• Nightly Roundup #118

    Surprise edition? I got nothin.  Have some news

    German Winter Wrap Up / French At The Gala

    Meetups Looking for More

    Southern California Meetup


    Rexburg, Idaho Anime Club Brony Night

    When: October 22nd


    Idaho Meetup #2 Time Change

    When: October 4th at 7-10PM


    Finland Meetup

    When: October 8

    Where: Helsinki


    Scandinavian FiM Show Times

    It looks like FiM will be popping up on Boomerang at 6:05 PM for all the Scandinavian bronies out there. Go support it!

    Fluttershy Raids Oslow, Norway

    Apparently this huge Fluttershy poster thingy is chillin at the tallest building in Oslo. It's supposedly created with Post-It notes... Pretty crazy!

    Spencer Gifts Considering Pony?

    Someone working at Spencers contacted me about his attempts to talk corporate into carrying pony stuff. Apparently they are interested, but cautious. He is asking people to visit the website to contact them(Click contact info), letting them know people are interested. Give it a shot!

    ROFLCON Pony Discussion (Including 4chan's Moot!)

    Starting at 5:05, the topic of pony comes up, including it's hostile takeover of 4chan. For the /b/ and /co/ people out there, it might be pretty interesting! The actual discussion starts at 5:05.

    Pony Pin Orders Round Three

    Pinfilly has released yet another set of pins for everyone to order. Hit up the website here if any of the above pins interest you!

    Dash Plushie Sells for $4,900

    Bronies have way too much money.

    Rarity Parking Space

    Reserved for Tom

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Breast Cancer Charity Pony Necklaces
    Gummy Custom
    Scratch Custom

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