• DASHr Officially Breaking into the Hoverboard Industry

    Rainbow Dash based racing automobile manufacturer DASHr has just announced it's big move into the rapidly growing hover-board industry.  Known primarily for their reckless deigns and focus on WINNING no matter the cost, these guys have dominated the Nascar and Formula 1 scene since their inception back in 2021. 

    The world already equates their rainbow maned mascot with speed, but will she be able to take the gold in a brand new arena? Some big name investors have their doubts.  Media superstar and 7 time golden globe actress Loona S. Moona voiced her safety concern earlier in the week:

    "While DASHr's track record for victories exceeds just about everyone, they also top the charts when it comes to crashes and malfunctions.  We all remember their attempt at taking classic engines into the nuclear age. That mess is still being cleaned up.". - Loona S. Moona

    In response, racing legend Celeste Sunnyside tossed this quip out:

    "While Mrs. Moona may be versed in the world of popularity contests and movies, she doesn't understand a thing about engines or technology.  We can't live like we did 1000 years ago forever.  DASHr has done more for the industry than anyone else, even if their methods are a bit unorthodox and ruthless." - Celeste Sunnyside

    Whether this will be a huge success or a massive bust for the company remains to be seen.  The question is, will the general population trust DASHr with flinging them around 5 feet off the ground? Will they drop a 20% cooler reference and ruin everything like they nearly did back in 2022? Only time will tell!