• 2010-2045 - A Celebration!

    What a wild ride these last few decades have been!  Who would have thought we'd survive all of that and still come out kickin? With the near death of the fandom in 2019 when we saw the Equestria Girls merger, the "revamp" and eventual failure in 2025 with Gen 5, and the return of Friendship is Magic in 2030, we really have conquered it all these last few years. With season 31 of the main series on the horizon, and season 30 being ground-breakingly awesome as we come to the end, things are really starting to look up!

    There are rumblings that the entire set of episodes was leaked for this fall's lineup over on 15chan.  I wouldn't go digging though, you guys know how they are.  Once we get confirmation expect a post later. If the last few days have been any indication, this is going to be a busy day. So busy in fact, that I made a tag for it

    See you all during usual posting time. Hasn't changed in 34 years!

    (Happy April fools everyone! It was fun!)