• Equestria Daily App Version 13.0.4

    Development on the Equestria Daily app has been going strong since it's release 30 years ago. But we are always looking for ways to make your mobile experience even better. Now we know how many of you enjoy the Gameloft Pony app. That's why starting with version 13.0.4 we will be introducing gameloft-inspired gems to the mobile app.
    These gems will make your navigation through Equestria Daily on mobile feel even more rewarding. 

    Information below the break!

    The system will work as follows:

    When navigating through Equestria Daily on mobile you will receive gems for certain actions, as listed below:

    • Reading a post: 0.003 gems
    • Commenting: 0.5 gems
    • Adding a post to your favorites: 0.7 gems
    • Posting a comment that included the words "Seth" and "Bed" in one sentence: -30 gems

    For every 250 gems you collect you can unlock and read a post on Equestria Daily.
    Another 150 gems allows you to open the comment section on a already unlocked post.

    If you are kind of a casual EQD visitor and don't want to spent time on collecting gems, we offer a gem purchase system. This system allows you to buy gems using in-app purchases.
    Prices are as follows:

    • 1 gem: $2/€1.50/¥200
    • 10 gems: $18/€16/¥1800
    • 100 gems: $150/€120/¥15000 (Best value!)

    The introduction of this new gem system allows us to reduce app load and give users a better experience. It also enables us to fund the costs for our 20 year old servers that are still running Windows XP (supporting antique is expensive)
    As always, you can leave your feedback in the comments below.