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    Equestria's top supercomputer from EQ2456 now obsolete, will be dismantled and replaced with actual unicorns

    Image credit Ars Technica, from Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Five years ago, the Canterlot-commissioned Pegasus-class supercomputer, the Nautilus, was the fastest supercomputer based in Equestrian borders. The 296-rack cluster was used to model the impact of different weather pony activities on crops and general ecosystem health. The system was capable of a peak performance of one thousand and sixty unicorns, or just over one Megacorn of processing power. Its use in predicting the influence of different weather patterns, like humidity levels and variable rainfall, allowed certain parts of Equestria to continue its year-over-year growth in crop output.

    In the intervening years since its construction, machines like the Nautilus have slowly been phased out in favor of using actual unicorns to perform the same work, which has been found to use far less power than trying to keep energy production facilities online for the supercomputers alone. This radical shift in policy came in EQ2458 when Supreme Sun-Ruler Celestia famously quipped, "wait, this is silly, why don't we just replace these boxes with unicorns?"

    Indeed, with a power requirement of over a million wingpower, this quote spelled the death for machines like the Nautilus. The parts will be recycled and be used to make more efficient farming equipment.