• Cloudsdale Weather Factory Works to Clean Up Rainbow Spill

    The staff of Cloudsdale Weather Factory continues their cleanup operation today after a major pipeline burst and sent thousands of gallons of concentrated rainbows raining down upon the unsuspecting citizens of Ponyville.

    A brief investigation revealed that the rupture in the pipe was caused by a civilian accidentally flying right into it. The pegasus responsible for the damage, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims “she just doesn’t know what went wrong.”

    It is still unclear how many gallons of rainbows were spilled, but damages to property and environmental concerns surrounding the leak have lead the Equestrian Department of Health to impose a fine of 1.7 million bits on the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

    We approached Ponyville resident Pinkie Pie while she was scrubbing the spill off the roof of her place of business and asked if she had an opinion about the rainbows.  She responded by gingerly tasting the rainbow residue before replying, “Still spicy, but it’s not so bad.”

    An official from the Equestrian Council for Control of Hazardous Materials has determined that the situation in Ponyville is now under control and is “nothing a good repainting can’t fix.”