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    1. Hello?
      Dear sweet Celestia, I'm alone....

    2. I actually cried a little at how beautiful the sonic rad-boom going off and clearing the skys for the first time in 200 years, was.

    3. Oh god what happened, so ronrey

    4. We have to have a separate forum for this

    5. Ladies and gentlemen, a toast. To Kkat, for writing a story so good, it broke blogger.

    6. My comment on the original story (posted it a little after the chapter where Steelhooves died) seemed to disappear so I'm just going to post it here. I was wondering if anybody else thinks that the song "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd describes Steelhooves life a bit. I mean, I was driving my car, Steelhooves in mind (since he just died) and the song came on. I listened to it, trying to fit the lyrics to his life. I found it scary how close together the two are. If anypony wants, I can do it line by line.

    7. I don't follow this story but goddamn, Comment's capped, COMMENTS CAPPED. COMMENTS CAPPED.

      that is crazy.

    8. i cried at how well the first page of chapter 40 was written

    9. Oh dear Takon.
      Anyways, absolutely loving this so far. Theres an unbelievable amount of references from all the different games there are (Master+supermutants from Maripoly, Deathclaws, there's the Fog from New Vegas, Tenpenny Tower, I could go on for hours listing them)
      Also, loving all these "Oh my Gawd!" jokes.
      Honestly, I think this is the first story I really started to watch avidly.

      On an unrelated note, is this the first fanfic to reach cap? If so, grats Kkat! If not, hey, you still got 5000+ responses :P

    10. Was the thing about only Enclave members being allowed to run for office in pegasus society a reference to Starship Troopers or something?

    11. So this is going towards a Fallout 3 ending? ALL OF MY SORROW

      I'm still gonna hold out hope for a 'Pip becomes Celestia' conclusion.

      Are we going to have to wait another few weeks for the next update Kkat? I gather that you're having issues at work which are preventing you from writing.

    12. Huh, I just realized that Lilpip and velvet remedy are probably both decendents of AppleJack, thus being eligible for getting into the weather control room, as well as EC-1101. Iiiinteresting.

    13. Also, yes, I think that WAS a Starship Troopers reference.

    14. Back to page one~

      50.000.000 EqD views.
      500.000 wordcount
      40 chapters

      Even though the OCD might kick in with the random 4 right there, there's something cool about these things lining up. In a way. Or something.

      I just want to be on page 1 okay?

    15. 21 chapters in...greatest. story. ever.

    16. This was actually the first thing I read when I got here. Only been a fan of the show for little more then two to three months tops. Odd the first thing I do when I started looking for stuff on the show is read a story about what the show isn't. But after reading the first three chapters I was hooked. After reading the first 15 I went out and bought the game for my 360. After reading the first 30 I decided that it was time I actually write my own story. Never has anything made me want to write a fanfic as much as MLP or this fanfic right here. Tho, I do wonder how to get in touch with Kkat as the story I am wanting to write is based on what she's writing about.
      Anyway, here's to another awesome bunch of chapters to come!

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    18. Gah, shoulda waited a little till this popped up to put my 4 post feedback on to.

      Well, Kkat, if you haven't seen it yet, it's still on the old topic.

    19. @98o59

      I believe that Word of Kkat mentioned that Lil'pip and Velvet were descended from the Apple family, but not Applejack herself.

      And 50 million views, 500 thousand words, 5 thousand comments... coincidence? I think not.

      Also, this site needs an edit function for posts with typos. :P

    20. In the words of Reggie, "Oh. My. Gawd!" I swear it was worth the wait and I am totally obsessed with this fanfic. You have a special talent at combining sorrow and humor within the same chapter without making it awkward. Can't wait for the next chapter!

    21. "Sunshine and rainbows"


      Also, new post just for comments, this is totally a first, conga-rats, Kkat!

    22. Like a few others, the post-radboom scene almost brought me to tears -- Littlepip enjoying something as simple as sunshine was touching (and made me enjoy the autumn sun a little more on my walk home from work). Also, I had exactly the same reaction as Pip when Homage said "They'll be at my door any minute now". I thought you were about to /really/ kick my legs out from under me with something happening to Homage. Well-played.

      And Gawd + kids. ZOMG. I'm so in love with that scene. And more griffon fanart is imminent from me, I think. 'Cause Reggie was /awesome/.

    23. Comments Capped? That's insane! Kkat, you've created the only story on EqD to max out the comments. How's that for feedback?

    24. You know what we need? A forum xD

    25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vja3LUi9AXE&feature=channel_video_title
      I made littlepip on CoD, im posting it again because derp

    26. KKkat's story is so popular it broke the website!


      Props to Kkat for keeping the story alive this long!

    28. *blindly flails to subscribe to the thread without reading any spoilers*

    29. Ok, fixed the recommended links on the Fallout Equestria Resource page, was a typo. Edited the file directly on the server from my phone. I love Android phones :)


    30. Holy Spaghetti Monster a whole new thingy just for comments for the greatest story ever.

    31. we maxed out the comments?
      awesome XD

    32. Belgarath, you're Tremors new best friend if you took that name from a certain Aldur...

      Anyhoof, it's awesome to see that Trevor wasn't the only one to think about that song when the sun came out! ~Here comes the sun, Dodododo. Here comes the sun...~

      Also, is Trevor the only one thinking how much MORE Lilbait is becoming Celes? One means, the sun: that's her goal now. YAY! LIL CELES FTW!

    33. Yeah, it's not strange for a story to reach the comment cap...

      Instead of saying Dear God, I'm going to say Dear Khat. Only seems appropriate now.

      Dear Khat, this is... beautiful.

    34. @Takon


      You arse. That is all.

    35. Another awesome chapter! No complaints here; thanks for writing it!

    36. Congratulations, Kkat. Your story has broken blogger by being so awesome.

    37. Actually, I do have things to say:

      For Kkat:

      So, Kkat, how does the process of becoming a Dashite go down? Wouldn't it be better for the Enclave if they simply executed those who opposed their ideals?

      For everyone else:

      Congratulations on breaking EqD! OVER 5000 comments! Amazing!

    38. Man, this fic is so moving. Every time I start reading a new installment I can't stop until the end. I've grown to love all these characters, I feel happy for them, and sad and even cried for them.

      In the interest of space, I typed out a post on Tumblr. I hoping I can get some feedback, I need to see if anyone out there feels similar.


    39. Chapter 40:

      The opening scene is really tough to read through - not just because going back over all of LittlePip's losses tears open the wounds from last chapter, but also because it taunts us with its length, keeping us from finding out what happened to Ditzy Doo.

      To me, the fate of Ditzy somewhat overshadows the entire first half of the chapter. Going back over it now that I know she'll be alright (I hope), everyone else's emotions hit just that much harder. I think that's a good thing.

      So much lost... "It just hurts." There's really no better way to describe it than how LittlePip does, "adrift in a sea of darkness." That's exactly how I felt reading over the opening again (I had to stop working on my comments last night and pick up now after getting some sleep, because I would just read over everything that's been lost and just start shaking) - even out of the villains, I still feel bad for the Goddess (yeah, I just thought of her shouting "FLEE!" and just broke down crying... I'll be okay in a minute).

      Ditzy's rainboom is so beautiful sounding. Having her pull it off, just to die would have been unbelievably cruel, but that's what the Wasteland is. Pip, Crane, and Silver Bell slowing Ditzy's fall enough for Calamity to catch her was moving beyond words.
      The description of the rainboom spreading across Equestria is beautiful too, as others have said, I can only hope it has the same impact for some ponies as it did for the Mane 6.
      I don't think I stopped crying the entire time after Calamity brought Ditzy back to the ground. Pip and Silver Bell's pleas redoubling the worries of my own this entire time since 39. And then when Ditzy finally woke up, I cried even harder, just like LittlePip.

      Silver Bell as a painter... it warms my heart (its shattered pieces at least).
      (But poor Xenith...)

      The Enclave counter-attack, in full sunlight is such a brutal but well done scene. The efforts of the New Appleoosans and their allies ending in such a tragic "victory" is beyond my ability to express... but it was so nice to see the raider-ponies helping, the the "heroes" from a few chapters ago.
      I think I could get used to Stiletto, she seems to be a good pony, and she has good taste in guns (railway rifle is my second favorite gun in all of FO3, even if it's not terribly effective).

      The three new pegasi are interesting characters too, it makes me really wonder what is actually going to happen with the Enclave.

    40. I was on the verge of tears right alongside LittlePip and the amber-coated mare, right until Ditzy entered the room - then I cried out of sheer joy that she was alive (and if Xenith really was helping Ditzy stand, that's an incredible gesture for her). Next time I go to the store, I'm buying some muffin mix to make for Ditzy.

      "But she had saved the town. Saved her daughter. Performed a miracle." - Okay, still crying, yes.

      Calamity trying to explain the Enclave to Pip is something of a nice break into the despair. And a good example of just how difficult it is to explain something to someone when you have no common frame of reference (I actually found myself getting somewhat confused by the explanation, even though I have a basic understanding of the workings of Enclave and Stable-type governing systems).

      "We keep helping ponies however we can. It's what SteelHooves would have done." - "A memory of SteelHooves. Oh Goddesses, I missed SteelHooves."
      And then I was crying with LittlePip, again.

      "One expendable pony" - Filled. With. Dread.

      Except when Homage's broadcast came on, it blew everything away, with undiluted joy. Hearing her talk about the good of the Wastes, and everyone rising up against the Enclave, especially her praise of Ditzy's miracle, was incredibly moving.
      When she mentioned the Enclave closing in on her position though, it made my heart stop. When she dedicated the broadcast to SteelHooves, and read him the greatest eulogy ever, I couldn't stop crying (I'm still crying over it now). And then when Homage blew the Enclave to hell with her star bomb, I cheered out loud.
      As Ditzy Doo once said, "Homage is awesome."

      After that... the chapter seems to coast to its end. Not to say that Spike's revelation about the Wonderbolts isn't a really bad thing (and I'm sure Calamity's plan is going to end in a giant explosion, somehow - or several), but the small sprinkling of humor (embarrassing LittlePip is always good fun) and cuteness (via Silver Bell and Ditzy Doo - LittlePip finally hugging Ditzy for helping repair her armor is so sweet I could die), as well as Calamity's friendship really make it seem like there's still hope.

