• 2012 Charity Pony Comic Project

    Over on Fimchan, a group of thirteen pony artists (Listed after the break) are collaborating on a massive calendar project. The main goal will be to earn money for Kids Donations , a group that helps provide clothing, toys, and other necessities to children and their families that are suffering from disasters, poverty, illness, ect.

    While the charity may be focused on kids...the calendar is planned to be a bit more adult in content. Each month is going to be a pinup (Note: not porn, more like swimsuit) of a specific "humanized" pony.

    While the topic of humanized pony may not be for everyone, it is still a massive project. If you have followed the drawfriend posts on the site at all, you were probably exposed to the majority of their art. John Joseco alone has been known to literally fill up half a post.

    For more information, check out the fimchan (Note: Fimchan is known for being non-worksafe) thread, and the artist list+Cheerilee example after the break!

    Contributing Artists (Some nsfw links)

    Cover- John Joseco- Celestia


    January- Sugar Plum- Berry Punch


    Febuary- Chinadoll- Octavia


    March- Elosande- Carrot Top


    April- Jack- Applejack


    May- Megasweet- Fluttershy


    June- Thelivingmachine 02- Luna


    July- Empty10- Derpy


    August- Low Key- Vinyl Scratch


    September- No Ink- Twilight


    October- CartoonLion- Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash


    November- Carnifex- Rarity


    December- Yamino- Trixie





      the image made me jump. <_<

    2. More bronies doing good stuffs! That's why this fandom is so awesome.

    3. @WackyTeen Berry Punch or Fluttershy?

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    5. @Jelfes


      Also, how unSFW is fimchan? god forbid i stumble upon 34.

    6. lol I love the fluttershy image, but the other just seemed... random?

    7. Also, that humanized one is Berry Punch, not Cheerilee.

    8. Hmmm... Well, I have no moneys anyway, so yeah. Hope it does well, though. God bless!

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    10. NOOO Y U DRAW Pinkie & RD together? :( I wanted pinkie separate

    11. So raising money for kids with disturbing sexualizations of cartoon characters?

      I guess the good outweighs the bad but still, thats just wrong.

    12. Its better than actual ponies being sexed-up, I guess. I'll chip in for charity.

      And that's berry punch, not cheerilee.

    13. @Eytan I agree 100%
      The cause is great...but...really? This is what makes non-bronies fear the fandom.

      Well..that, and their sexuality coming into question.

      BUT STILL....Ew.

    14. @Eytan

      disturbing is an opinion and sexualization is a prime calendar seller. You ever seen those fireman calenders they sell to raise money?

      lighten up bronies.

    15. I wanna see this calendar when it's done!
      *looks around room*
      *ducks under table*

      Don't hurt me please!

    16. I'm very conflicted about this.....

      On one hoof, this seems like a very good cause, Charities for children are my favorite, and I've been donating annually to Child's play, trying to raise my own personal bar/donation each year.

      On the other hoof, If I buy this, I'll probably have to hide this from non-brony/most-brony eyes.

      If you're not comfortable with the art and/or content, you can probably just donate to the charity directly.

      Personally, art is art to me, and this isn't porn so I'm not offended or feel uncomfortable by it. I might just get it and regard it as a donation.

    17. Now that I think about it, my previous comment made it sound like I wanted one of these. I don't. I was just trying to show support for the cause. Meh.

    18. AND OF COURSE:
      Kudos to all the artists who are working on this!
      I'm a firm believer in "The cause justifies the ways" so I applaud you for taking the donation route instead of the personal gain route, especially for a "sensitive" subject such as this.

    19. this is going to be so epic
      shut up and take my money

    20. I would totally buy it if it wasn't humanized ponies. ): I may be a furry, but humanized, and anthropomorphized ponies are a big dislike to me. Keep ponies as ponies. But still a cool project!

    21. Not sure if want.

      I'll probably donate anyways, though.

    22. @CoffeBlack

      yeah, I agree, (I am also a furry) that it would be better to keep ponies as ponies but oddly enough that seems to irk the sensitive brony fanbase something fierce. Even the slightest hint of *gasp sexuality is enough to bring on to tears.

      Also, if anyone knows how to read that fimchan imageboard stuff to see where you can actually buy the things it would be appreciated to have that info.

    23. I like the idea except the humanized part. If it was just the regular ponies it could be pretty funny but humanized ponies just creep me out.

      But it's for a worthy cause so whatever works for you.

    24. man we got some uptight bronies on tonight. Lighten up peeps, there is no need to be complaining just because some of us like a part of the fandom you don't. It's not wrong, it's not disgusting, it's just something you don't partake in. But I bet there is at least 1 of you who made a comment saying "ew" and in real life are thinking "Oh my god i can't wait!!!"

    25. What a great idea! I hope they'll raise a lot of money, but 'll probably just donate to the charity directly since I have no need for a pinup calendar.

    26. I may balk a bit at the actual content of this calender, I see no reason why anyone should be declaring that it shouldn't be made or that this is a mistake. Sex sells, and this is ultimately a charity project. For children.

      You may have your own dislike of humanized ponies or sexualized ponies, but honestly? This is effectively something being done for the benefit of people who need these benefits. Don't hate.

    27. If this was they in pony form, then yeah, I'd be freaked out at the idea. However, since we're talking humanized, it doesn't bother me that much. I know, they are from a little girls show. But this wouldn't be the first time people have done something like this. Like I said, if it were ponies, this would be way too creepy. But this isn't as bad.

      Oh and btw, plenty of porn makers sell some of their stuff to raise money for charity, so the a pin up calender for charity is nothing big.

    28. I'm confused why they chose the combination of racy and humanized for this cause.

      First, I'm not totally certain about this, but I think there's actually a larger portion of the fanbase that likes saucy pony stuff than humanized. JJ alone could fill this with ponies in maid outfits, and he churns out enough art to do it (filling drawfriends while updating a tumblr daily).

      Second, they're going to be competing (or at least selling parallel) to Slugbox, who just started an explict humanized for-profit portfolio.

      And third and most importantly, why not just make it clean? The last calendar sold pretty well and it wasn't for charity and wasn't advertised online ahead of time, plus it was from one artist. I'm willing to bet that this group of artists could fill a calendar with enough DAWWWW to sell ten times what saucy humanized will get.

      Also, you can't really display this kind of calendar publicly while at the same time saying you like the show for wholesome reasons. This gives little incentive to own the calendar as a physical product, encouraging "art theft" (digital distribution).

    29. Inafter people complaining the images will be pinups? lol I don't see the big issue in th... *sees her name* Ummm... uhh... I still don't see the big issue in this... I guess? Yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! lol I can see why some would be conflicted about it though. The mixing of the images being pinups and the charity for which this is contributing towards is an odd match. But you and I both know that these will probably most likely sell better than if they weren't suggestive. At least it's good to see that it's going to a good cause in any case.

    30. i REALLY hope this does not happen, cause if this does, than more people will find bronies weird.

    31. @Altercation Pretty much this. This is the most confounding post ever I've seen on EQD. But I'm sure the project will do well.

    32. @Altercation

      Well said, these were my thoughts exactly.

