffs

    Found at: Facebook
    Found by: Bikerdash

    Pony Stockings

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Derpyhooves

    Rainbow Dash Flipeez Hat

    Found at: CVS
    Found by: Mdeblasi

    Pony Pillows and Phone Case

    Found at: Local Stores
    Found by: Eunice

    MLP Activity Book

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Alex

    Pez Dispenser and Glass Decor

    Found at: Local Stores
    Found by: Moonlit

    Pony Crane Game

    Found at: Crane Game
    Found by: Angela

    RD Slippers

    Found at: Newbury Comic
    Found by: Swift

    Pinkie Pie Cake Pan

    Found at: Party City
    Found by: Samantha

    Heat Mug, Tote, PEZ

    Found at: Lick
    Found by: AquaticBrony

    iPad Minicase

    Found at: Jesse
    Found by: Target

    Pillows and Pop Toys

    Found at: Morrison's
    Found by: SUP3R Toastr Brony

    Pony Toy Sets

    Found at: Wal-Mart
    Found by: Angela

    Pony Bracelets

    Found at: Wal-Mart
    Found by: Travis

    Pony Tableware

    Found at: Schnucks
    Found by: Disney Brony

    Valentine's Coloring Tools and Valentine Cards

    Found at: Local Store
    Found by: Angela

    Pony Pop Toys

    Found at: Local 1 Pound Store
    Found by: Oscarman97

    Rainbow Dash Socks and Plastic Cupcakes(?)

    Found at: Pier 39
    Found by: SoundscapeWub

    AJ Pendant

    Found at: JCPenny
    Found by: Bolt The Super-Pony

    Twitter: Calpain