• BronyDoc Announces Bronies Gone Wild - Covering Clop

    In a not too surprising move considering the rise of VR technology and the "Virtual Pony Waifu Rights" protests of 2033, the guys behind the Bronies Documentary have decided to cover a side of the fandom many of you were apparently asking for.  Introducing Bronies Gone Wild, the unbiased approach at analyzing the "dark side" of the pony fandom.

    Some of the backer rewards include a copy of the infamous "Lyra Plushie" from years past, along with an entire virtual pony world created just for you at the 2,000,000,000 dollar mark.  Not a bad price all things considered!

    Find the announcement page over at Bronydoc's main site!

    (And in real life news, the unreleased tapes will be finished by the end of the month, premiering at Babscon and on sale for either $9.99 or "name your price" digital)