    33. @D'Artagnan Rossfeld

      only if we make a big deal about it.

      If we keep it quiet, nopony should know. <.<

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    35. I'm always surprised that for some reason EqD-viewers have such a strict stigma against human ponies. Why do you guys dislike them, exactly? Ponified humans are fine why? Also, you read dozens of ship fics but sexualization is supposedly problematic? Yeesh. And no, it's not wrong to do this to support kids. They're not selling the pics to kids, they're just giving the profit to them. Slugbox did an adult pony pinup compilation and is sending 5% of the profits to the SPCA. Don't wanna turn this into too much of a trant, but the hypocritical standards and people getting pissy over something that's going to good causes irritates me.

    36. Sorry but no matter how good the cause I'm not going to touch anything fimchan related. Not to mention that the pin ups of humanized ponies are creepy as fuck.

    37. Whether or not you think it's proper for ponies to be sexualized, this is still a good cause, and there are a lot of really talented artists working on it.

    38. @D'Artagnan Rossfeld Buddy, porn introduced me to this show. Also, it's just drawings of sexy humans. Bronydom is hardly even connected to it, as far as outsiders who don't know the characters and references and artists are concerned. Plus, you know, CHARITY. Good causes. Big deal about the porn, but people won't think it's weird if they consider that aspect.

    39. I have no idea how I feel about this. Can't deny it's a good cause, though.

    40. @Lupus Albus

      Those were my thoughts as well. I'd think clean plus actual ponies would get more sales.

    41. I think everyone who has expressed misgivings about this have been fairly respectful about it, so let's be careful not to characterize them as hateful or complaining.

      Me, I'm OK with it, but I can see why some may be a little concerned.

    42. I don't have a problem with this being made, but it seems silly to only target the segment of us that enjoys humanized sexed-up ponies. As stated by others a cute regular calendar would appeal to pretty much every brony. (for the record, I would never buy something designed with these themes in mind for this fandom)

    43. @sethisto

      Please remove http://noinkart.blogspot link, that's not something I wanted to see.

    44. Uhh..I'd personally prefer it if they weren't humanized. They're hot enough as ponies. Plus less adult that way. What'd be so hard about putting the Mane Six plus Trixie and Spitfire into sexy poses in their regular pony forms anyway?

    45. @soulharvester11

      well if you dont like it dont open it. it clearly prompted you about nsfw.

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    47. @DJB123

      Yeah but those aren't kids cartoon characters, aaand this isn't for firemen its for kids. Would be like raising money for kids by selling pics of the scooby doo gang in lingerie. If you can't see anything off about that then the internet has ruined you.

    48. Although many of us would like to see sexy ponies that make us question if it's ok to clop to them (to the point we don't "fap", we "clop"), it would be a rather twisted way to earn money for charity. Besides, I have my doubts if the organization would want to receive money earned that way.

      I really don't see anything wrong at either having sexy ponies or sexy humanized ponies, but eh... we must abide to society standards, so that makes the first option less attractive in the long-term.

    49. To anyone who's afraid non-bronies will see this and get the wrong impression of the fanbase: don't worry, they won't, because this is totally representative of the fanbase.

      Think about it. From this project, we can gather that the fanbase:

      1) promotes good causes
      2) has lots of talented artists
      3) makes you question your sexuality
      4) comes up with really weird ideas

      I love it. Stay crazy, bronies.

    50. >FimChan

      Ohohohoho here we go.

    51. @Eytan

      lmao. I'm ruined eh? Ah well. Just because the characters are constructed for the target demographic of children doesn't make them less attractive in terms of personality or even aesthetic composition.

      My first crush, as a kid, was gadget from Rescue Rangers though... so I guess I was a "ruined" furry right from the start.

      Truth be told, content can be tailored and change to appeal to different needs and bases depending up context and the verisimilitude of one's imagination. When I watch the show my mind is clean and I enjoy it for what it is. (Maybe a notable exception would be pinkie's Over a Barrel dress. XD) but when it comes to license to use my imagination to create a world of fantasy that enjoy with characters I enjoy in a new context I'm more than happy to "go there."

      Your "ruined" brony,


    52. You know, if the charity and the humanized pony pinup are separate, it wouldn't be so weird. But since they are together I just can't help but wonder HOW they got to this idea to begin with...

      It's like, yeah we totally should help children. So like we can draw perverted pictures of little humanized ponies, or

      Like, we totally wanted to draw perverted pictures of little humanized ponies, and donate it somewhere. How about children charity?

      I am just saying.....

    53. @DJB123

      ugh.... my slow computer is making me sound stupid again. The last paragraph should read:

      "Truth be told, content can be tailed and changed to appeal to different needs and bases depending upon the context and the verisimillitude of one's imagination. When I watch the show my mind is clean.... blah blah.... but when it comes to free license to use my imagination to create a world of fantasy and enjoy the characters in a new context I'm more than happy to "go there."

      For some reason my computer is super slow and I end up fumbling over my own stupid fingers.

    54. @soulharvester11 Not only was there a warning by Seth that FiM chan is known for being NSFW, but there's even a warning that comes up about the content before showing it to you(which you did indeed click to accept that you are okay with seeing the adult images that lay beyond) You had two warnings, that's enough, don't bother Seth with such things.

    55. @123stw Thank you, for putting that in the most non-biased way you possibly could have.

    56. For everyone saying they would rather see this done as ponies, please note that there is such a thing as COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, which would result in an ugly legal battle. If you want one so bad, then ask Hasbro. Don't try to shoot down people who are doing something for charity out of the kindness of their hearts. And if this doesn't catch your interest then DON'T CLICK ON IT.

    57. Humanised ponies aren't really my thing, much less the sexualisation thereof, but the calibre of the artists has me intrigued so I'm willing to wait for the final product before I decide whether or not it's for me. Plus there is the cause to consider too.

    58. @DJB123

      Your justification that you "can" do it, really doesnt mean you "should" do it. When it comes to you personally you can't change what you like and theres nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to a simple concept of whether something is appropriate or acceptable, i.e. corrupting kids characters and using the money to give to kids, then maybe you should reconsider your stand point. I guess the question is, do the ends justify the means? I mean they would have sold more with a clean calendar that everyone could buy anyway. Hell I would have bought one.

    59. To detractors: You know, if you like the charity idea but aren't a fan of the art...you could always just donate straight to the charity. Or start a different project for it.

      @Mizukame - "we must abide to society standards" , no we don't. We have to abide by laws of our respective countries...there's not a darn thing that says we have to conform to "normal" or what society dictates is "standard". The very fact that most of us aren't 7 year old girls is example of that!

      @DJB123 - Hah...mine too! Gadget was awesome!

    60. Well for one thing, I don't think this started as a charity event, which is why it's humanized pony pin-ups. I believe it was just a fun collaboration thing for the artists to band together and create and turned into a charity event afterwards. I may be wrong though.

      As for the hate - come on guys, let go of it. It's not like anyone outside of the fandom are gonna see this unless they actively search for it anyway, and if some are leaving or not joining because of it then good fucking riddance, we don't need their close-mindedness. And then there's that whole thing of the funds going to a good cause, you know, maybe a small point but it's there. Frankly I'm proud of being part of not only such an artistic community, but one that does charity events such as this. I'll be supporting this for sure, you guys do great work!