      Lastly, wow, congratulations on breaking 5000 comments Kkat, that's spectacular

    41. Well, I definitely saw this coming.


    42. Don't mind me, I just want to be on the first page.

      Seriously though, I thought we were going to hit the comment cap back at 2k. This has been a long time coming.

    43. This fanfic seriously need to be published into a book. It's THAT good. Easily the best thing I've ever laid eyes on and I've read a good deal of books in my time.

    44. @Drwhoof

      No no no. Anything but that. The Mary Sue levels in this fic's characters are strong enough already. God-Pip would be my reason to *never read fanfic of ANY kind again*.

      Derail and slaughter the main cast and literally replace them with OCs? Eff that.

    45. This is completely unrelated to Fallout Equestria, but Steve Jobs appears to have died recently.

      Anyways, back on topic. I think that this story could definitely be published once it is brought to a logical conclusion.

      *Hopes for first page*

    46. @Mattatatta

      They are the good guys, every bit of the enclave is based on the idea that they are living up there, enduring while the rest of the world is an irradiated hell.

      And you want them to execute ponies who can`t stand living like that? Better to brand them idiots and cowards, strip them of their gear and then punt them down from the skies.

    47. Wow never thought i see a comment cap haha. Proves how amazing this fix is :D

    48. Damn Kkat... With each new chapter you get me more and more ensnared

    49. Loss. It is one of those primal emotions like anger and happiness. And like how there are some people that are better at handling anger than others, I think some people are better at handling loss than others, even if we all feel it. I know that I'm particularly bad at coping with loss myself.

      Lilpip can't become SteelHooves herself, not even for the good of others, but I think maybe the team as a whole can each carry part of him along.

      I have to wonder what Velvet Remedy's youth was like. Just what kind of happy memories does she even have? She certainly hated life in the stable enough to break out, and other than Fluttershy, had she found anything else that was truly good? I can only hope that Calamity's heart might be one of those things for her.

      Someone once said that it is insane to do the same thing over and over and expect different results, but for these really big things, sometimes you can do the right thing over and over and still only barely make a dent in it. I feel for Calamity, maybe its ironic for a pegasus to be so well grounded, but it has to be hard on him to see right go so wrong again and again.

      "Now, the fledgling force for good faced a harrowing fight to survive." - For some reason, I couldn't help but immediately hope that Strawberry Lemonade is alright.

      Red Eye... He's almost certainly suffered loss in the past to get to where he is now, but I am a little worried about what is to come in the future.

    50. Ditzy Doo falling from the sky. I started crying a little when everyone started working together to save her, and it didn't stop there...

      Purpose. I have a feeling that Xenith is going to need to figure out what her purpose is, and figure it out fast. Maybe, like it did for Lilpip, friendship can keep her aloft while she's searching, but Xenith always seemed a bit more separated than anyone else, except maybe SteelHooves.

      "Fly steady, soldiers! For the Council. For the Enclave!" I don't know why, but when I read those lines, they sounded entirely hollow.

      Ever since Lilpip mentioned the grim reaper pony for the first time, some forgotten number of chapters ago, I can't help but think that if there is indeed some kind of pony afterlife, then the grim reaper pony(s) must not be so bad. I doubt its a feast they would have enjoyed...

      Lilpip has crossed a dark line today. Mercy killing. I don't know if anything else will come from it, but I remember the earth pony with the magical energy lance that Lilpip couldn't bring herself to finish off. And Calamity seems like he's on the edge of breaking down himself... Velvet Remedy, you're needed in more ways than one...

      Stilleto: I think I like this pony already. Having people getting along due to some common ground, even if they're otherwise very different... its a theme I'm particularly fond of.

      The dissonance between Fan Mare's fanfare and Lilpip's feelings was incredibly complex and wonderful. The act of detonating that balefire bomb was so morally complex that this was perfectly fitting.

    51. “Hey, don’t cry. Please, don’t cry.” -Too late!

      ”Was that Celestia up there? Why’ja take Her away?” - So... sad... I wonder if the pegasi can even appreciate what it'd be like to have never seen the sun before.

      "Smiles are free." - Sorry, but they're still not stopping.

      “…t’ prevent ‘em from spreadin’ contagion, of course.” - I have a feeling that any Pegasi who had lived in the stables wouldn't have fared very well if and when they tried escaping to the clouds.

      "I smiled to him. My first friend." - Feels good. Feels real good. Looks like Lilpip might not be the only one who's finding purpose today.

      Sunshine and Rainbows! I know we've all been speculating wildly for weeks and had already come to this conclusion, I'm glad Lilpip had some time to think herself.

      Homage... wow... I almost feel bad that something so awesome was just destroyed, and by that I'm referring to the tower, not the firearm. The Pegasi may have seen a few skirmishes here and there but it seems that they're still new to the true horrors of war as they're practiced in the Wasteland.

      Luna's moaning moonheat indeed... Lilpip, you are really bad at being subtle sometimes.

      The Wonderbolts. Even though I'm sure Calamity, Lilpip and Zenith are the better fighters, that isn't going to count for much if trained assassins get the jump on them. Whatever Calamity's plan is, I can't wait to see it. (also, super glad that Spike is ok!)

    52. The more I get through this fic... the more likely, it seems, that the very last chapter of FO:E is going to end like New Vegas did; a 'slideshow' detailing what happened to specific characters and places after the main character has completed his/her main quest. If Pip dies, then that is the only way that I can see the story's epilogue wrapping up the entire story. A twist on Ron Perlman's narration of the end of Fallout 3 would seem too generic and emotionally detached - though I don't doubt for a second that parts of that particular speech shall be referenced, particularly the line "...learned perhaps the greatest of all virtues, Sacrifice."

      Pip has been on a suicide mission since the day she stepped out of Stable 2. The only times she's ever had any issue with dying is when it was going to cause trouble for those she cared about, not because she doesn't want to die. Her recent success over the Goddess attests to my view, she went in there not caring about surviving, she just wanted the Goddess gone.

      So, give Pip a goal that could save the entirety of Equestria, and she'll go for it. The odds of success are only a slight concern, and the odds of herself living through it are of even less concern to her.

      Add her already-existing disregard for her own life when other lives are in danger with her epiphany involving "Sunshine and Rainbows", and it seems to me that Pip knows more than she's letting on, and completely accepts it. She seems to gain a moment of inner peace after realising that, whatever it is. I think it's knowledge of her inevitable death, it wouldn't surprise me if Pinkie Pie whispered that into her ear right there and then - in spite of being dead for over 200 years. This whole thing appears to Pinkie Pie's Batman Gambit

    53. First I thought that Homage was reading her own last will and testament on the radio.

      Then homage decided she hadn't finished fighting the good fight and blew up the enclave for fun.

    54. Capped comments? whoa congratz kkat

    55. So I felt like commenting again because first of all, I'm pretty certain other posts have broken 5000 before simply because I knew it was possible and expecting to have posts stop after 5000 before this actually happened.

      Now that I got that out of the way, congratulation on your comments simply achieving 5000+ comments.

      The chapter is so amazing I don't know what to say. Really. This story encompasses so much and fills in all those tiny little details so well that it's near impossible to remember each and every time that I was impressed, or shocked, or wanted to cry, or wound up crying. I honestly think this story has turned me into a masochist due to the sheer amount of sadness that happens and the pain it does to my heart yet I would finish this novel (I'm going to start calling it that now because truthfully, it could be more than one novel with sequels) even if I truly died of a broken heart.

      To put things as simply as possible...

      Your characters are so likable that I enjoy learning new things about them. If the characters in any story were half as likable and believable as those in your story, I'd call it impressively done.

      Your story is not just wide and larger than life, but it's also able to be detailed about it too. That means that if this were a real Fallout game, every single part of that wasteland would mean something, and that's why I love dwelling in it's lore so much.

      Keep making these stories. I'm really torn between never wanting to see this end ever and finally receiving the ending that I know will be just as glorious and grand as ever. Either way, i'll be waiting for it because this is THE BEST story I have ever had the grace of being told, written, from a book, in a video game, verbally, or otherwise.

    56. I'm not too good at writing long constructive criticism or running commentaries at 4 AM, so I'll just put this short.
      Damn fine work Kkat, damn fine work. You got me teary-eyed multiple times in a space of a single chapter. That's absolutely beautiful work you have done (not the wasteland itself though).
      Can't wait to read the next chapter and hear Calamity's plan.

    57. If Littlepip dies to save Equestria at the end
      I'm going to be really angry.
      She deserves to see Equestria beautiful again
      And that's really really good story writing.

      Kkat has created something beautiful, a story that heaps of us have become emotionally attached to.
      You feel like you're there, every step they walk, every Memory orb she reads.
      How many of you cried when Steelhooves died?, be honest.
      all that aside, Kkat, you deserve money for what you're doing, you deserve to be paid to write novels, do it find a publisher and an agent to sort out copyright and sell Fallout Equestria.
      You deserve money.
      Somebody needs to talk to Kkat about a Booth for Fallout Equestria at Bronycon next year.

    58. On a slightly related note, you can see how popular FO:E is if we managed to cap the comment section. I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened here before.
      Congratulations Kkat, for creating this popular (and excellent) fanfic.

    59. That was a VERY emotional chapter, and Littlepip.

      You ARE a smart pony.

    60. I’m aware that my commentaries tend to say a lot about the start of a chapter, slowly tail off, and pick up towards the end. This might be an indirect comment on the usual chapter structure. More likely, I start off overenthusiastic, settle into a more normal level of observation, and pick up again later because the average chapter has something spectacularly comment-worthy later on. Either way, I’m going to try and not do that this time. Try. It probably won’t work.

      Apparently this one will fit into a single post. Probably because the chapter is long instead of monstrous.

      The title and opening quote suggest that Ditzy has in fact done the Glowing One thing while airborne, not been torn to shreds. Let’s give that a tentative yay while awaiting confirmation.

