• Equestria Daily - Now Reporting on Everything, Plus Ponies

    Pony is pretty slow thanks to the lack of episodes until Winter.  We here at EQD don't want to disappoint you all with a slower posting schedule though.  Over the years, we have collected pony stuff from across the fandom that deserves a spotlight, so why not use our experience to cover absolutely everything?

    Introducing EQD's new slogan: Monitor EVERYTHING

    You read that right! From now until season 4 begins, expect to find not only the best pony content on the web, but also the most important news, reviews, and pop culture subjects that even people living under a rock would give their left leg to know about.

    We do get that EQD is in itself a pony site though.  Real life news can be pretty dry at times.   This little problem eventually lead to the most obvious solution ever:  Lets just ponify everything!   Not only will you be receiving important, life-changing news, but you will become enlightened without ever leaving the comfort of Equestria!

    Onward to a new era!   Expect our first article to pop up when EQD resumes it's daily posting schedule!