    61. @Eytan

      What you two are fighting over is exactly whatEytan said, "Do the ends justify the means," I personally say they do, but you two are fighting over something completely ridiculous; I really doubt that either of you will be able to do anything about the calendar being of pin-ups and not Daww inducing ponies, whats's done is done, leave it at that...

    62. I think all this talk about a calendar of humanized ponies will only add to their reputation and encourage more to look into the phenomenon MLP FIM has become. I will donate foro such a calendar and I think we all should as a sign of solidarity.

      59 Million OHMYGOSH!

    63. @Basharoonskis

      It started as just a collaboration idea. The charity aspect came around later.

    64. Why cant we have actual ponies? And no nsfw? A cool drawing of each (no humanized, swim suits; just ponies bein themselves) with a very fitting background would be waaay better.

    65. who cares when the charity idea came along, it is a great idea whose time has come.let's give back some of the joy we has experienced,

    66. @Beezii

      Again... Copyright. Infringement.

    67. @soulharvester11

      Somehow missed the content warning blogspot gives you eh?

    68. @Jelfes
      Yeah I know I am unbiased about humanized ponies, sexual imagery, or children charity.

    69. @Jelfes

      The problem is its not really "done". Shit like this is gonna keep happening over and over again. This isn't what I thought this fandom would be about. When I got into this fandom I saw something I thought was impossible on the internet. A community of people that embraced good ideals, didn't just spew hate at each other, and was free from the corruption that plagued the rest of the internet. What do I see now? People sexualizing the show, and spreading it everywhere while most of us just watch in apathy. A big rift between people that want to keep this a place based on the ideals that founded it and those that just want to make it a free for all everything goes community that turns a blind eye to the corruption of everything the show stands for. Its really our greatest hypocrisy, that we tout this fandom as something special when we're no better then the rest of the shitiness of the internet. But if thats what you guys want then fine. Good luck spreading our message of love when the rest of the world is just plain old creeped out by everything about us.

    70. We have to remember, love and tolerance for everypony. Especially other Bronies. A lot of Bronies like this sort of thing. This'll never be a group free from pornography, swearing, etc. We're not a group of concerned mothers, we're an internet community. If you get the calandar, don't be afraid to hang it up where others can see it. If there's one thing I've learned from this community, it's that you should never be ashamed of who you are.

    71. @JoseMD

      Not really. Egophiliac sold her posters and everything was fine. Hell the director of the show sat 15 feet away while she did. I think we all know by now that hasbro turns a blind eye to such things.

    72. @JoseMD

      Never stopped any of the other hundreds of fan projects being sold for money.

    73. @Eytan

      So what you're saying is that because these artists are doing something that goes against what you (and many other people) think is acceptable in the fandom, that they are bad people who ruin the ideas of tolerance and understanding? Because where I'm standing, I don't see a lot of that coming from you.

    74. oh god sign me up
      loves me some humanized ponies

      ._. not sure why others don't seem to like them

    75. @Eytan

      I'm sorry my friend but this fandom isn't your sweet and innocent child that you can put in private school and keep safe and sound from all the undesirables. It's an aggregate of all the people who love the show (for whatever reason, innocent or pure) and wish to express themselves about it and through it.

      It is what it is. You can't bottle lightening.

    76. OK, last one - then I'm leaving this thread to the rest of you so I don't get frustrated.

      All the folks saying "why not saucy ponies" or "why not regular PG calendar"? Make it happen! Contact the artists (like egophiliac who's done it before, or any of the numerous others that produce the kind of thing you want to see) and organize it. I guarantee you will find enough interest to fill a calendar - heck, probably a decade's worth of calendars. I'll throw my money at all of them, whether it goes to charity or the artists themselves, whether its NSFW or PG. This fandom is all about getting an idea and running with it - so go do it!

    77. Yay. I will buy this so hard. Like, with my moner.

    78. @DJB123

      I never said this fandom was mine. The only reason I joined though was because it was the one place on the internet that wasn't shitty.

    79. @EngineerBrony

      This is the thing I will agree with most. If you don't want to support this idea, don't even talk about it or acknowledge it. If you have the means, start your own project or organize a collaboration like this one. I'm not expecting everyone to support the calendar, and I appreciate the people that are against it who are being respectful about it, although you COULD just not even post.

    80. @JoseMD

      Yeah theres no point in me standing up and living by ideals that are no longer part of the fandom. If the artists wish to make this place no longer a place for good, then they should learn to accept that people aren't going to be all nice about what they're doing

    81. @Eytan

      Dude, you make the fandom out to what you want it to be. If you go around thinking it's shitty because of something you don't like, it's gonna be that way for you. But if you just ignore it and focus on the aspects you like, you'll have a much better time of it.

      You make your own reality, man.

    82. @Eytan

      You're entitled to your opinions, preferences, etc... however, a saying my zen teacher gave me once might bring you some comfort/aid as you navigate life and the internet. It helped me:

      "Many people live a sword life- what I mean is that they only feel safe if they can attack everything that bothers them. They think they will find comfort somewhere but there is always something to attack. They don't rest.

      Other people live by the shield. They don't need to attack everything because they have good armor. However, the armor can be so good that they don't pay attention anymore... and so they allow injustice and pain.

      All good warriors should know when to use sword, and when to use shield."

      I always took inspiration from that.

    83. @Eytan

      I'm not going to drag this on anymore. Just refer to my previous posts: if you don't like it, ignore it. The fact that you keep making an issue out of it (which I am also to blame for) is what is making this into the crapfest you think it is. Just. Move. On.

    84. Yup. Now its definably inafter a big debate/argument. lol

    85. @JoseMD
      The curiosity part of me just wants to know how the pinup and the charity got linked together in the first place.

      I have nothing against humanized ponies per say. I draw enough of those myself.

    86. @JoseMD

      Its not about me not liking the stuff. Content like that has always existed. Problem is nowadays you can't escape it. Its everywhere. Its getting to the point where you have to sift through all the crap to get to the fun and innocence that makes this fandom great. Its not at a point now where I'd have to leave, right now I can mostly ignore the stuff. Hopefully it gets better and all the crap can stay where it belongs, on fimchan and places like that. guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    87. No sir, I don't like it, Haters will have more excuses to say that we are furries, and I don't want that. you have to keep the fandom clean.

    88. @123stw

      I think they WERE going to just sell them, but any kind of profit from that split 13 ways would be negligible at best, so they settled on charity.

    89. @Eytan "...something special when we're no better then the rest of the shitiness of the internet"
      If you think that this one thing means the entire fandom is on par with all of 4chan or the tens of thousands(? random guess) of pornographic sites, then you apparently are capable of astounding feats of deciphering the effects things will have on a community. ENOUGH, this fighting isn't helping anything, what's done is done and it is done. Intolerance of something as small as this doesn't speak well for our community even more so than this damned calendar! So, for the love of Luna, just leave it...

    90. @DJB123 Great quote, I must remember that.

    91. I don't think Equestria Daily needed a "hide adult content" option at this point. But I sure can't browse Deviant Art for ponies without having that on...

