• German Pirate Party Renames itself German Pony Party

    With Pony Time not providing nearly enough Rainbow Dash for their liking, the German Pirate Party has decided to simply rename themselves the Pony Party and adopy Rainbow Dash with a scimitar, eye patch, and pirate hat as a mascot. 

    I can't speak German, but we luckily have a translation now from Tobias!:
    In an unscheduled meeting last night, the German Pirate Party's executive board resolved to change the party's name to Pony Party. At the same time, they also agreed upon several important changes to the party's official corporate design.

    From today on, the Pony Party, formerly known as Pirate Party of Germany, presents itself in a new look. The reason for the change of name and the new design that comes with it is the desperate need for a reorientation with regards to the party's political goals. A complete reboot was neccessary, especially taking into account several laws the federal parliament recently passed.

    The Pony Party's chief executive, Bernd Schlömer, comments:

    "With the new Leistungsschutzrecht, which grants publishers a kind of monopoly on internet articles, and with new laws granting police excessive access to citizens' personal data, Germany has once and for all turned itself into a banana republic when it comes to internet law.

    Of course, that's an insult to countries that actually live on the production of bananas. Obviously, politicians in the German parliament lack any sense of reality. Even though a politicians' behaviour should be an example for all to follow, in reality, their lack of diligence and responsibility is clear for all to see when you take a look at how many of them actually bother to show up for the important parliamentary votes.

    For politicians of established parties, who rely on one or two party executives to make their decisions for them and then forgo any sort of critical thinking under the guise of faction discipline, Germany as a whole and politics in particular seem to be a vacation at the pony ranch."

    With that in mind, it seems only right for the Pirate Party to follow suit and adapt to the circumstances.
    From today on, the German Pirate Party shall thus be known as the Pony Party of Germany.