      “Loss”. That’s not as reassuring.
      This whole bit strikes me as being out of place. I don’t know why. It’s not the first time a cliff-hanger ending has been interrupted by something before the next chapter resolves anything. It’s the first time it’s felt off to me. It’s possibly a stupid criticism, but I like these commentaries for the way they capture immediate reactions. Senseless as it may be, the comment stays.
      -Note that I do *like* the section. The analysis of various losses both physical and ideological, for both ally and enemy, is interesting.

      So yeah. Ditzy. Not quite as safe as I’d hoped.
      -This weak silver aura that’s helping. Is it the obvious?
      -It is! Why am I so happy to see fate being nice to this one fictional child-pony?

      The radboom is far-reaching. Which we should expect seeing as the original rainboom was observed far from its point of origin.

      Ditzy lives! Been a while since I’ve been genuinely tense due to written fiction. And I kind of want Calamity’s remembered comment to be true, causing revolution above the clouds now that there are civilians seeing the world below. Combined with the soldiers questioning things last chapter, I really wouldn’t be surprised if that kicks off. In the background. Since most of the party can’t walk on clouds.
      -Spoke too soon. She’s still dying. Unless Pyrelight’s onto something.
      -Oh, and the town’s being invaded now. Lovely. Nothing like retribution for getting back at a town that knocked out your fleet, eh?

      I’ve said before that I don’t ever follow extended combat sequences well. This isn’t an issue with FO:E. It’s everything. So no comment on a good few pages there.

      I think I like Railright. Mostly for pointing out that active warheads and towns is not a winning combination. But let’s ignore Megaton. The idea was actually done sensibly in Fallout Tactics, of all places. It worked there because the town’s inhabitants all had two distinct traits. One of these was being a ghoul. The other was being a complete nutter.

      So, this white Pegasus who got shot. I had wondered if she was going to be important, at least for this chapter. I’m guessing from the two others wandering in looking for someone that I was right.
      And I’m liking this little look into Enclave propaganda.
      -Not that the ground ponies don’t have odd ideas. “Was that Celestia up there?” Which is, I suppose, a fair question for someone who’s probably only heard stories.

      “We can make this the start of something better”
      Let’s hope.

      I can’t help but notice I’m finding less to comment on the more I read. I’m doing it again.

      Well, the plan to break the cloud cover makes sense, but I don’t like Pip considering the use of an expendable pony. Even if it’s herself. No, wait, especially if it’s herself.

      Oh, Homage. You cunning, vicious bugger.
      -Oh, and the narration points out the effects of this. Nice.

      “And I really needed to pee”. Now, what was the last thing I called the strangest bit of narration I’ve seen? It involved Pip falling over. No matter. It’s acquired a contender.
      -Ah, Pip embarrassment humour. From complete strangers now.

      That last little bit is… worrying. Mostly for Li’lbait comment.

    61. @Mattatatta

      Trying again cause it doesn't look like my first post posted.

      No, it would not be better for the Enclave for them to simply kill them rather than turn them into Dashites.

      As a Dashite the Enclave has some one they can blame for all the troubles that their people are facing, a scape-goat. Executed they could become a martyr to those who would stand against them.

      Dashites are there to give ponies some one they can blame for their troubles, nothing helps bring people together like a villian they can all hate together.

    62. Congratulations Kkat on another magnificent chapter, and also for capping the comments on the story's page.

      Its been about 4 days since I last did this so I'm doing it again today queue the lyrics!!

      (Translated from Korean to English)
      John, Still in this place people fight only for themselves
      Will the paradise you once dreamt ever become real?
      The paradise you always dreamt!

      There isn't up or down
      Everyone under the same sky
      The paradise from our dreams! (That's our paradise!)
      Greedless, nothing to lose
      An impartial world
      A dream paradise
      Here right now!

      how's over there?
      Has your dream been fulfilled?
      How long we need ot wait to meet the paradise
      we always dreamt?
      The place you always dreamt of!

      There isn't up or down
      Everyone under the same sky
      The paradise from our dreams! (That's our paradise!)
      Greedless, nothing to lose
      An impartial world
      A dream paradise
      Imagine all the people in peace!

      If I ever could go there
      Only with you
      The one & only love
      will take me there
      Before my remaining life's bell rings
      If I ever could go there

      There isn't up or down
      Everyone under the same sky
      The paradise from our dreams!(That's our paradise!)
      Greedless, nothing to lose
      An impartial world
      A dream paradise

      There isn't up or down
      Everyone under the same sky
      Greedless, nothing to lose
      An impartial world
      A dream paradise

      Brunch - Imagine

      You can listen to this song here.

    63. I am not emotionally attached to this story.

      I am INTELECTUALLY attached to it.


    64. It's been a wonderful and emotional trip for me from the very first Chapter I ever proofread to this incredible breaking of the post limit. I comment during my editing, but I still want to say how much I loved this chapter, the (slightly cruel) tension Kkat inflicted on us over Ditzy Doo's fate, the glorious sonic radboom, the raiders from Shattered Hoof turned wasteland protectors (I'm so glad I'm not the only one to like Stiletto!), the return of the young heroes, meeting more friendly pegasi, Homage being even more awesome than usual, the Children of Gawd (Bweeheeheeheehee!) and Pip's embarrassment, and from Pipleg to Pipbait! That is a serious pile of awesome and it was well worth waiting for.

      Thank you so very much, Kkat. I don't regret a single missed wink of sleep for this one.

    65. Ok so KKat likes big comments...that have a point! Any way I've been reading this story from near the beginning so it's about time I gave a good review or something.
      I started with prior knowledge of the Fallout universe witch helped with some of the mental pictures of what the world looks like, but even if I hadn't Kkat described the world to a T.
      The first thing that caught my eye and made me realize that this crossover was going to be something good was the horror Lilpip felt at the outside world and the bodies hanging by hooks and stuff, I could feel the horror she felt, Something you don't get from the game.
      The Next thing was the other ponies in the story, She writes some great side OCs, even if they appear only once I end up wondering what happened to them too.
      That being said I don't like Velvet, not that she is badly written, I just don't like her personality.
      Hmmm...My review sucks...
      Ok words are not my strong points so how about this, I made a custom Steelehooves toy and mutilated a bunch of other toys of mine to do it. Kkat is such a good writer she makes me break my stuff just so I can have a pony from her story

    66. Kkat, name chapter 42 "The Meaning of Life" *nudge* *nudge*

    67. Ive been saying it for months, this story needs it's own website. Hell, its practically a fandom on it's own, with all the spinoffs and side stories.

    68. Nothing to say until we get to the radboom itself. Just... ;_;

      Crap... Ditzy, you BETTER be all right. If you die, I will KILL YOU!

      "The Raptors used clouds as integral components for their locks..."
      Well, that'll make 'em easy to scavenge...
      "...structural elements..."
      "The mighty Enclave warships crumbled as they fell."
      Ohhhh crap. That worked a little *better* than I had expected...
      "...a caramel-colored field of levitation magic caught it and nudged it away just enough..."
      Hah! Crane, is that you?

      "...and a weak glow of palest silver."
      D'awwww! Of course Silver Bell would try to help! --HNNGH!

      "Just enough for Calamity to catch her."
      And Calamity makes the save again! I owe you a beer, buddy!

      "The rainfall was irradiated."
      Yeah yeah whatever. Rain plus sun equals RAINBOWS MOTHERFUCKER!

      "While I could not see it for myself, I now know how far Ditzy Doo’s miracle reached."
      Heh, I'll bet the Enclave is crapping themselves right now. "What the hell did they just shoot at us?! Was that balefire? Pull back! All units, pull back! Operation Cauterize is canceled until we figure out what the fuck they just hit us with and where it came from!"

      Aww, I wanted a quick shot of Homage looking up at the clearing sky and smiling. Oh well, it's there in my head. :D

      "I think… Ditzy Doo just saved us,"
      Yeah, that's right. "Zombie" that, ya bitch.

      "dying pegasus"
      Not today. You hear me, Death? You can't have this one today!

      "And she’s kinda creepy."
      When "mommy" is a ghoul, that's all kinds of funny.

      "This wall has a mural."
      This room needs a workbench.

      "This battle wasn’t over."
      Celestia dammit, you guys...

      "Ditzy Doo’s griffin bodyguard..."
      Oh yeah, forgot about that!

      "...had produced a lightning rifle..."
      Gauss rifle or Tesla cannon?

      "I caught the filly and the key as the whole shelf came tumbling down, spilling cameras and teddy bears everywhere."
      Pffffthahahahahaha! Are you SURE she's not related to Sweetie Belle?

      "One of the trio of young heroes whom we had met at Fluttershy’s Cottage."
      Fuck yes! In fact, this chapter (so far) is made of so much FUCK YES, I have to go run around the block screaming, "FUCK YES!" for a while!
      Okay, I'm back.

      "...firing railroad spikes from what looked like a homemade, steam-powered rifle."
      KTANG! Whoo-whoo! KTANG! Whoo-whoo! KTANG! Whoo-whoo! That was my weapon of choice for quite a while in FO3.

      "...the platform swinging down and dumping the mass of rails onto the pegasus just as she was getting back to her hooves..."
      Oooooh, nasty...

      "Red? What are…?" The transmission in my earbloom suddenly went dead."
      Fuck. Yes. You've been relieved of duty. Permanently.

      "Commander Winters has been relieved of his command."
      I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. This is me, making a mental note NOT to shoot Red Glare. Or her brother, Bomb Burst. ;)

    69. "But I was exhausted, emotionally brutalized, and I hadn’t slept since before the funeral."
      Yeah, and I'm feeling the same way. How do you DO that, Kkat?

      "The pegasi were once again locking up the sun."
      Oh well, I knew it wouldn't last... *sigh*

      "Or Homage. That was a selfish wish..."
      You're allowed, Pip.

      "I felt a hoof punch my shoulder. "Why didn’t you tell us who you were?"
      Aww, we missed them finding out. Shucks.

      "...birth-approval certificates..."
      ...wow. I guess that makes sense, but... wow.

      "...after they did nothing about that dragon..."
      Well, that's good news.

      "If you start crying, then I’ll start crying and it will be a whole messy crying thing."
      Thank you, Buffy.

      "Her body canted slightly making me suspect she was leaning on an invisible zebra."
      My heart can't take much more of this! How does she be so badass without ever touching a gun?