    92. @Jelfes

      Its easy for you 3 to say that I should just ignore it when you have no problem with this kind of stuff. You don't understand how hard it is for people who don't want to see sexualized content of cartoon characters that we love. Putting up with such an absurd thing is rather hard. You guys will truly never understand that.

    93. I don't recall ever saying that I had no problem with it, just that the ends justify the means.

    94. @Eytan

      This will probably be my last post on this thread because I'm spamming it up like hell, however, there is something I really want to tell you and it comes from the heart.

      Our fandom needs people like you. People that will have pure ideals and that will attempt to live up to them. I think that's wonderful and it's a real boon for all of us.

      Our fandom also, if only for the sake of creativity and diversity, benefits greatly from people you find unappealing.

      I believe that it's the push and pull between all these different kinds of bronies that make the community so many different things. It can be sweet and innocent or act as a place where we can feel safe to vent our desires, frustrations, attractions and eccentricities.

      I hope you can understand that I LOVE making my point vehemently but I also understand the value and, quite frankly, the importance of your values and viewpoint. It's people's reasonable objections that make great compromises like links for saucy pictures possible so that people can generally have an acceptable amount of comfort while still expressing themselves. YOu know?

      Thanks for the conversation. I feel they really help is vent and resolve things.

    95. I think what bothers me personally most about this is that EqD links stuff like this.

      So far EqD has been relatively "safe" (apart from few slip ups with drawfriends etc) and I think it should stay that way, even if it is kinda borderline stuff like this.

      Certainly EqD should not in any case offer links to sites and profiles that contain pony porn in any form (some of the links in this do).

    96. This is ridiculous. I say again, this is a charity project. I'm not sure what all this nonsense is about "making it no longer a place for good" when a good portion of the brony movement came from the likes of 4chan. No one is forcing you to buy this calendar. No one is waving these pictures in your face. If it doesn't subscribe to your social preferences, then that's entirely fair. I see it as enormously disrespectful to declare they're somehow doing a disservice by doing this. I reiterate in that I balk a bit at the actual content of this calendar, but there is nothing justifiably wrong with this. Absolutely nothing, beside selfish reasons like you're afraid that bronies will somehow be seen in a less positive light because of it. The people who will insult bronies for this are the people who insult us in general. Everyone else will shrug their shoulders and move on. You're also assuming that anyone except the fandom would actually see this or bid on this in the first place.

      I am also going to stop you on "YOU CAN'T USE SAUCY THINGS TO ENTICE PEOPLE TO DONATE FOR CHILDREN". I hate the "protect the children" rhetoric, especially considering that it's entirely irrelevant to this in every aspect. This isn't some cross promotion with the charity planners themselves. None of the people that this money is going to will actually see this. This calendar is beind used to raise money that will be donated to the charity. Consider the children protected. As in, the money raised by this will simply be donated directly to the charity.

      These artists are doing an honest, decent thing. You may question the content all you like. Attacking the artists is just underhanded and ridiculous. Trying to claim moral high ground and white knighting seems inane considering that they are trying to raise money to help the underprivileged.

    97. @Eytan

      While I don't have a problem with it (and I hate going back on my word that I was done with this), I can't speak for anyone else, and neither should you. For someone who says they don't think they own the fandom, you make a lot of assumptions that don't have much foundation to them, such as the fandom being shitty. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think people would appreciate it too much that you talk about them that way. Secondly, who are you to say we don't uphold the ideals of the show? Did you even read about where this money is being sent to?

    98. Oh shit, son. Pony artist supergroup going on tour. Color me excited.

      Anybody working on the project have a ballpark price at this point?

    99. Their heart is in the right place, at least...We at Bronies for Good support this but still, quite a tad more unconventional then I personally was expecting.

    100. @Eytan I completely agree with you mister, and you don't have to take the opinion of a furry (DJB123) as a valid one (at least, not here)
      P.S: I cant believe bronies are supporting this, seriously guys, we are losing our essence.

    101. @Damazania
      seth posted "Some nsfw links" for the artist links and on fimchan. it's "safe" by posting those links since there warnings. you got to be dumbflank to complain about not wanting the links posted(not you. someone ask seth to take down a link since it had porn but like i said, seth gave a warning and the link the person wanted taking down had a warning as it ask you if you want to go on as there was porn)

    102. @JoseMD

      If you don't think theres any foundation to it then you havent been here very long or havent been paying attention. Also you shouldn't go back on your word. not proper. Right now I'm gonna promise that I wont respond to anyone else in this thread, And I won't break that promise. Easiest way to do that is to stop coming here. See you guys some other time.

    103. @Raynor

      Yeah I know the links were tagged as NSFW but my point was that EqD isn't kind of site that should be linking NSFW material tagged or not.

    104. @XKat's* I can't believe you disregard someone else's opinion just for being different(furry), that makes me furious, discrimination against others for being different is the most painful thing I have to watch, you are essentially saying that he is not a human because he doesn't think like you. You sincerely disgust me.

    105. if this wasnt soft core humanized pony porn, i would be more then willing to chip in.

    106. @Eytan

      Again, with assumptions. Thanks for proving my point.

      (Been around since December)

    107. @XKat's*

      Wait wait wait wait... Let me get this strait? So him being a furry means his opinion means nothing? You sir are a prime example of what is wrong with so much of this world.

      I know a lot of people are going to be sore on this subject. It is indeed a bit of a difficult one to handle. And it will being out people from everywhere to discuss it. But the simple "If you don't like it, don't click it" doesn't really work here, knowing it around is enough to get some people angry about the idea. But to say someone's wrong just because they are into something you'r not is like me saying your stupid because you like mayo on your burger's and I don't.

      So i not @XKat's* that I never see your post's again.

    108. This comment has been removed by the author.

    109. Not seeing much love or tolerance here, bronies. You say we're straying from our "initial values" or that we shouldn't value people's opinions if they're furries. A lot of us discovered MLP on innapropriate websites, such as 4chan, so something like this is definitely within our acceptable values for many of us.
      Also, it's important for us to value everyone's opinions, be they furries, nerds, jocks, college students, parents, whoever, whatever they want to be. We are all united by our love of ponies.

      TL;DR? We're all Bronies, let's not fight amongst ourselves.
      (Comment removed/fixed for grammar.)

    110. 1. This is for charity
      2. This is HUMANIZED not equines so slow your roll everyone who is freaking
      3. Don't act as though cartoon pinup calendars are new. I've seen them on some carts in the mall.
      4. Like it's been said before Sex sells
      5. I have my reservations about this myself but I wish all artists involved success.
      6. It't not gonna be porn as stated in the post. Probably gonna be more along the lines of Sports Illustrated

    111. Well, excepting the "for charity" part, this is 100% not my thing.

      I guess I'll just have to not make a big deal about it and ignore it. Problem solved.

    112. @Ish Well done. I don't know why this wasn't linked earlier, so I will link it now.

    113. There is always conflict when such subjects come up because both sides always use futile arguments to debate.

      To those that say: do not post. There is such a thing as freedom of speech and asking for respect while denying it to your detractors is hypocritical. Often I see people express their opinion in a civil manner only to be labelled as haters. This is not constructive at all. These people have a right to express themselves if it is done well. Everyone here shares this common interest after all.

