• Meghan and SteffaM.A. Larsondrews Season 4 Spoilers of the Day!

    For the past few hours now, both Meghan and a hybrid of M.A. Larson and Steffan Andrews have been dropping all sorts of tidbits about season four! Technically it's 11:00 blogtime, so these are totally still relevant!

    Head on down past the break and drool over the possibilities.

    Meghan's Episode Summaries:

    401/402: is called “Wingin’ It”.

    403: is called “Now You Sea Them…"

    404: is called “Meet Princess Skyla”.

    405: is called "The Student Becomes the Teacher: The Return of Sunset Shimmer"

    406: is called "Luna-tic"

    407: Pinkie Pie becomes the Princess of Pie in the season mini-arc of 407 "Pinkie Apple Pie", 414 "Pie in the Sky", and 419 "Maude Pie"

    408: “Don’t You Dare” Rainbow Dash threatens to leave the Daring Do fandom when they turn her hero into an Earth Pony.

    409: Our musical episode entitled "It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy" with Justin Bieber

    408: “Don’t You Dare” Rainbow Dash threatens to leave the Daring Do fandom when they turn her hero into an Earth Pony.

    410 "Oops" Rarity is the star of a play but is replaced by AJ.Twi forgets and tells everypony RY is the star. Ponies are pissed. 

    411: "Bats" It's just like the musical "Cats", but with, you know, bats. And ponies. But mostly bats.

    412: "The Return of the Return of Harmony" Discord is back! And his new personality is kind of meh. Stupid writers

    413: "Wrap It Up" Every loose end is tied up. Hilarity ensues when the ponies realize there are 13 more episodes to go. 

    414: (See 407)

    415: "Who Are You?" David Tennant guest stars as a random, nameless background pony no one has ever noticed before.

    417: "Just Forget It" The CMCs try literally everything they can think of to get their Cutie Marks. They don't. The end.

    418: "Death Comes to Ponyville" Didn't bother to read it. Was super busy that week. I'm sure it will be fine. 

    419: (See 407)

    420: “For Whom The Sweetie Bell Tolls” cuz literary and makes us sound smart and stuff and,dude, is anybody else hungry?

    421: "It Ain't Easy Bein' Weezy" a hilarious parody of The Jeffersons. Look, they can't all be gold, people

    422: “Best Pony” New pony comes to town and she’s cool and likes craft beer and Legos and has a typewriter Cutie Mark

    423: “Spike and Rarity Sittin’ in a Tree” Nothing happens. That would just make things weird between them. Plus, his ex is totally psycho.

    424: “Let the Games Begin” Shining Armor and Cadance join the professional wife-throwing circuit. Destroy the competition.

    425/426: “Princess Discord” 2-parter in which Discord becomes a draconequalicorn and replaces Celestia. As she always intended.

    Somepony is missing from this list =[

    SteffaM.A. Larsonandrews:

    He totally screenshotted it all for us! How convenient! I finally get a break after this absolutely insane day.