      "But most of all, I cried for SteelHooves."
      Can we get a hug over here, amber mare whose name I don't know?

      "Sunshine and rainbows. “I’ll be damned.”
      Ditto that. I'd only been thinking about ONE...

      "...after a hoof-full of unicorns rose up and kicked the Enclave’s sorry tails out of their tower."
      FUCK YES!

      "Hell, I could see that glow all the way from Shattered Hoof Ridge."
      Fuck yes. *tear*

      "This broadcast? It’s not exactly live."
      Oh, Homage, I love you...

      "A little homebrewed surprise rigged to the spark battery from a weapon made by the motherfuckin’ stars!"
      No, really. I love you.

      "I could not know that my love had struck the deepest, most vital blow to the Enclave yet."
      Fuck. YES!

      "It was indeed my armor, but Ditzy had repaired and reinforced it, making it stronger and more protective than before."
      Ah, there we go. NOW it's fit for Pip to wear. This isn't just some mass produced riot gear. This is hand-customized and upgraded by the Derpy One herself! (The love makes it extra protective.)

      "I was not checking out your daughter! I was not checking out your daughter!"
      Hahahahaha! Somehow I think Gawd wouldn't care. Also, I guess that makes Kage the son of Gawd. (badum-tish)

      "Littlepip’s hawt for mother!"
      Okay, so she's kind of a MILF. Who knew? By the way, Pip, the correct response was, "Ha ha, sorry kid, she's a little too griffin for me. Besides, I'm taken."

      PFFFT. This better be completely unlike your previous plans, Calamity.
      Yeah, who am I kidding?

    70. By the way, Kkat, don't think I didn't notice the pony version of Mr. Burke there.

    71. After reading this, I just started getting into Fallout:3 for the first time and I must say WOW. Pretty much everything in your story has an understandable correlation, and I am just at the part where you first meet ThreeDog.
      Congradufreakinlations on such an epicly well done piece that it drove me to Vidya.

    72. Wow. We broke it. ^.^

      Thank you, everpony and brony! I am relishing your comments on Chapter Forty. Thank you all so very much.

      Stoic: I ask that the story not be put up in other locations until it is finished. Once I have completed Fallout: Equestria, you have my permission to make it available elsewhere (so long as I am given proper credit as the author).

    73. bwahaha gratz on capping out the comments! A testament to just how awesome feq is indeed.

    74. Wow

      I'm so glad I started reading this story, and you continue to Amaze me again and again.

      Keep up the excellent, unbelievable work you've been doing.

    75. I'm not very good at writing the detailed and excellent literary reviews that some of our regular commentators are so good at.
      I don't know if anyone else feels this way but at somepoint the feel of this story just transformed. I think it was around Chapter 37 or maybe around Arubu. I'm not sure. But it changed from being an excellent, surprising, and well written adventure to something much much more. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly changed but its become an incredibly powerful meditation on life, loss, hope, sacrifice and love. Everytime I get to read a new chapter I just feel a deep connection to the world you have created Kkat. I've read alot of books in my time, but never anything like this. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

    76. Just a little hint about my own little theory for Lilpip's plan. Go check out the Rainbow orb again, and notice what it says about the pony that could control the whole thing.... Remind you of Mr. House any?

    77. I had to go back and reread Homage's broadcast now that I'm not terrified for her safety while reading it.
      You know, I love how every time DJ Pon-3 comes on now, everyone huddles around the radio like a fire on a cold night. It's as if they're sharing our excitement to hear from Homage and see that she's still OK.

      It would be easier, but... messy. It would mean admitting that they are exactly what they are. As long as they're "exiling" ponies for being "contaminated", each individual can continue to delude themselves while the machine rolls on.

    78. I suddenly have the urge to become an astronomer, discover some nice class G star and name it "Celestia." :)

    79. oooh man new FOE. time to enter reading hibernation

    80. @Maeni
      I know, right! I noticed that too! Pretty beaurtiful, isn't it? ^^

      Also, I was trying to hog the 5000th comment myself, but tdog took the honor :p so I'm posting the small toast here:

      To another 5000 good comments, Kkat, full of good feedback and heartful speculations ^^ (that, or a dedicated forum, 's fine too ^.^ )
      To the next chapters! ALLONS-Y! :D

    81. For some odd reason I want to commission an artist to draw a pony in Elite Riot Gear with NER on the front of the helmet. The N would be carved by a knife and look similar to an N in Papyrus font. The E would be red or green (can't decide which) in Bleeding Cowboys font and the R would look like it was made out of cogs.

      (But I has no money) =/
      (In my Head Cannon ER = Equestrian Ranger and NER = New Equestrian Republic)

    82. @Kkat

      I was planning in setting up a search engine that would search the chapters and link back to the google docs page for that chapter. Would this be acceptable?

    83. @Alchat
      I could put that on my to do list for Illustrator. No charge, but also no promises on time of delivery.

    84. Simply an amazing story, Kkat. You hooked me from the first chapter, and the simple presence of Chapter 40 made my day. You clearly have the rare gift of making the reader see and feel everything the protagonist is feeling; I haven't read anything like that since Koushun Takami's 'Battle Royale'.

      Oh, and congrats on capping the comments!

      Keep it coming! Chapter 41 and beyond!

    85. @Kashin

      That would be Epic! TYVM

      I can wait I waited for S2 and Waited for Chapter 40 I can wait for this. =D

    86. @Alchat
      I will need a few things from you.
      1: I have Papirus, but I will need links to the other two fonts you requested.
      2: What kind of pony would you like (gender, race, color, etc.)
      3. would you like any other accessories (Pipbuck, weapon, holy hoof grenade)

    87. @Arcane Scroll

      I can see a forum being quite awesome actually and I can't see why Kkat would have a problem. As long as people keep their reviews for the chapters all here on EQD or posted them on both. But have a section for reviews for each chapter would be good I guess, as people who haven't read up to the latest chapter's would be able to review things and keep away from potential spoilers.

      I personally say DOO ITT..

    88. @Stormcaller
      Bought the game - started writing!

    89. Wow. Kkat. That is... I didn't even know you could do that. Cap out comments? Holy cow.

      Anyway, chapter 40. the Sonic Rainboom (Radboom?) was interesting. Did we just got a glimpse of the new elements of harmony (insofar as we didn't already know, anyway)? If so, is RedEye one? That would be a twist.

      I admit though... I am growing tired with how things are going. Ever since Steelhooves death, the edge has been gone, really. Until then, there was the fear, the wonder, will they all make it? How long can every single one of them survive? Since that question has been answered, that fear, that suspense is gone. And right after its just been misery after misery. The group has been split up. Lil'Pip has changed so much, has seen so many terrible things. Has been forced to do so many things she wish she hadn't... And with all of the foreboding, it doesn't seem we are heading for a happy end. Or at least, not an end that is going to be happy for all of our beloved characters who are still with us. Let me rephrase that again, not an ending where all our beloved characters are still with us.

      I am simply at the point where I kind of want it to be over. I just want to know and be done with it. Its been such a crazy long journey, these characters have grown so much on so many readers, myself included. But right now, everything is just awful and there are very little points of relief or happiness. Like I said before, I want them to see it through, all of them. That point has alerady been passed. We know its not gonna happen. I'm sure, as we are nearing the end (or so I assume) we will loose more. And that thought, combined with the way things stand...

      Like I said, I just want it to be over, I want to know and be done with it. An ending can make or break a story. Not just because its bad or good, but also simply because of the way its being handled. Its for that reason I always wait until a story is finsihed before I decide whether or not to save it to my computer (bearing very few exceptions). For the longest time I have been sure I would save Fallout: Equestria once it finally was over. I am starting to doubt that now. As much as I want to see and end and be done with it... I also fear it. I fear it greatly.

      Keep writing Kkat. I've been here with you ever since the first chapter appeared. I remember thinking at the time "A Fallout crossover? That might be interesting". And after reading it "huh, well, this could be a fun shipping story". I'm fairly sure I already said all this in here somewhere, but I'll say it again. How naïve I was. What a monster you have created. And who knows how much longer it will run yet? We are already 10 chapters past maximum level.

      *Sigh* I am not quite sure what else to say.

    90. @Baree
      We are already 10 chapters past maximum level.

      Littlepip needs to get some DLC.

    91. So do you figure Red Glare just closed herself out on the wrong side of a Shutterflight, or did she strike out for the clouds after she gave that order?

    92. @Baree
      Redeye being an element would require friendship between himself and the other elements. Highly unlikely.
      I disagree with your comment, for the most part. The rules of the game just changed, and they're still adapting to that. The heroes are in their darkest hour, it's true, but that's when they each need to individually realize how badly they need to lean on their friends.

    93. @silentcarto

      I am not sure I said anything to disagree with. I merely stated how I feel about the story currently. None of what you said I disagree with in my post, except for RedEye. *Shrugs*


      - “Besides, would you have preferred we keep an undetonated balefire bomb sitting here in town? No pony would do that. That would be insane!” XD


      - Ya'll need to chill w/ dem cannibal jokes around my mare LilPip, yo. And those groupie crusaders need to dial down the Conrad Verner enthusiasm a bit.

      - When said “They can’t lie to us. They’re the government.” I thought, everypony in the room needs to do this - http://youtu.be/i0GW0Vnr9Yc

      - The Two Party system SUCKS! Right on! We'd be better off with a One Party system, amirite Calamity?

      - Wow, didn't click for me at first that the Enclave was strafing the streets w/ plasma flamethrowers. For the Evuls.

      - DJ-Pon3 Crowning Moment of Awesome!

      - "And I really needed to pee." XD fucking lilpip

      - "Luna’s moaning moonheat!" - That's a new one, correct? ^_^

      - Awwwwww shit, here come the Gung-Ho Guns

      - Pipbuck tag tracking? ....FUCK.

    95. Ok, I've never played Fallout 3, and the only information I have about it is either comments I've read here, or the occasional screenshot (usually looking for visual reference for fan art)

      I keep hearing talk about some kind of supposed unhappy ending that supposedly happens at the end of Fallout 3. I don't know what all that entails, but if there's a stable dweller out there who's in line for an unhappy ending, I betcha its going to be Redeye.

