• Ponibot - Firmware Upgrade 3.0 Releasing Next Week! Patch Notes Arrive!

    The Ponibot Corporation has sent out it's release notes for the newest 3.0 patch arriving next week! I know a lot of you were complaining about the last 2.9c update and removal of unicorn magic due to that obnoxious lawsuit from a while back.  It looks like they may have found a way around that though!  Unicorns are BACK IN ACTION!

    Along with that, a whole bunch of new features and improvements have been rolled out, including a brand new AI software packages that allows you to "unlock" your Ponibot entirely.  

    Get the full release notes below the break!

    Ponibot™ Corporation Model P2 - 3.0 Firmware Release notes:

    General Updates:

    - Unicorn magic is back, though not "as" open as before. Currently we have enabled the following spells through the PUI:
    • Telekinesis
    • Teleportaion
    • Growth 
    • Conjure: Mustache
    • Conjure: Butterfly Wings
    • Age: Younger 
    • Gem Finder

    - Spells that will not be returning due to legal issues:
    • Want it Need It
    • Food Interest Swap
    • Every form of time magic
    • Age: Older
    • Sonic Sparkleboom

    - Added a compatibility mode for Half Life 3 when it releases next year  
    - Improved eye tracking
    - Battery should last 3 hours longer
    - Custom UI Themes now available! 

    AI and Learning Unlock!
    - With the new bill passed three weeks ago, the AI in Ponibot products can now be completely unlocked.  This option is not meant for novice users, but those looking for a more realistic personality in their Ponibot companion will not be disappointed.

    Pony Specific Updates:

    Rainbow Dash: 
    - "Training Mode" duration changed from 30 minutes to 20 minutes
    - Sonic Rainboom sound has been dampened.  The rainbows should still be as brilliant as ever though.
    - "Tsundere Mode" should now require only 3-4 months before she opens up.  This can also be set to toggle if you prefer her in this mode at all times.
    - Rainbow Dash No longer gets stuck on the 5th page of "Daring Do and the Civilization of Lost Heroes" when Live Reading mode is enabled. 
    - If you have purchased her the Cloud Home™ accessory and reached the required friendship level, she will now be more open to inviting you to come inside.

    Twilight Sparkle:
    - We have worked out a deal with Hasbro to allow you to remove 3 of Twilight Sparkle's wings and still allow her to function.  Hopefully we will find a way to talk them down on the other 15 in the near future.
    - Twilight Sparkle's "Go read something and stop freaking out" mode has been upgraded to have her switch books after she finishes one.  The old form used to have her recycle the same book over and over.
    - After a certain amount of knowledge levels are gained, she will now start "leaking" old stored information.  The CrystalXD -2.0 drives were filling up too quickly on models that were stationed in libraries.


    - Production has halted pending allegations of heart disease in users of the FLUTTERSHY model.
    - Instead of a recall, we have added an option to "Reduce cuteness" by visiting the personality section of her PUI.  The new TOS that pops up when you first complete this mandatory new update will recommend you leaving her somewhere around 6-7/10. 

    Pinkie Pie: 
    - The Pinkamena Mode hair style is now available as her default option via the customization page of the PUI.
    - Forced Sleep Mode added when you need a break 
    - When throwing a party, Pinkie Pie Bots will no longer consume alcoholic beverages.  Attempting to force this will result in an immediate shutdown of the unit to prevent damage. Fortunately, you can still mimic a "Drunk Pinkie" in the PUI personality page.
    - Over 1000 interactions between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie bots have been added. 

    - Now designs Tee shirts and jeans to go with the previous tank top and bikini addon added last patch.
    - Rarity bot is now overall much less fussy.
    - Rarity asking for favors has been reduced from 15 times a day to 6 times a day. 
    - Candle-light dinner mode now no longer requires a 5 star restaurant to function

    - Good news for Applejack fans! Expect her release for some time early next year!

    Bug Fixes

    - Letters to Celestia should now happen even if not connected to the Celestia network.
    - When the topic of glue comes up, all pony bots should no longer freeze up.
    - Rear exhaust port no longer violently clamps shut in response to foreign objects
    - Open source additions will no longer be instantly rejected from older versions of addon software
    - Debug mode now displays correctly when submerged under water or in the bath tub.
    - The special edition Celestia MACH2 line bots should no longer immediately require the Model P2 bots to go on an epic quest to save the world every time they interact with one another.