      To those that say: ignore it. I present to you the following: this is under the not fanfiction tag. This means that it is going to be read by people who may not wish to know no matter what. Moreover, the mobile version of the website presents only a small blurb of text, in this case not indicative of the contents of this post, as well as strictly zero filtering (meaning things such as no fanfiction are unavailable.) This means that overall, it will be hard to glance over this post as it is on the front page always. I invite you to visit the mobile site if you do not believe me, just add /?m=1 at the end of the URL.

      To those that say: this should not be done. I refer you to my first point. They can do it.

      Note: This would be posted as well in the shameful display that is the Steve Jobs post if I thought people on the internet cared in the least about what I have to say. I know for a fact this will be glanced over by too many though and such arguments will be used again once the next big drama comes along. In this way this community is no better than the rest on the internet.

      And there is not a single thing Sethisto can add to the blog to alleviate this problem. Don't fool yourself, the magic "No material that can offend me" button cannot exist. The only thing that you can do is remember and apply the mantra too many of you preach on top of foundations built of clay that would crumble in the smallest rainfall: love and tolerance.

      This is my rant, and I posted it because I believe that this issue more than drawings is what is detrimental to this community.

    114. @Darkdrium

      You speak words of great wisdom and insight. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I hope people channel their criticism's and concerns of how one group of fan's chooses to give back to the community into finding their own ways to spread love and tolerance in constructive manners, such as charity, community service, or whatever inspiration one may have.

      That's why I did by joining Bronies for Good, and even though people may have different ideas on way of helping people, I hope the overall defining message of Peace, love, and tolerance continues. Much love bronies, and I hope this message finds all of you well.

    115. @Nightmare Luna
      I don't hate and I don't discriminate furries, (I have to admit, I didn't express myself correctly, so I'm really sorry if I have offended anyone ) I just wanted to comment about his previous comments, that guy was saying that is ok to corrupt an innocent show with this kind of stuff, and he was having the typical "deal with it" attitude, furries have a bad reputation (I dont know about you, but at least I don't want more stuff and ideas like that, even if this is for charity, the community is perfect as it is)

      Bronies are a great fandom but we are slowly making a bad impression on everyone else by ourselves (rule 34, clopfics, shipping (lesbianism), fetishism, sexual jokes and innuendos on many videos about MLP characters, etc), and now this stuff.
      And "If you don't like it, don't click it" doesn't fit everyone's personality.

      This kind of stuff is damaging everypony's reputation, and soon we will begin to be treated like a corrupted and stereotipycal community and not like a special fandom anymore.

    116. if it was simply just art of the ponies, i'd get this.

      but, sexy looking humanised ponies? meh


      At least it's not pinups of ponies. I was kinda scared until I got to 'humanized'. Whew...! I mean those who are complaining about that, are you guys into animal porn or something? Cmon!

      No one's going to know the drawings are characters of MLP. And it doesn't matter. IT'S HALF NAKED HUMANS, no one's gonna give a shit about the details!

      If you self-conscious bastards think THIS is ruining the brony image, WRONG. It's how we act around non-bronies, how we keep changing the topic to ponies, advertise it, annoy them to keep watching it, whatever yknow what I mean. I very RARELY hear complaints of human MLP porn. Some retards do, but people around them just ignore them. Because those aren't fucking furry porn. (sorry) It's humans. It's not creeping anyone out.

      I... really can't understand what's the problem here.

      But then again, reviewing this thread, nothing major happened over this. It was all just friendly talks with a few posts going a bit overboard. Despite what it looks like, it wasn't like there was some huge conflict bursting out or anything.

    118. @XKat's*

      That list of things that are making a "bad impression" is one of the most hateful, intolerant and bigoted things I have seen ANYONE in this entire fandom say. The fact that you would include lesbian shipping of all things on this list proves to me that you're either a.) a troll or b.) a horrible hateful bigot.

      Get of your fucking high horse (no pun intended). If anything, people like YOU tarnish its reputation far more than any simple pinup calender ever could.

    119. @Poppin

      I think he meant the fetishization of lesbianism, which is present in many nerd communities.
      Anyway, I can't see why his list is hateful, and I have this feeling that accusation was a way to dismiss his point.

    120. @XKat's*

      "(rule 34, clopfics, shipping (lesbianism), fetishism, sexual jokes and innuendos on many videos about MLP characters, etc), and now this stuff."

      No, that's the LAST thing hurting our reputation. You guys ever heard haters talk?

      That thing you listed. It's something NO OTHER fandom has, isn't it! It's REALLY weird that our fandom has RULE 34! NOTHING can have rule 34! It's in the goddamn rule description! "RULE 34: NOTHING HAS PORN. NO EXCEPTIONS." For that matter, our fandom is known to be the only fandom to ship lesbians. I know. It's horrible. We should all just go fucking kill ourselves.

      ...And now you're now complaining about sex jokes and innuendos... Anyone who takes those seriously go fuck themselves. Ok, not really, but they're JOKES!
      "Wow, they made a sex joke. They MUST be sexually deprived virgins."
      "Wow, we made a sex joke. There goes our whole reputation out the fucking window."

    121. "Collaborative Pony Project"
      Go on.
      "Pony Calendar"
      Uh... sounds cute, I guess
      "Pony Calendar for Charity."
      Oh! That's pretty neat!
      "Pony Calendar for a charity to benefit children."
      Grand idea! Maybe some good publicity will come out of it to!
      "Pony Calendar for a children's charity using Humanized Ponies."
      Uh..... what?
      "Pony Calendar for a children's charity using Humanized Ponies as Sexy Pin-up Models."
      Okay this is a really bad idea. Wtf. Stop. Stop it.

    122. "Collaborative Pony Project"
      Go on.
      "Pony Calendar"
      Uh... sounds cute, I guess
      "Pony Calendar for Charity."
      Oh! That's pretty neat!
      "Pony Calendar for a charity to benefit children."
      Grand idea! Maybe some good publicity will come out of it to!
      "Pony Calendar for a children's charity using Humanized Ponies."
      Uh..... what?
      "Pony Calendar for a children's charity using Humanized Ponies as Sexy Pin-up Models."
      Okay this is a really bad idea. Wtf. Stop. Stop it.

    123. Fucking double post....

    124. @anonycus

      I was fucking toked to know they're humanized. Rather have images of humans on my wall than ponies.

      About the sexy pin-up thing. Think whatever you want. But I'd buy it. It is not and shouldn't be embarrassing to the least.

      Let me simplify what this pretty much is. Drawings of sexy girls on a calender. What's the controversy? That it's a drawing?

    125. Oh, and you can delete your double post. Click the trash can besides the date & time. I insist. @[email protected]

    126. @DeRockProject Well, I don't know, but I've been on the internet for a long enough time that I end up getting the impression that those aren't jokes from a puerile mind, but rather statements from a creepier and scarier one.

      Besides, while I understand your side (that we aren't unique in this respect[creepiness and weirdness]), is it to much to ask for some sense of decorum?

