• Super Secret Insider Season 4 News: Trixie Joins the Mane 6, Gilda Axed, Luna Sells bad

    Didn't Discord already join the Mane 6?

    The unquestionable word of Meghan McCarthy and M.A. Larson has popped up over in Trixie's review of the Nexus 10 comments section.  Deep within a 50 comment and growing thread, several season four spoilers have already been released.

    Included in this completely 100% accurate list:

    Trixie joins the mane six in season 4: 

    With a bit of market research, the team at DHX has determined that Trixie is, in fact, the best fan favorite character for inclusion into the mane six.  Not only is she worshiped 24/7 on both here and Derpibooru (and now Trixiebooru), but her blue color compliments Twilight Sparkle's purple perfectly (hence M.A. Larsons comment on what size Trixie's new alicorn wings should be). 

    Gilda was axed due to bad toy sales:

    Poor Gilda.  One of these days, you might just claw your way back out of whatever hole you crawled into after Pinkie Pie scared you away, but Hasbro's toy department is a pretty heavy weight to lift!

    No more Luna episodes:

    Sad news for Luna fans.  It seems the princess of the night isn't too popular among the core FiM demographic of little girls.  The lack of pink makes her the prime example of a toy that just doesn't appeal to the holy grail that is the pink isle.

    There is a prototype for a brand new Luna floating around though.  Perhaps she may see the light of season four with her new design?