      Its true that by now, Lilpip and Redeye have both committed atrocities that are on similar levels, but I still think Redeye is the far more wicked of the two, and it all comes down to alternatives. Lilpip is just barely edging by. Its one long shot after another, trying to pick the best course of action out of a whole pile of bad. Redeye on the other hand has a significant power base, with influence and authority over so many. He's had lots of opportunities to take the less destructive path, but keeps passing them by.

      Sacrifice. It apparently has something to do with the Fallout 3 ending? I often hear that it is a lofty virtue, but it is not a virtue in and of itself. In order for anything good to come of sacrifice, there must be a good reason. Sacrifice without a reason is simply waste. Sometimes sacrifice might be necessary, and it is a virtue to recognize those moments for what they are, but it is also virtuous to know how and when to minimize the necessary sacrifices overall.

      Now, I don't subscribe to deontology whole cloth, but I think Kant was on to something when said to check and see if any action can be universally applied. If everyone sacrifices everything, you just end up with a whole lot of nothing.

      (Is anyone else having trouble posting comments here?)

    96. I know its really just a palette swap of Philomena, but since I don't know what ways Pyrelight is different, its about all I could do. Still, have a Pyrelight wallpaper.


    97. I must admit, this comment by Baree concerns me a bit.

      Please tell me, bronies: are many of my readers feeling the same way? Admittedly, we are moving towards the story's conclusion, but there's still a bit to go. Do many of you feel fatigued with Fallout: Equestria? Do you want it to end as soon as possible?

      Please let me know.

    98. @mycutiemarkisagun
      Nah, I like the B-Team here. Pip needs the occasional reminder that the good she's doing... sticks.

    99. @Kkat
      No, I absolutely am NOT feeling fatigued with Fallout: Equestria. I could go for another 40 chapters.

    100. @Baree

      You thought there was gonna be a happy ending? HA!




      I'm a FO: E fan first.

      FIM fan 2nd.

      Straight up.


      Yeah, too bad kkat's story, characters, and dialogue are 10x better than the game's.

      When I first got into FO: E, I finally played New Vegas.

      Good game. But it felt BORRRR-ING compared to that KKAT CRACK.


      Only way LilPip is riding off into the beautiful sunset instead of dying via Heroic Sacrifice is if Homage dies.....in her hooves. Sorry, but this is Kkat we're talking about - the Pony Master of Vonnegut's Sixth Rule of Fiction Writing: "Be a Sadist". Besides, we've getting hints from the very beginning that this 500,000 word beast are memoirs Pip is leaving for the historical record prior to her death.

      And at this point, I think LittlePip would prefer a noble early death to long peaceful life of neverending external praise and internal regret.


      Of course, that's how the original games endings were. :p

    101. @Kkat & Cedric Bale
      And a SEQUEL! /shot
      Really though, I have to ask (anybody, not just Kkat), how good is FO:E Project Horizons? I'm wary of the fact that it started long before this point in FO:E, let alone before FO:E completely finished. It seems like there's so much room for things to straight up contradict things in FO:E that come up after it's written in Horizons.

    102. @Kkat

      I understand where Baree is coming from, but personally I really like the fact you can still manage to make me feel sorrowful still after everything has happened. I would love to see every character live throughout the story, but with the fact that any of them could die just makes me cherish them even more. I hope you will still continue your writing despite others opinions.

      I've said it before and i'll say it again... Thank you so much for this beyond epic fanfic

    103. @Kkat
      While I admit that I agree with him on some of the pacing issues, your latest chapters seem to consist of only peaks or only valleys. I still have no desire to see this rushed for several reasons.
      1. The circuitous routs Littlepip takes to her goals are exactly the way fallout games play ("we must go retrieve this uber tech that will purify the... oh look a bunny" go's of on 7 side-quests), at least how I play them.
      2. When a project is rushed it always shows and I don't think any bronies would want that in a story they care about this much.
      3. Littlepip may get some levels, or at least new equipment, from her 'Dead Pony' DLC as she has been effectively stagnant in the power department for quite some time and with her arsenal unavailable I see this changing soon.
      4. I am always sad when a story I enjoy ends. Will there be a sequel or spin-off *Pinkie grin and eye flutter*.
      5. I said I would start posting my own story shortly after the main one finished and I have nowhere near the chapter stockpile I would like (I haven't even finished chapter two *weeps*).

    104. @Cedric Bale
      I would overall recommend it.
      It has a few issues and you can clearly see Somber's learning curve, but he manages to dance around Kkat canon fairly well (I haven't found any glaring inconsistencies at least) and the story its self is very engaging with, mostly, believable characters.

      One word of warning though, FO:E chapter 39 is sunshine and rainbows compared to some of horizons' sections.

    105. @Kkat
      Absolutely not. The Enclave has really ratcheted up the tension, both in terms of the stakes and the time limit, but you have a good sense of the ebb and flow of tension and when to release it.

      To quote Bing Crosby, "Something's gotta give, something's gotta give, something's gotta give!"
      (And, hopefully, "Somewhere, somehow, someone's gonna get kissed...")

      I thought this chapter was a great release of the tension that's been building for the past couple of chapters. It was a solid, unmitigated victory that gave Pip a chance to breathe before the next crisis.

      Let's just say that the end of FO3 is a fate that would never befall Red Eye.

    106. @Kkat

      I've assumed for the longest that there are - at bare minimum - 10 chapters to go, 20 at the most. Not counting the ineffably beautiful, awesome, and tearjerking Epilogue. ;)

      The Enclave has just gotten started. Calamity's got a whole bunch of family beef to plow through. Velvet still needs to rejoin the party, LilPip still has some important Memory Orbs to see ("don't wanna know" my ass, her curiosity is incorrigible) and Homage still needs to rev up that double-sided dildo one last time. (After LilPip finishes crying into her shoulder....for a week. Or two.) Red Eye is still out there, waiting, untouched, the true nature of his Gambit yet to be revealed. The Everfree Forest - the Equestrian Multiverse's favorite mysterious playground - remains to be explored. Fluttershy. God knows how many other dusty crates packed with unfired Chekhov Guns are laying around.

      You reached 500,000 words with this chapter. It's already longer than Lord of the Rings.

      No, if there is ONE THING that the author of Fallout Equestria DOES NOT need to be worrying about, it's that the story is being stretched out too long. Lol. Its funny (and adorably humble!) that you would even be concerned about that at this point.

      Oh and Baree, if you just convinced Kkat to shorten the Best Fanfic Ever, I'm sending Griffon mercs to your home. Fair. Warning. ಠ_ಠ

    107. @LordOfTheWrongs
      You mean die in the company of radiation-proof companions and then be forced to pay 10 dollars for the real ending?

    108. @Kkat
      Please, for the love of Celestia, PLEASE don't end FOE as soon as possible. I will CURL up and DIE (metaphorically, of course) if you decide to cut to the end. I am in no way whatsoever tired of this.

    109. I had a thought last night, while mentally sorting my many projects into a workable order (Spitfire's Thunder is this weekend's project, by the way), about the end of FO:E

      I've said already that it is very likely that Pip is probably on a mission to sacrifice herself for the good of Equestria, it is implied very heavily during her epiphany, and it is very likely that that is just how this story will end.

      BUT, what if this is a red-herring? What if the heavy implication is a trap?

      Pip, during her epiphany, thinks about Red Eye and his plans, and how he says he intends to take himself out of the equation. Well, it is clear that he intends to attempt to become a God through use of Taint, and if that fails, then he'll die, thus taking him out of the equation. While he is a truly wicked and evil character, his intentions have origins from when he wasn't evil. In spite of his change from being good and kind to a cruel and heartless, he has held on to that goal. He is willing to die for his goal.

      Pip also thinks about the Single Pegasus Project, which is the key part of Pip's new plan. She also considers the fact that it will take one expendable pony to bring her goals to fruition.

      What if Pip isn't planning on offing herself, but on taking Red Eye's wasteful and inevitable death - with slight chance of him becoming a true monster - and making a death that would complete his core goal? I'm not saying that she'll kick him into a radiation-filled chamber, I'm saying that she'll give him the benefit of the doubt and have faith that he'll take an opportunity to really do the right thing, with means that are more justifiable than what he has done. Pip and Red Eye are constantly compared to one another, they share similarities, but are also quite contrasting. However, with Red Eye, he was once a good pony, and like most Corrupt Virtue ponies that we've witnessed, he's holding onto a thread of goodness to keep him from loathing himself to the point of suicide. He's holding on to the goal he and later Pip set out on, and it is his mission to reach that goal or die in the process. Pip is on the same mission, but her way of approaching it is the closest thing to goodness the Wasteland has.

      What I'm starting to think about is the possibility that Pip will approach Red Eye, and somehow convince him to join her and abandon his plans. If Red Eye can be convinced that Pip's plan has a greater chance of helping Equestria recover than his, then he might just help her with it. He may even help if it means an opportunity to at least redeem himself, even if only by a fraction.

      It's a longshot, but it could be the plan. Red Eye sees himself as expendable, he knows he is evil and that he should die, but the closest he'll come to suicide is dipping himself in Taint all because he feels that if he were to become a God, it would speed up his goal to get Equestria to recover. And if he dies, well, at least he tried, right?

      Perhaps if he is given an alternative, he might take it, it is hard to say.

    110. @Kkat

      The story is over when it is over. I'll be reading till it's done. Actually, I sorta gotta if I'm going to get Horizons right. n.n

      I think that one of the things that's caused some disjunction is that in Canterlot the big question was dealing with the Goddess... but the Goddess was dealt with in an almost prefunctory manner. I really was expecting a lot more there. Before that we were dealing with Redeye, and we missed out on seeing that interchange between Redeye and Lilpip over the bomb. So the Redeye arc feels likes it's been forgotten. It's something that could use some touching base.

      The Enclave thing is huge, but it came so abruptly that in many ways it feels like it's consumed the original thread of Redeye being the big bad to beat.

      Then there's Steelhooves throwing everything in an emotional lurch... the story just needs a refocusing chapter.

      My suggestion? Have Redeye save Homage from the Enclave. Give him some screen time again. Or if you can't do that, then have her view the memory of talking the bomb away from him. Do something to establish him as a source of tension. You can also fill in some backstory... like how did Redeye manage to not get changed into an Alicorn?

