• It's Time to Ship Everything

    With EQD switching to an everything, all the time format, our demand for shipping fics has increased. Now, the idea of simply shipping Twilight with Trixie, or Fluttershy with Big Mac, is insufficient  No, we need shipping stories that cross boundaries that should never be crossed. Rainbow Dash in a love triangle with the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Trixie not just eating pine cones but also marrying the tree they fell from. We need to ship everything, all the time, no matter who, what, or when it is.

    To fill this gaping hole in our shipping story quota, we are proud to present this automated ship-fic writing system known as The Shipping Story of Everything. Head below the break to fulfill whatever twisted fantasies may be rattling around your head. Go wile, go crazy, and above all else, go shipping!

    Seth Update: (Looks like you guys broke it! Alternate hosting coming soon :P)

    Pen Stroke Update:
    It's been confirmed. The horde of shippers overran EQDMusic's defenses and brought the server to a crawl. We are currently looking for someplace else to host the game live. In the meantime, we are happy to provide a download of the game.

    Just click the link below, unzip the file, and open the CLICKMETOPLAY.html.

    Don't let the thin pipes of the internet stop the shipping. Download and do your part today.

    (Thanks to El Oso, Gamma Ray, and Hypermark for editing help)
    (Thanks to P0nies for the Rainbow Dash Vector)