• The Top 10 BEST My Little Pony Fan Animations of 2015!

    Another year down, and another giant amount of fandom awesomeness to sort into lists for everyone out there that either didn't follow it, or wants a refresher. Every season of pony, standards and expectations increase by the aging fandom. This section right here tends to evolve the most.

    We saw some incredible works this year from both big teams and single artists in the animation world. Of all the top 10's we have ever done, this was by far the hardest. We wanted to add so many more, and things were added and removed constantly for over an hour, but we think this is a good set!

    Below the break, lets dive into our top 10 favorite fan animations of 2015! You can probably already guess who some of the winners are, but you might be surprised at the others.

    Go get em!


    With some of the best backgrounds we have ever seen in... anything really, and some super smooth animation, Dinky's Destiny was a super impressive piece visually. Even the EQD background was decorated with it for a while.

    A lot of people were confused at the actual plot here though. It's labeled a prologue, so that could be to blame, but with how long the production time is on fandom animation products, it's hard to really follow up on that quickly.

    That's the only reason it's coming in at #10 here. Everything else about it was great.


    I actually wanted this to be higher... but the others convinced me that I'm just biased. Regardless, Trixie got to shine a bit this year after being almost completely absent from the show. A showmare needs her spotlight doesn't she? You wouldn't refuse to watch her learn new magic would you?

    It's a fun, quirky little animation with a bunch of neat little scenes that floated around everywhere after as GIFs. Especially this one.


    While Spitfire up there isn't looking too appealing on the cute pony model standpoint, this is still a really fun animation overall. It's a good one to watch when you need to get ENERGIZED. Like right now, doing part of an editorial at 3:00 AM while half asleep. I fear for the typos I'll see tomorrow morning when I go back to edit it.


    They don't need to be super long to be awesome. This short 57 second animation is probably the most show-accurate thing I've seen since Jan Animations got the Cease and Desist bomb. It's a neat little concept with excellent art fluid motion, with a sad number of views for something so good. Go watch it!


    The ponified Sims series has been going on for a few years now, and like the others, this one was just as cool. I'm probably not the only one that wishes we could actually see a game like this come out some day. It's a shame Gameloft got that license instead of a company that would make an actual game...


    You can't have the Brony fandom without Fallout Equestria creeping in at least a few times. Quite a few animation projects involving the post-apocalptic setting have released animatics, trailers, and more, but few actually delivered. Out of nowhere, L.Y.R.A. Animations decided to drop this one on us.

    It's a little violent, so be sure to avoid it if you don't want that sort of thing in pony. If you are into Fallout of FoE though, go check it out!


    IMMATOONLINK's style of matching the pony movements to music is always addictive to watch, and now that he is using his own custom models he seems to have improved on the animation side tremendously. Canadian Pirate Horses is one of those odd ponifications I am really glad happened, and like all of his other projects, I've watched it a million times now. 


    Flufflepuff has one of the largest followings I've ever seen in this fandom. There are a lot of random Youtube channels out there that the "Brony" side doesn't really know anything about that get millions of views by kids. Fluffle Puff lands in both categories. Tons of you love it, and tons of kids have also wandered into it and subscribed. Go to any convention, and half the time they talk about Fluffle. Even our EQD panels are flooded with it when kids show up.

    Usually these animations are relatively short, but Fluffurama went for a longer, two and a half minutes and rocked it.


    Another one that literally just came out of nowhere. With how successful Jurassic Park was at the box office, it's no surprise that people flocked to Fluttershy as a brontosaurus. That's kind of the perfect animal for her isn't it? Peaceful and Serene, and too large for anything to really bother her.

    At a whopping 7 minutes long, and with some great fan voice acting, It's kind of a shoe-in for somewhere at the top of this list.


    Is this one even a surprise? Taking one of the greatest brony songs in the fandom and complimenting it with an epic, 7 minute is pretty much an instant victory.  Lullaby for a Princess released to a swarm of happy bronies, and continues to be watched a ridiculous amount of times as it climbs it's way to the 8 million views mark.

    If there is a "greatest animations of the brony fandom ever" post in some distant pony site of the future, this will definitely be on it.

    Honorable Mentions 

    This was literally the most popular convention post of all time here on EQD. A post type that usually only ever gets ignored ended up in popular posts on the side bar. Japan Ponycon anime'd their mascots, and the fandom loved it.

    Another short one. It's pretty rare to see crazy cult-leader Twilight Sparkle these days, and even more rare to go full on horror mode. That final scene with the "Sun God" though... It sent shivers up my spine the first time I saw it. So cool. I wanted it up in the top 10, but alas, I am not enough of a dictator to outvote people.

    Button Mash and Sweetie Belle all grown up. It's a little stiff on the animation side, but if you are a fan of these two, it's cute.

    Humanized ponies need some love too, and Shadesofeverfree did a ton of it this year. If you like some Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, this is a good one to check out.

    Star Wars released, and Equestria Girls joined it with an entire 8 minute long animation project. Once again, it surprised all of us at the peak of hype for space operas.

    And that about covers it!

    There were so many more amazing ones in 2015, and we could keep plugging them down here forever, but that's what you all are for! Did we miss one you absolutely loved? Hit those comments up and include it!

    And if you want a bit of blast from the year ago past, hit up our top 10 animations of 2014 over here