      The story is done when Red-eye is dealt with. So give us a glimpse that he will be dealt with; hopefully as something more than 'And then Red Eye stepped back into the plot.'

      Hope this was helpful...

    111. @Kkat
      From the very first chapter of this story I have absolutely loved it. When I first posted commenting that Fallout: Equestria was, "Easily superior to any literary or cinematic piece I've ever known." I was speaking the plain truth (so help me Applejack) - and I have not since changed in that opinion (except perhaps, to place Project Horizons alongside it).

      I hope that you keep the story going for as long as you need or want to; as long as you can - because reading about LittlePip's adventures is a marvelous gift to us.
      Why, once I have the money I intend to print out my own copy of FO:E, and take it with me to my grave (and if I happen to die ridiculously wealthy, I intend to have the story etched fully into the stones of my mausoleum (I'll need a pretty big mausoleum though... to fit FO:E and PH)).

      So yes, please Kkat, keep the story going - for as long as it takes!

      @Cedric Bale
      I'm incredibly biased (see above), but I think Project Horizons is a wonderful story (even though it is considerably darker than FO:E at times). As Kashin said, it fits pretty well within Kkat's canon - at least enough that I haven't noticed any real problems.

    112. @Kkat
      No way! I'm handcuffed to this roller coaster, wherever it may take me! YEEEEEHAAAAW!

      I don't think I'd perfer to hand Red Eye the key to universal weather control, thanks.

    113. This comment has been removed by the author.

    114. @Kkat

      It's obvious that we're accelerating toward the climax, but don't let that rush you one bit. There are still way too many plot threads that need to be wrapped up, and I personally will feel a bit gutted if this epic has an unsatisfying conclusion.

      FoE should wrap up sometime in the next ten chapters or so. And those are Kkat chapters, so I may as well be saying 'the next book or so'.

      What we're in right now is the darkest moment before the dawn. It makes us ache because we can see the possibility for everything spiraling out of control. But it would be cheap to not have the characters struggle out of that pit to find one another again.

      I for one need to see Homage and Littlepip meet again, and see how Littlepip's fears about whether Homace can still accept her play out. I need to see Velvet Remedy come to some kind of understanding with Littlepip and Calamity. I need to see Xenith come to an understanding of herself and gain a sense of confidence and purpose. I need to see Red Eye's final, most brilliant and all-or-nothing gambit, which I've felt coming for a while now.

      And I really don't expect locking herself into perpetual suspended animation with a VR weather interface as her only companion will turn out to be as easy a decision as Littlepip would like to pretend.

      This chapter was needed, even though we didn't really move forward in it. We needed a moment to let everything that had happened sink in, and see Littlepip cope with everything she's lost and everything she still could so easily lose. We've been moving forward at such breakneck speed in the last five chapters or so we needed a moment to let everything catch up with us. And we, like Littlepip, needed a moment to mourn Steelhoves.

      Please keep it up, and please don't ignore your own instincts as a writer in favor of what you think the fans want, because you've got the best feel for story and character I've ever seen.

    115. @silentcarto

      The goal is to destroy that key, and force the weather to either become random or manually controlled, among other things. A recovered Equestria cannot stand without fairly distributed weather, Red Eye isn't selfish enough to play ignorant to that fact - that's the reason why he's forcing agriculture into the Everfree Forest! The weather is ideal there for proper cultivation of crops.

      I realise I am giving him a huge chance to fuck things up royally, but if he really is trying to save Equestria, or at least help it get to a point that he calls 'back on its feet', then he'll agree that the destruction of total, automated weather control is an important element of meeting his objectives. If I remember correctly, the project can only be fully utilised be a Pegasus - and only fully accessed by a blood relative of Rainbow Dash, but naturally can be destroyed by any race, it's like handing a super-villain a death ray that only works when he's not able to use it.

    116. @Kkat
      Honestly? I know we're reaching a closure of a plot line, but I woudl adore if it Pip's expected sacrifice was similar to FO3's vanilla conclusion - to be continued later with her survived, and with more loose ends to wrap up. (Probably Red Eye and the remains of the Enclave at that point).

      What I'm trying to say is, until there's any reason to make more chapters, it's the more, the better. I always, always love reading every chapter that comes out of your presses, and no amount of it would be enough. ^^

    117. @Kkat

      Are you kidding? You could double the current length and add side stories and I would still look forward to every chapter!

      The writing has never gotten stale and the characters still have so much story in them.

      Please continue on the story for as long as you can!

    118. @Pyrite " I need to see Velvet Remedy come to some kind of understanding with Littlepip and Calamity."

      I need to see some pegasus babies flying under the cloud free sky, some unicorn babies chasing squirrels through the grass. Velvet and Calamity have some work to get to.

    119. @Kkat
      I would be happy as pie if this story continued on for another 40 chapters. I would be happy if it shifted gears after the Gardens of Equestria get used and turns into episodic chapters about sewing dresses and wrapping up winter. I say stick to your guns, whatever they may be.

      I can empathize with the sentiment. Loss hurts, even if its just the loss of a favorite character or a narrative thread. One might wonder how it could possibly turn out alright in the end now, and from that concern, start wanting to see it to be sure. But folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't.

    120. @Nightmare Luna
      Should there just be a Reviews forum for each story(FOE and each side) or also sub forums for each chapter? Separate sub forums for each chapter might be cluttered.

      Just curious for opinions.

    121. @Kkat
      I can agree with the person who said that the story fits the style of Fallout very well. I wouldn't want it changed from its current path.

      And imo, this needs to happen: Quest Perk: Steel Will - You have learned to take strength from the death of a close comrade. Level cap raised!

    122. @Arcane Scroll

      I think just keep it to the main story to begin with. If your going to have it for each chapter it would be WAY too much work to keep on top of it.

      I think splitting them into maybe 5 chapter per segments for the reviews. Or for when major plot points happen. I'm not sure, will put some thought into it and get back to you!

    123. @Kkat

      And Kkat, I personally am here till it finish's. Each chapter makes me want to make a new figure of one of your character's. And the story itself is still going I can't see how this is going to end soon.

      I say another 40+ chapters! WHO'S WITH ME?!

      To another load of chapter's!

      Your devoted subject and worshiper of the amazing Holy Mother Kkat!
      Nightmare Luna

      P.S. Okay I'm very tired hence the weird end bit, take it as you will. Harmless fun

    124. @Nightmare Luna
      Yeah, I think I'll just stick with one reviews forum per story, splitting into one per chapter looked awful and I don't think the site will get that heavy of use.

      "I say another 40+ chapters! WHO'S WITH ME?!"

      *raises hand way up in the air*

    125. I say however many chapters it takes to tell the story Kkat wants to tell! WHO'S WITH ME?! ;)

    126. @Kkat
      NO! I mean... no... I'm fine with reading as far as it goes. Now, Directed at Baree...
      Yes, the story has slowed down, but has it not done so several times in the lapse of the 40 chapters? I'm sure it will pick up pace again eventually, what with all that has been foreshadowed.

      Also, did that co-worker get out of the hospital yet? (If I'm not stupid and just thought that's what happened for some reason.)

    127. Would somepony please be so kind as to refresh my memory regarding what the "The Republic" marker on Silentcarto's splendid map refers to? Thank you.

    128. It's the destroyed town where the Hero-wannabes who are Littlepip fans came from. I think it's mentioned in chapter 36 or 37. It's a reference to "The Republic of Dave" in fallout 3, a little fenced collection of buildings housing a man and his family who consider themselves a democratic country.

    129. @Kkat

      I wouldn't say I've reached the point of fatigue yet, but I can understand the feeling.

      I'm not asking for a swift conclusion; that would almost certainly be unsatisfying. But I'm not supporting the the calls for 40 more chapters either. That *would* fatigue me.

      I could say more, but Pyrite's already done it with more eloquence than I can usually pull off. So I'll leave it with this: Don't end earlier than planned, but don't prolong it either.

    130. @Kkat
      Fatigue? I crave moar! I love your story I'm not ready for it to end yet! >~<

    131. @Kkat

      It'd be easy for me to simply shout how much I disagree that it needs to end sooner than later.

      But no, FO:E does not need to rush to a conclusion. The story just has a differing pacing at this point, that's all I see for it. Fallout as a series is known for its long journey concept. When you reac hthe end, it should feel like you've come a long way. And FO:E is making that happen just by continuing the way it is.

      Someone else already stated how great side quests can help this. Not just by diverting from plot points, but they help expand your world and its design too, Kkat. The world building is part of what I love most. I wouldn't be writing a Side Fic in my own time if it weren't.

      So no, I do not feel the same way as Baree. Yes, I agree at least how an ending needs to carefully positioned to not feel like it's staggered into. However I trust in your writing that you will know when and how is best.

      Simply put. You have not led us wrong yet. I'd love to see a good chunk more (although I do feel this is into the third act now) before it ends.

    132. @Kashin

      Agh!!!, Sorry for the almost 24 hour later reply Sleep n School. =/

      1. I only requested 2 Fonts I just said the R to be made of Gears, and I....don't...know uhh how to link fonts.... sorry.

      2.I've been thinking about this fer a while and I've chosen Female, Pegasus, White Coat, Black Mane (Originally as suppose to be a ghoul and male, but I like it this way).

      3. Pipbuck, battle saddle with a Jet Black Anti-Material rifle with the Words "For My Baby" etched onto the visible side in gold. Along with the bandolier and small packs on the chest piece add 2 Flashbangs dangling from the sash of the packs. And that's pretty much it except for probably a sheathed Ranger Sequoia (dunno where to put the Sequoia tho possibly in a saddle bag)

      Hope this helps.

    133. Kkat:

      Keep it going until you're ready to call it done. You're the one who's writing this. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

    134. I'll admit, sometimes I will start reading a story only to find that it is turning out to be really sad and then skip to the end and read the last few lines. If it looks like a happy ending, I go back to reading, otherwise I stop.

      But as grim as it can get at times, there is so much awesomeness, so many heart warming moments, and a big damn pile of friendship, that I'm really not worried at all about where things are going. Maybe if Calamity hadn't come along when he did, I might have started to worry about the direction the story was going. Instead, discovered cures, freed slaves, reformed raider tribes, restored lost honor, saved lives, shared happy moments, shared love... By this point, even if it all comes crashing down, I'd say that the journey was worth it in the end.

