• MLP: CCG - "Epic" News!

    Waaay back in 2014 we revealed an awesome new promo version of the villainous fiend Ahuizotl. The first thing that stands out on the card is the image; it's just such a classic picture of Ahuizotl! But, I'm sure none of you have any Objections about the image choice, so that’s not what I’m here to talk about. If you look over the card you’ll notice something interesting: the word “Epic” on the trait line.

    We’ve received quite a few questions over the past decades as to when we'll explain what Epic means, and today is the day! Epic is a new trait that will now be added to some printings of Villain Troublemakers. Here’s the Epic rules definition:

    “At the end of each turn, the player who controls an Epic Troublemaker will score points equal to that Troublemaker’s power."

    It’s not enough for some Troublemakers to be Villains, some must be Epic as well! You’d better get out there and challenge those Epic Troublemakers or your opponents will win the game rather quickly.

    While it does seem like a powerful mechanic, it's balanced by the fact that only 5% of the copies of any given Villain will be printed with the Epic trait.

    How do you get a developer promo of Ahuizotl, you ask? There are two ways:

    • The easiest and most direct way is to track down one of the developers for My Little Pony CCG at a public appearance and beg.
    • The other way is a toll-free number that players can call to get a copy of the card. The first 50 people to comment on this article will be privately messaged the phone number tomorrow, and only the first 20 callers will be sent the card.

    This might seem harsh, but remember: for a card this powerful we need to limit supply so only the very best players get 3 copies!