• We Love Fine Announces New Line of Pony Cologne!

    Yes, you see that correctly.  Ever want to smell like Luna?  Now you can! Attract all the mares!  Have some information from We Love Fine:
    Power of Pony Homme Cologne
    At last, the fragrance collection for men that will increase your animal magnetism so much... it's almost like MAGIC! Turn heads everywhere you go (or canter, or fly...) with Power of Pony Homme colognes. Three unique scents - "Twenty", "Shy" and "Luna by Luna" - each a bold statement that says hey, girl... let's hoof it out of here and have some fun.

    Power of Pony... because no one can resist a man with a cutie mark.
    TWENTY: Send the ladies' pulses racing with the bright-as-lightning, rainbow-fresh scent of Twenty. Now you won't just look 20% cooler, you'll smell it too!
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39

    SHY: Nothing says attractive, modern man like a guy who is in touch with his kinder, gentler side. Shy: The scent for making her a little bit sweet on you.
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39

    LUNA BY LUNA: You know when it's nighttime, it's the right time for a regal, elegant scent like a cool breeze in the moonlight. Luna by Luna: Be her prince of the evening, all day and night.
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39