    135. @Nightmare Luna
      "I say another 40+ chapters! WHO'S WITH ME?!"
      *raises hoof*

      Also, Pyrelight wallpaper!
      It's a recolor of Philomena, mainly, but still worth a mention, I thought. :)

    136. When I was working on the Philomena/Pyrelight wallpaper, it was always my intention to make one of each. Pyrelight hasn't really told us about her past yet, so as far as I know, she might actually be Philomena. :)

    137. @Kkat

      There is absolutely no good reason to end this story prematurely. Please, let it build to its conclusion organically. It's the best fanfiction I've ever read. Rushing the ending would be a horrible mistake. Please let the character arcs unfold naturally.

      Also, kind of unrelated, but we still don't know the fates of Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy, right? Or technically Celestia? Just checking.

    138. @O. Hinds
      As Pyrite said, it was the town that the foals they rescued from Fluttershy's cottage had come from.
      Its location was very vague, but it was within easy travel of Ponyville.

      Speaking of which, I need to mark the Shattered Hoof Ridge Tower.

      It's conceivable, but not likely. Calamity's suggestion is probably correct, especially considering there are apparently multiple Balefire Phoenixes in Manehattan.

      That's correct. Though I think we're unlikely to find out more about Dash unless the Enclave itself kept records. Or trophies. Xp

    139. @ Kkat
      I think a number of us are in no rush for this to end at all. The journey is where our enjoyment is. There isn't a day where I don't give it some thought, and the anticipation of what's coming next is part of that.
      I'm expressing myself poorly here. I hope you get my meaning.

    140. @mycutiemarkisagun

      "I'm a FO: E fan first.

      FIM fan 2nd.

      Straight up."



      Kkat, these are real feelings... It's kind of weird, but I've been thinking about it a few times.

      But of course it is fatiguing because it's so damn powerful. I get what he means when he talks about just wanting it to be over by now. To me, the story is just so damn harsh that I'd personally like to just see them all snuggle up in Tenpony Tower and have the whole thing turn into a [Shipping][Normal] fic.

      I'm confident that you can handle the ending; actually I fear how powerful it will turn out to be. And I fear that very real feeling of loss. I got the feeling in Chapter 39, at one point I genuinely didn't want to go on because I couldn't bear that Silver Bell, Xenith, Ditzy and Homage - Hell, everypony - was so fragile. Seemed like any of them could die any moment.

      I'll admit, I'll be pretty damn sad if Homage dies. Like for real sad, like with SteelHooves. It ends up affecting me in real life as well.

      But like with SteelHooves, the horror of it does not make it bad or something that should change. It's grimdark. Thinking about it, putting readers into a mindset where they feel genuine fear and a true feeling of wanting it all to be over is just amazing. We're still glued to the story completely. It really is truly grimdark.

      Shit, I don't know what to say. I truly love all these characters, I want more and more, so the ending can go to hell, but on the other hand, all the suffering makes me want a conclusion. Or at least... Maybe a moment in the story where Littlepip and crew really get some relaxation. Like a meditation session before we dive into the conclusion.

      I don't know, really. I want this story to keep going for as long as possible. I am not tired of Fallout: Equestria, and I do not want the ending to come sooner than what it feels like it will.
      Honestly, the only thing I kind of would like to see is some more positivity, I want to see our characters being happy, maybe for just a short while.

      All in all, do with it what you were planning to do! I'm still ready for whatever number of chapters to come. I know I will dread it when we reach the last chapter.

      Not tired of FOE at all, but the feelings are there, or maybe I'm just talking shit.

    141. @Maeni
      Personally, I'm really looking forward to Pip and Homage finally hooking up again in some really weird location, like the base station of an SPP tower.
      Probably won't happen until we pick up Velvet again, though.

    142. Honestly, this is simply epic. Kkat, you are simply a master, not just of pony fics, fanfics in general, but this is truly one of the best stories I have read in a long long long time. The characterization is incredible, the plot clips along at a good pace without somehow being contrived, and the action sequences never seem just thrown in there. Everything seems to have its purpose, and everything is specific and necessary. I'm as attached to Little Pip as I was to Frodo when I read LOTR, and I follow her quest even more eagerly than I did that little hobbit's. Once this over completely (not that I want it to ever end, ever)I will print this and bind it with the attention it deserves, and I will be proud to have it on my book shelf. I just wish it could reach a wider audience, as it is incredible.

    143. No don't end it till your rdy to end it. And when you do end it expect us all to be sad we will have no more awesomeness from fallout equestria.

      Hopefully we can live up to your skill with the side stories already out and those we still have to do. Hopefully my own wont suck and can sport a Kat approved. :)

      Btw Kkat you made me tear up when you told how the mane six died. Pinkie pie...so sad.... :(

    144. @Arcane Scroll

      Forums looks pretty sweet. Nice layout. Just signed up for it and I think everyone else should do the same goddamit!

      And @Kkat, kinda looks like everyone and their dog thinks you shouldn't even think of finishing this story early.

      So keep it up and don't think of slowing down, unless, you know, you feel the need to from stress or other such things!

    145. My two cents?
      Kkat, this story is amazing. No matter how long this story goes on, I will go on reading it.
      If you do end it early, let me know what name you'll be writing your next book under, I'm sure I'll want to read that too.

    146. Belated @Baree.

      That's like stepping back from Star Wars halfway through "Empire". The middle of an epic is supposed to be the darkest, lowest point. Allowing for the climax/conclusion to be so much brighter.

    147. @Kkat

      Do I feel fatigued? Do I want it to end ASAP? I think my answer can easily be summed up with a single video.


    148. This comment has been removed by the author.

    149. @Kkat

      Hi! I am considering writing something of a prequel, set just before the end of days. If you have time, I'd love it if you could give it a look over. I'm trying to make sure it fits in seamlessly with your story, and, since it isn't finished, I can't do that entirely. I have the rough edges of the idea smoothed out, so that it's long story short at the moment, not including the little bits in between. If there's anyway I could send it to you, please tell me. I'd post it here if you'd read it, but I'd rather not. It's still just an idea, albeit a 5 page idea, so I'd rather not have "constructive criticism" from everyone, AND spoil the ending for them. I'm sure you understand. Please and thank you! /)*3*(\

      In regards to the end of your story, it feels like there should be another 7~25 chapters, depending on how long you make them and how filled they are with plot, as opposed to descriptiveness. I think doing things swiftly leads to lower quality, but I have noticed the amount of detail seems to have become unnecessarily large in the last few chapters.

    150. @Kkat

      Just want to say that while I can't speak for everyone else here, if your worried that your fans are getting fatigued from this story, don't. Believe me when I say that any fatigue I myself have felt has been the result of my empathy towards these wonderful characters you have created and all the trials they've had to endure, not because I feel the story is dragging on too long (and just to reiterate, NO I do not think the story has been dragging on too long. How could I? This is one of the best works of literature I've ever read!) So please don't feel like you have to wrap this up before it's ready to be wrapped up.
      On another note, if you yourself are getting fatigued from all this writing, then don't feel like you have to burn yourself out with a break-neck schedule. After all, it took J.R.R. Tolkein decades to complete The Lord of Rings, while you were able to hammer out a significantly longer epic in less than half a year. So really it's better to do it right at your pace then do it poorly at someone else's pace.

    151. Posting as a quiet lurker, ever since I started reading this story a month ago, I find myself eagerly coming back to this page (the main page) looking for the next chapter (sadly sometimes multiple times a day >.>). I haven't been so enthralled with a written work in quite some time, and really this story needs to have its ending in its own due time, you seem to have a goal you're shooting towards. No mater what, (and to add one more voice to say) It doesn't need to end till you say you're honestly and well done with the idea of it.

    152. @Kkat

      Hmm. I'm not so much fatigued with Fallout Equestria. I'm fatigued with the suspense and the hardships. You can write another 40 chapters and I'd be here for all of them, without a doubt. Trust me, I do not want to you to end the story until you decide its over. What I said wasn't critique by any means. Its solely my own problem and it has absolutely nothing to do with your writing. Ok Kkat?

    153. @Kkat

      I really hope you enjoyed your vacation Kkat, because it was no fun at all waiting to find out what happened to Derpy.

      That being said, this chapter is decent, but I'm beginning to tire of the introspection. It's been pretty dense in the last few chapters. For good reason, I know: how can you go through all this loss and hardship without breaking down a little? I've understood and empathized with Littlepip through all of it because the writing is good and the emotions understandable.

      But now that she knows she needs to bring back the sun, I'm hoping we kick back into high gear and finish out with a boom. A radboom. Something. Make all her hurt and crippling self-doubt worth it. I believe in you!

      One unhappy note: what is it with Pip checking out Gawd again? Her sense of aesthetics is as messed up as Blackjack's sense of taste in Project Horizons... Or maybe it's that strength despite hardship that she has that Pip wants. Iunno. I'm interested to see what you make of it.

      Also yay more griffins! I'm adding more griffin content to my own thing I'm working on, working griffins in more with the New Vegas content, especially the Honest Hearts stuff. Because griffins are better than Mormons. They just are.


      Curse you for making me read both this story and PH... I'll get back at you by writing some really good Vegas content with a courier since I've logged more than 400 hours playing the game, and a week and a half reading through FOE and PH. This stuff is so good I can't help but want to contribute.

    154. I most definitely don't want this story to end any time soon.

      At first I did. While I was still early in the story. I think it was because I knew that I wasn't even close to finishing what already existed and there was still more to come.

      But now, I WANT MOAR. Tons more. Another 100 chapters and I wouldn't complain.

      So bring it on.

    155. @Kkat

      I normally wouldn't ask on here, but I have found no other way to get ahold of you Kkat. I have 3 questions for you, none of them are related to the story of FO:E.

      1. With your permission would you mind if I start a Audio Book Project where I would recruit some voice actors? If you say yes, I would love to have you as a part of the casting.

      2. I was wanting to do a review of your story on my fledgling podcast, The Rowdy Rough Bronies. It would be a segment where 5 readers come together and review it. I dont wish to take away from Nightmare Luna, this would be a project from 5 points of view. Basically I am also asking for permission to do this, since I feel it is the right thing to do.

