• 50,000,000 Celebration Post!


    See that Trixie? Shes so excited.  50 million of you came here just for her after all! What a showmare.

    (At least that's what we tell her.  She doesn't shut up otherwise.)

    Great and Powerful ponies aside, thank you everyone for following the blog! EQD wouldn't be anything without it's massive community of content creating bronies to back it up.  I remember way back when I first created the site, not knowing if we would even see a season two.  We were all pretty worried whenever ratings would come in.  That sure did end quickly though! All the ponies in this fandom are CRAZY!

    I think Friendship is Magic in general is breaking new ground in terms of internet cultural phenomena.  Lauren Faust and Jayson Thiessen both commented on that.  The entire FiM team deserves mad props for what their creation accomplished.  They very easily could have slacked off and thrown out the same toy commercial commercials that the last three generations suffered from.  Instead, they went all out, and I'm sure TV studios everywhere are sitting back in amazement at what true quality can do. 

    And to think... It's all about colorful ponies.  I doubt many of you expected to be here a year ago.  I wouldn't have it any other way though!

    The one year anniversary of the show is on the 10th.  Hopefully we will find some time to do something cool for it. Regardless though, lets aim for 100 million! This community will take over the INTERNET at the rate we are going. 

    Check out some celebratory images/comics after the break.

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