    127. @DeRockProject The controversy is not it being pinups, but it being pinups of humanized caricatures of ponies.

      While I agree that it's better humanized, that choice is akin to having to choose between cutting out your eyes or losing your frontal lobe. You'd very preferably want to not make that choice.

    128. @Maxstallion Robesmare


      And what if they're humanized caricatures of ponies?

      Also, how did you do that bold thi... blah. whu... BLAH! Why didn't I use this sooner?!?! ARGH!!! I'M SCREAMING EVEN LOUDER!!! AND WITH COLOR!!!

    129. Oh wait, the colors are just sent to my email. Too bad. EqD would be cooler if all the text turned blue when people rage and start flame wars. That would be so funny.

      @Maxstallion Robesmare

      Can you give me examples where people aren't joking about pony sex?

      I'l give my own example.
      Seriously, if you think this isn't a joke. If this guy seriously uploaded this because he's aroused by it. (yes I'm already using bold words to good use!) Then go fuc--- go read the description! You know he uploaded that as a joke. He's just all laughing there and shit at what he'd done.

    130. @DeRockProject They're still bad, I think, because to me they seem like a rationalization that was made to excuse fapping to ponies. And That's bad because well,

      People are interested in things for a reason, and they can be known or unknown, and unselfish or selfish. If one continually displays interest in x, and interest in x is correlated with higher rates of sex offenders, I can use that info to judge you.

      Also, people into that stuff tend to not be the paragon of virtue in many ways, and they end up falling into the trap of not listening to other peoples' criticism in favor of their friends praise. This creates an echo chamber, which makes that person even worse.

      Lastly, when one says to someone that he/she likes the show because of its' sincerity and how well written it is, and the that someone then sees this, that someone will see what you said as disingenuous and as an attempt to make yourself look better.

    131. @DeRockProject (Sorry if I write in a way that annoys you, I don't talk to people that often)

      There were plenty of sex jokes on ponibooru, and well... :stare:

    132. @Maxstallion Robesmare

      No it doesn't annoy me.
      Ok let's see if I can do that blue thing. lalala I think it's working!

      Well, ponybooru... Haven't been there for awhile but I guess I kinda get what you're talking about.

      Anyway, it's not fapping to ponies. It's fapping to humans. That's normal, right?

      Kinda sleepy, so I gotta stop here.

    133. Ew humans gross!

      But seriously, it's always so much doom and gloom whenever something the least bit different happens, isn't it? I think this is a pretty cool thing, even if I'm not gonna buy a calendar.

      @Maxstallion "if interest in x is correlated with higher rates of sex offenders, I can use that info to judge you."
      Ok, ignoring that that is a horrible heuristic, and ignoring that there is probably no data showing correlation (and ignoring that correlation doesn't necessarily mean anything anyway) between clopping and sex offenders...
      Feel free to judge other people I guess? Knock yourself out if it makes you feel better.

    134. @Draconaes That was bad word choice on my part, but I keep seeing things that really worry me, and I'm concerned.

      Also, sleep well DeRockProject.

    135. Hey guys, clopping and sex offenders are correlated!
      (No I don't have data stop asking stupid questions.)
      This calender features humans!
      Therefore this calendar is evil and allows me to judge you all as sex offenders!

    136. While I don't have a problem with this particular post (Seth handled it professionally), I knew immediately that it would spark this fight. We all share ponies as a common interest, but beyond that our interests vary greatly. This post caters to a particular subset of fans, and in doing so it lays down a line between those who belong to this part of the fandom and those who don't. On the internet such a clear battle line never fails to produce a battle.

      Anyway, I urge those of us not belonging to this part of the fandom (myself included) to be respectful. If Equestria Daily had nothing but this sort of thing I myself would (respectfully) leave, but we get largely mainstream pony here so let's not get bothered by an exception now and then. Seth did make it crystal clear that this post wouldn't appeal to everybody after all.

      To those of you for whom this post was meant, please play it cool as well. People can dislike something you like without disliking you yourself, so try not to take a rejection of the thread's content personally (unless it's blatantly personal). People not interested probably shouldn't post at all, but it's the internet so they definitely will. Just ignore them.

      As for me, I'm not into humanized ponies, but I wish best of luck to the guys doing this project. I hope it's a rewarding endeavor.

      (I won't post any more after this since I'm long overdue for bed, so this is a bit of a snipe post. Still, I'd like to try to help smooth things over a bit before this becomes another epic flamewar like that other time . . .)

    137. @Draconaes Can you not straw man me please? I apologize, that was just the first example that came to mind.

    138. @Maxstallion Robesmare Alright, sorry. I posted that before I saw your other response.
      (I thought that strawman was putting words in someone's mouth, not taking what they said at face value when they actually meant something else, but whatever)

      Either way, I'm not sure what is supposed to be concerning about a calendar containing sexy human drawings. What exactly is it that we are supposed to be afraid of?

    139. @Draconaes Strawman can mean either of those things, I think.

      Sorry if it sounds judgmental, but my argument hinges on the behavior of the people openly into the stuff. I just don't think they should do it on one of the prominent sites, but that's just my opinion.

      I'm just kind of finicky about some parts of the fandom because I have a little sister that I like to watch the show with. Because of that, I kind of want to have a stronger wall of seperation between the parts of the fandom. That's why I view it that way.

      I need to start going to school, so I need to end here. Anyway, I hope you have a nice day.

    140. Hum, I think this is interesting ^^ I'm kinda new to the fandom and I've enjoyed the series a lot for the characters. I don't quite understand the, how should I say it, conflict? over humanized ponies... I like the characters for their quirks and personality, does it really matter what shape they are?

      I think it'd be really neat if the personality can come through in the drawings. Yeah, they'll be pin-up, but I think it'd be better in an artistic sense if you could -tell- who was who.

      Listen to me, being all art-student-y lol. I can't draw worth crap and I really admire those who can. I hope the people on this project have fun with it and raise tons of money for charity!

    141. I was pondering about a pin-up calendar a couple weeks ago, good thing people are on it.

    142. Hi guys, I'm one of the artists in this big collaboration.

      I'm sorry to hear there's so much confusion and anger going towards this because its humanized and a pin-up calendar. To be honest though, that's cool.

      I mean, everyone has their likes and dislikes. I have my own likes and dislikes too. But bottom line is I feel great about doing this.

      Not because I get to draw porn or whatever. But because I get to work with my idols in this fandom put together something that albeit be controversial will go towards charity.

      So the ones who don't like this aren't going to discourage us. Because we're having fun and we'll end up helping the less fortunate in the end.

      Thank you to the supporters and as for the ones who wish for us to stop what we're doing?

      Thank you as well, for caring about the fandom.

    143. @DJB123

      dude lol, fireman selling calenders of REAL woman, is alot more normal than animated ponies from a CHILDRENS SHOW, and making them human in risque poses.

      its just.. wrong, and as a brony, this just gives non bronies a much bigger reason to think we are all nut cases....

    144. God damnit, why's it have to have noted insane person Yamino? The woman's MLP lunacies disturb me.

      Yeah, I know, love and tolerance and charity. Oy...