      3. I'm sure you have been asked to come onto various Brony related podcasts, but I was really hoping that you wouldn't mind being interviewed on The Rowdy Rough Bronies? I would be beyond honored to have you as our first interview, and if you dont feel comfortible about being on the air. I would love to even do a written interview. I'm not trying to push you into this, so I would completely understand if you outright said no. If you would like to, please e-mail me at rowdyroughbronies@gmail.com

      that e-mail is also open to anypony who would like to ask us random questions

    156. @Kkat
      Well, it certainly don't want to see it dragged out longer than you had originally intended with needless filler material because your fans are afraid they'd have nothing to read. I'd rather see this story end with a bang than a wimper. Still, rushing the material by dropping out minor plot arcs and disregarding the usual pacing could ruin this just as easily. I say, just use what you have left to tell the best story you can, paying no regard to length.

    157. @Nightmare Luna

      Thanks, I'm still tweaking the template, let me know if you have any suggestions.

    158. @mycutiemarkisagun
      It's all good, Littlepip will show those groupie crusaders what it means to be truly extreme!

    159. @Mitchell Bonds
      Maybe there's something with Lilpip having a distant mother that makes her attracted to older gals?

    160. Hmm, everyone and their uncle is writing a side story based off this. Curses, this would be the one time I actually want to write a fan fic. Maybe I should write something else...



      *goes back to writing more*

    161. I'm still waiting for someone to write a MLP x Sinistar crossover fanfic.

    162. LMAO, anyone else has the Greasemonkey EQD script?
      Because I have, and that's what I'm seeing above Kkat's message:

      Kkat said... [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ] [ Reply ]

      And that's not even counting those who didn't link her post to answer. That's so crazy.
      You see, Kkat? Baree may want to stop, but the other 4999 readers want MOAR!!!! ;D

    163. @Kkat
      More content the better
      every chapter seems to get better and better to me
      its like watching ponies
      some episode might be btter to you then others
      but you really fucking love them all :3

    164. Thank you, everypony and brony, for your thoughtful responses.


      1) Scorch Mechanic is already doing the audiobook project for Fallout: Equestria. You can contact him if you want to help.

      2) Feel free to review the story on your podcast. Give us a link here when you air the show.

      3) I am willing to answer questions or conduct "interviews" over email, but not in person. I do not have Skype (or any similar system) and do not wish to do interviews over the phone.

    165. @Tosxychor
      Yep, I couldn't handle this comment system without it, I really don't like Blogger's comment system. And that was cool :)

    166. @Alchat
      Ok, done.


      I'm sorry I couldn't give her a battle saddle, but with all her gadgets and the complexity of her armor I couldn't get it to look even remotely presentable. Let me know if there is anything you don't care for, want a different file type, ect and I'll make the changes, within reason.

    167. @Kashin

      That's really cool, love the helm and the armour, the detail on them is simply amazing. Only thing she looks a little squashed along the body. Don't know if its just the size of the picture or something, but it may look better with a slightly longer body.

      But still looks awesome!

    168. @Kkat

      A new wave of painting work in progress pic's up for my Pyrelight figure have gone up! Tell me what you all think please! I will love you lots and lots and lots!

    169. Fridge logic moment: So the Wasteland is all dull and grey right? Same color as the inside of a stable really. I wonder if Velvet Remedy is going to realize that everypony down on the ground is being caged in by the Enclave when she looks up at the sky...

    170. @Kkat

      In my own opinion, I don't think story is going to suffer from any length issues now. It's just how you'll be handling the ending. Which I think is the case of some unrest among us readers, well, at least I am. No matter how much longer or shorter this fanfic is going to be the ultimate ending will make or break it. Bittersweet is what it will be. Kkat whatever it is, just make it as awesome as the rest of the story.

      And judging from the events of the story it does seem, however, that we are more or less over the halfway point in the least. Red Eye being the ultimate bad guy seems quite detached now that, well, he seems to have been put out of the major events for a while now. He even seems.. too easy a threat comparing Little Pip’s Alicorn take out. All that’s left to being out seems to be the Everfree forest, the Enclave and Red Eye...

      Or is it? Sunshine and Rainbows? The Elements of Harmony, unused? Spike? Seems to me like the wasteland is going to see the Sun again in the next chapter, but I could be wrong. How much longer this is going to go may as well depend on the Wasteland being cured or not. The latter with the aforementioned defeat of Red Eye. And that doesn’t seem enough. Doesn’t seem to do justice to this epically long story. The former conclusion however, sounds too sweet and good to be true...

      Argh! Whatever! My fingers are crossed!

    171. @icekatze

      I wonder if Velvet Remedy is going to realize that everypony down on the ground is being caged in by the Enclave when she looks up at the sky...

      Those. Big! DUMB! MEANIES!

    172. @Kashin

      (Went to sleep at 5 AM playing FO: NV from 2 AM so late reply is late.)

      I love it! This is way more than I thought it would look like. I'm intimidated by just looking at her helmet. Don't sweat it on the Battle Saddle the gun looks awesome just displayed how it is you're are very attentive to detail my friend and I must give my thanks for that and for doing this for me and for free I wish I could hug you.

      Thank You, it's made my day.

      (Though I must agree with Ms. Nightmare Luna the body looks kinda squished together. I'm guessing its the angle her body is at, but hey it looks Legendary to me and possibly to many others as well.)

    173. @Alchat

      *Goes red in the face, looks at name* Awww crap. I can see why you'd think Ms. but I'm a Mr. I should really have put more thought into the name before. Ahh well never mind :)

    174. Hello,
      I think I will add a little bit into this.
      First, I have no issue with the lenth. A good long story is rather nice, compaired to some of the little things that I have found. I do want the story to continue. That being said, I want the torture of Litlepip and Velvet and Calamity and Homage to be done. Really, thay have suffered a lot. Course, that suffering is part of what helps tie the readers into the story, but I still think thay have paid a high enough price in blood and tears. Perhaps even just a break, where thay get a chance to recover, to find there center again, before steping up and doing what must be done.
      That being said, if you remember all the memory globe bits, Rainbow Dash herself said, quite bluntly, that it could be any pony to operate the single pony project. I expect that was deliberate on her part. The Pegasi want it to be one of there members, cause then thay can keep doing what thay have been doing, and to hell with anyone else.
      And for thoes that have not made the connection, Redeye is Littlepip, a darker, crueler Littlepip. He has one goal, and really only one goal. Anything, anything at all that he does, is done to push that goal forward. He has sacraficed his 'humanity' if you will, for that goal, and I do not think he really expects to live past seeing that goal accheved. In a way, Redeye is pure the end justifies the means.
      Littlepip has a rather simular goal, and has been trying not to pay the price that Redeye has paid. Some of her selfdoubt is because she sees the simularitys.
      I also expects shes planing to put herself into the thing, rather than to sacrafice anyone else. She would rather pay the price, rather than to let another pay it.

    175. @Nightmare Luna

      Lo siento, mi amigo.

      I hope you aren't that angry at me calling you Ms. I was just going on by the name of Luna it was a mistake. Perdóname

    176. @Alchat

      Not at all Alchant, I actually found it rather funny. Wasn't the first time and won't be the last that someone thought I was a Ms. on the net. :)

    177. @Nightmare Luna

      Ya spelled my name wrong so we are now even. =D

    178. Sweet Luna's marked flank this was a long read. Totally worth it however. it has been a long time since i read a fanfic this good, at least one that aggrivated me at work wondering what was next with it .
      I was greatly impressed with the way you blended a few things from both games into it. And what happened to the mane 6. only 2 left to reveal i suppose and i have a sinking suspsion the Herbert comments were a bit of forshadowing.
      Pehaps dash however might be more like House. i suppose i will have to wait and see.
      Holy crap i just realized i've spent 4 days on reading this every chance i have been given.

    179. @Alchat

      Indeed I did, well consider the extra n a gift.. Or something. :)

    180. You have managed to produce a story that is not only incredibly well written, detailed and above all else LONG AS HELL (A massive point in it's favor) but something I would willing pay money for in a published form. 41 can't get here fast enough.

    181. Ha! we overloaded the original comment board holy crap. Why wasn't I there when this happened, oh yeah life.

    182. @Nightmare Luna
      ya, I noticed the body thing looking back (I know this sounds wrong, but she looked well proportioned when she was naked). I'm glad you liked it anyway.

      Also, Nightmare Luna, I like how Pyrelight is going, I do think that the glowing paint would have been a nice touch, but other than that, well done.

    183. @Kkat I will join in and say that I absolutely do NOT want you to rush to the end, and I for one don't feel fatigued at all. I'm totally ready for more. All I ask is that the ending be absolutely EPIC. Don't cop out to the tragic ending for our heroine, though, especially not after all that she's been through.

    184. @Kashin

      Well to quote Applejack.

      "We don't normally wear clothes."

    185. @Kashin

      I must implore you to submit it to a drawfriend if you haven't already.

    186. Ch. 40

      Oh, sonic radboom? I thought the missles actually killed her, I'm extremely glad that she is still alive. But I do find it slightly cliche that the rainboom brings about life in littlepip as much as it did for the mane six in the show.
      Bloodshed and loss are two things that can never be avoided in the wasteland, but still hurt the same as it would normally, I'm relieved to see littlepip still able to grieve, because being numb to the atrocities that happen in life is a lot scarier than mentally falling apart.
      Oh, and there seems to be quite a few quips about littlepip's interest in the same gender. How funny, the comic relief does tremendously defuse the slightly hopeless feel in the story at times.
      And more twins, I love twins they just seem to add in gravity with the story, even only if it has nothing to do with the main scheme. Plus they're gawd's children, oh littlepip you little perverted pony you!
      A little question I want to ask as well, can Calamity ever muster up enough strength to shoot and kill his own family? I'm not sure the meeting with the enclave's Wonderbolts isn't going to end so well with His brother's rival in the troop.
      I do believe there is a new quest added to littlepip's story, or possibly a new start as she states it.

      As always, sunshine and rainbows. They seem to be the emblem of what this story shapes into.

      And also as always, the enclave still keeps on screwing things up..