• Trixie Reviews - The Nexus 10

    Greetings to all of my loyal fans!  The greatest and most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria, and current holder of the title of humblest and most apologetic pony in the universe is here to grace you with her glorious presence!  You see, thanks to this website that keeps posting Trixie's greatness and their new posting rules, I have decided to dabble in a new field, one Trixie has noticed lacked the spectacular showmareship that made my wonderful name known throughout the world!

    (Click read more or Trixie will put you on her list of bad audience members and ruin your careers forever.)

    But what kind of topic could possibly hold so much magnificence in one place?  Trixie admits that it was a struggle.  She wandered the Equestrianet searching for the most downright boring subject she could find.  Something that Trixie's supreme intelligence could liven up a bit.

    Ever since I was a filly, I have improved the world around me simply by being there.  Mother used to say Trixie was one of a kind, and Father would always brag about Trixie's amazing magical abilities to his co-workers.  From the age of six, levitation magic was already too easy for me.  By twelve, Trixie could conjure flowers and put on a show that would make even Princess Celestia jealous!

    Wasn't Trixie the cutest filly ever? 
    On top of this, Trixie won multiple awards at various "Cutest filly" competitions, and was disqualified from a beauty pageant after the judges were dumbstruck by her sheer radiance.  Trixie remembers quite clearly the day when she was asked to leave because her elegance was overpowering the other contestants.  Father said she was too good for these foalish events, and after some fighting with the staff, Trixie won a trophy by default.  Clearly they saw the error in their ways, and decided to rush the event to not waste my precious time.

    But enough about Trixie!  I have been told that too much of a good thing eventually wears ponies out.  Of course, no one would ever truly be worn out of more of Trixie.  This was simply a miscalculation by my 8th grade magic instructor while feeling inferior in every way to my incredible abilities.

    Which reminds me. Did anypony ever tell you that Trixie went easy on Twilight Sparkle?   Trixie thought her little game with the fake amulet was cute, and decided to let her win.  I still find it funny that ponies still think Trixie was actually fooled.  HA!

    Oh... right, you wanted to hear about this tablet thing didn't you? Why would Trixie need a tablet? She can summon her own screen.

    Anyway, Trixie is heading out now.  She has incredibly important things to do that ponies of your level would never understand.  One day perhaps you too will be blessed with the same Great and Powerful abilities that a unicorn such as myself is gifted with, but Trixie doubts it.