    145. @The Lord of Ábrocen Landmearca
      Have you ever spoken to Yamino? I can tell you that I have, and she's definitely not insane

    146. Ok, as a member of the logistics team of this project, these comments are really starting to get on my nerves. All of you complaining are either pretentious, hypocrites, or both.

      One of the pleasures of being a brony is to NOT be restricted by the commonly used concept of what is "socially acceptable". We like ponies, and anyone who tells us otherwise is ignorant and/or intolerant.

      Well guess what, by trying to tell everyone what you think is "acceptable" for bronies, you're no better than the intolerant brony-haters. Plus, we're doing it for charity! It's not like this is hurting anyone.

      Furthermore, if you don't like pin-ups (I should also point out that they're HUMANS, NOT HORSES), then don't comment about how much you don't want to buy it. I don't like Green Day, but I don't go on music blogs and try to tell everyone how much I don't want to buy a Green Day album. That's just downright pretentious and stupid. Be a normal person and simply ignore the things you don't want to buy. Just because you don't want to buy something doesn't mean you have to be invasive upon everyone else.

      As Jelfes said earlier, here's an instructional video on the topic on youtube: /watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI

    147. Sugar Fairy? Are you Sugar Plum?Whatever it is, you're working on the calender, right? That's awesome! So which human pony ya gonna draw? Whoever it is, ya better draw her well!


      Also, has being around too much ponies made you guys hate humans or something?

      Good god, you guys keep saying what apparently hurt our reputation, yet you keep DOING what really hurts our reputation. See the freak outs here? That's the mindset everyone hates about us. Being this assertive of a kid's show. Everyone HAS to watch this show. Everyone WILL like this show. The animation and voice acting IS good. Everyone who hates this show MUST'VE not watched it yet, or are trolls. Pinkie Pie IS the best pony ever. Tolerance fuck!

      You know what's really the worst thing about My Little Pony? It's that it's PONIES. Girly, rainbow, pink, cupcake ponies. You give a shit about the fandom, maybe we should stay as far away from ponies as possible. No I'm not serious about that. But I'll be honest, I'll love this show just as much even if this was My Little Humans. WOW, big surprise, RIGHT?! Liking humans?! Shit's fucked up, bro!

    148. I just think it sucks that most of the R34 in this group is Humanized. Humanized R34 is boring and unfunny. Pony R34 is interesting and hilarious. Please artists, stick to drawing ponies and not humans.

    149. No amount of charitableness will justify the creepiness that humanized ponies give me.

    150. i guess i can restate this again

      humanizing animal characters can be fun and charming, some are very tasteful and thats cool, its awesome to see a humanized character that is portrayed well.

      to me, its very strange and weird to humanize in a way that could potentially demean them, if someone humanizes applejack in a skimpy outfit and "sexy" pose.. then it is NOT applejack, because that is not who applejack is. you have simply drawn a figure that pertains similarities to applejack.

    151. @Zeitgeist
      What people don't seem to realize is that this is just going to be humans made after the likeness of the ponies. It won't be some anthropomorphic human-pony hybrid.

      Just plain old regular humans, based off the ponies from the show.

    152. What I thought was cool about the brony fandom was that people actually liked the show for what it was. But it gets harder for me to believe that when I see things like lesbian fetishism popping up in drawfriends and now things like this appearing on EqD. Personally, I don't like seeing characters from my favourite show turned into sexual objects. Im also alarmed that something from a site like fimchan has leaked onto a more reputable, mainstream site like EqD.

      This isnt Bigotry, its called expressing ones opinion. This isnt intollerance, its not being a pushover and instead standing up for what you believe in.

    153. I wish great success to all of those who are involved in spearheading this noble deed, if I had money I would throw it at you.

      I agree with some of the others in saying humanized ponies look creepy, not because I have a thing against humans but because in human form everything about them looks strange and so wong, they lose all the appeal they had as ponies.

      And for all the neigh sayers shooting down this charity driven cause I have only this to say

      >Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

      ^And that pretty much sums up all the senseless bickering going on

      Tho shall love and tolerate thy fellow brony

    154. @Aragrist

      Look at what you're saying! Hot chicks. Boring. Really?


      Wait. Seriously? That's the problem this whole time? They think this is gonna be some frikkin furry pin-up art?! Well, that definitely explains what might be going on here... I'd act exactly the same way if I made the same misunderstanding.


      I'll ask you guys! Is that what's going on here? By "fun and charming," were you actually attempting to state that you do not wish to offend any furries?
      By "standing up to what you believe in," were you stating your belief that furries ruin everything? Hey! I think the same way! But you got this all wrong, yknow.

      @Equestrian Knight

      ">Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like."

      Ok. Everyone here. OWNED. Me included. I laughed the hell out of this. Awesome.

      btw, how do you make statements like that? I tried, but it's not as easy as I thought.

    155. @DeRockProject

      Well i didn't really make it up, its a old 4chan meme used as a reply to situations that have total lack of coherence or to situations that have been completely derailed do to opinions clashing violently together.

      I'm all for hearing one's opinion but what we have here is madness, if we lose the magic of friendship then discord wins :D

    156. BUT CHOCOLATE RAIN!!! Really though, you have to seriously consider it. I'd love Discord's world. Normal life is too static and shit. The sky is Earth and Pinkie's ponies are made of dead cupcakes :D

      Oh, so it's a meme? Agh, just a simple google search and it comes up! Durr hurr I'm stupid.

    157. Sigh...I knew I shouldn't have come back and read further. Something is bugging me and has been ever since day 1 (or at least close to it) of me discovering ponies. I can't find the original video, but one of the guys on it (a brony) was wearing an anti-furry t-shirt - it was one of the first pony things I watched and it shocked me a bit. Then there was the thing with Adult Swim (funny yes, but still not accepting). And it keeps cropping up. How can we be a community based on love and tolerance of all and seek acceptance from the rest of the world at being WAY outside societal norms in our fandom - and yet when it comes to furries, we're just as bigoted as everyone else? I just don't understand it.

    158. Also, I don't think what we saw in this post was fimchan leaking onto our "more reputable, mainstream" site. Everything in here was still linked. Nothing was embedded and there wasn't anything in Seth's description that was objectionable. If you saw objectionable content, it was because you clicked a link to take you elsewhere...and we should all be used to what that means on the internet. fimchan stayed on fimchan, deviantart stayed on deviantart and Seth warned you about the links. That should be enough.

      With regards to the Drawfriends...well, maybe we need to broaden our definition of saucy and hide a few more of them behind links. But let's not go about trying to censor what content EqD hosts because of the sensibilities of a few. If it's hidden behind a link and you click it, knowing it was hidden for being too saucy, that's your problem. MLP:FiM is rated TV-Y...the Brony Community is not.

    159. @EngineerBrony

      I heard this several times.

      Guys... Does this fandom really have to be that special? Do you want it to be PERFECT to you or something? How much do you demand out of a community?

      If it makes you feel better, I'm the only one here who hates furries.

      Anyway, ya why are people freaking out over a charity project? Backed by a group of the most talented MLP artists in this fandom!

      And ya drawfriends is a pretty cool thing. You have to think it from both sides. You see some really good MLP art. But you know how it feels to have your art up on that list? I don't. I never will. You have to be pretty talented. I think. So I don't know what it's like when you have this art you personally think is all safe and all then you see it posted and marked NSFW, but it's probably kinda... awkward? Or maybe people don't mind much, I dunno.

    160. @DeRockProject

      1) My issue is mainly that this project is inappropriate for charity, especially for a children's charity. Otherwise as for inverse furries themselves I'd just say it's not my thing. I don't really have a problem with folks who are into that sort of thing.

      2) Thanks, but those using openid apparently don't have a trash icon they can use. I'm fine with the trade-off though.

    161. you can never have a enough fluttershy

    162. @anonycus

      DUDE THIS CALENDER IS NOT FURRY!!! I HATE FURRIES!!! AAAAAAAAARRRGH!!! (Sorry furries. (good god do I have to say this every time?! Can't you just assume I don't hate you people personally? Because I don't.))

      The hell is an inverse furry anyway?! I mean, that doesn't even make sense?! Whatever it is, I'm sure they're not as socially unaccepted as normal furries.


      And ya, fluttershy. Human Fluttershy would be awesome. But nothing can beat human Film Reel!

    163. This comment has been removed by the author.

    164. well on the topic of the whole relationship thing, why dose it matter, its only fan fic for us bronies its, not like the kids that watch this show is exposed to any of this, that and all the fic has some type of warning before you go in to it. And the lesbian thing i could see it happening cause you look at the world its like 90% female, so you know some of the chicks would get together. that and the whole furry thing, i don't see why it even matter i will take my fluttershy how ever i can get her lmao.

    165. I'm going to be redundant as hell:

      > Using "love and tolerance" (about my supposedly hateful and intolerant comment)to justify that is pretty good to sexualize and lesbianize 6 characters from a children show, yeah sure. Go and enjoy thinking and reading about 2 innocent female ponies having sex, while your little sister is watching MLP as it must be (in a right way, you know?), and you are a brony who likes rule 34 too, right?

      I have no problem with lesbian girls (in the real world), but when includes innocent characters FROM AN INNOCENT CHILDREN SHOW ABOUT PONIES, I don't know dude, anyways, when a shipping fanfic is posted on EqD, I just don't watch it, so I'm tolerating.

      Sarcasm? really?, you're funny (get it?)

      Some people had already answered you, but I'm going to comment something:

      I wrote that "list", because really that stuff is not helping us to look good,(haters don't call us "horsefappers, furryfags, perverts, pedophiles, etc" with no reason), though they are generalizing (because I hope there are some bronies who don't like the things I wrote in that "list" and have more respect to the show), this kind of stuff doesn't help us at all.

      It's the same problem about the sex jokes/innuendos, they are jokes, right, but what happens when non-brony people read them?, what do you think?, not everyone takes them with a good sense of humor, even it seems like some bronies are uploading clips and phrases from the show just for making and seeing sex jokes and innuendos, and haters/trolls have more excuses to "hate" us.

      Anyways, about the calendar, it is not furry, you're right, but is pretty close to it.

    166. This comment has been removed by the author.

    167. well if i learned anything, in life its that haters are going to hate, i don't even let it bother me any more, if they don't hate you for one thing they will hate you for another its best not to worry about them, and just have fun being a happy go brony XD.

    168. @DeRockProject

      Hey clever guy (get it?), it's funny, because you have done the same thing, right now I have 6 replies that have your username in my inbox, and I don't see your last comment here.
      I've been using mozilla since 2 two years ago, so I suppose that was a problem with my fucking internet connection, and as you can see, I removed my previous comment,then I corrected some grammar mistakes, and then I posted it again (that didn’t help much, I think).
      Don’t worry, I’m ok with sarcasm if it brings a discussion.

      Greasemonkey script seems interesting, thanks for the info.

      Let's go:
      Obviously they aren’t (the calendar stuff), I was generalizing about how haters/trolls (I'm not talking about people who are just not bronies) usually call us (in my experience on some forums/games), you can look for hater’s comments on youtube and they always say the same thing too, the point is, although the calendar stuff is not furry, they are still sexualized humanized characters from a children show and that’s an excuse they can use to call us names, “oh these guys are a bunch of perverts, look what they did to a show for little girls!”
      And not only furry porn is making us look bad, or do you think that normal pony porn its ok? (like rule 64)
      Yes, you can say at this point that bronies, non-bronies (normal people I suppose) and haters are defined and divided, but I don’t think that “Anyone who's not a brony have nothing else to think of us but retards. Nothing can FURTHER hurt our reputation from them at this point. So calm down on the 'everybody hates us' thing. Everybody already hates us.” “ALREADY our reputation has nowhere to go but up. Anyone who's not a brony have nothing else to think of us but retards”, but let’s say that is really true, then why make it worse?, with that supposition Sethisto could say: “oh yeah, our reputation is already broken, let’s post clopfics, rule 34 and the worst stuff we can find about MLP on EqD, because we don’t care anymore, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

      And again, is close to furries because: ponies -> humanized, they are from a children show (it doesn’t matter if it’s Human or furry) and they are still related to them, it implies fetish, and it implies that someone (possibly a brony or a furry) can fap to it.

    169. Ok, let's see if this goes up. Then I'll post my reply.


      Hey, retard! Why the hell did you reply to the same person five times?! I see it has my name, and has the other people you intended to reply to, but when I mouse over it, it just keeps showing wackyteen's comment!

      ...Let me guess. YOU'RE USING INTERNET EXPLORER. I keep TELLING everyone! IE is a PIECE of SHIT!

      Use Google Chrome and get greasemonkey, and get that script and you'll see what I'm talking about.

      HTML tags are awesome!

      (But, one thing. I don't know how to get RSS to work on Chrome. If anyone knows... please help me... I'm stuck on that IE shit because that's the only thing I know how to use RSS.)

      Ok, now onto your post.

      "horsefappers, furryfags, perverts, pedophiles, etc"

      They're NOT horses. They're NOT furries, NOT underage, and everyone else in other fandoms is, and seems, just as much perverted as we are and seem to be anyway. If people don't know this by just looking... I mean, clearly an adult human.

      If. IF porn is ruining our reputation, PLEASE differentiate furry porn from the HUMAN ones. Because, in one way, you're right. Furry porn is ruining our reputation. That is EXACTLY what Alvin-Earthworm hoped for when he made that Rainbow Dash porn. He wanted to piss us off, and ruin our reputation. I think it worked. A lot.

      The HUMAN porn (This isn't even porn but I guess it'll have the same effect.) would actually come to non-bronies as unexpected. (And, no. Just because they're non-bronies doesn't make them retards. They notice a joke when they see it. The ones that don't will go fuck their own ass to sleep even if we don't ask them to. We can't appeal to all humanity. And we sure aren't appealing ourselves to retards. I'd rather MAKE them hate us.) Non-bronies EXPECT all things to have porn for it. They'll think we have animal porn or something. When they see the ponies all humanized, well, they actually rethink their claims. I'll tell ya, ALREADY our reputation has nowhere to go but up. Anyone who's not a brony have nothing else to think of us but retards. Nothing can FURTHER hurt our reputation from them at this point. So calm down on the 'everybody hates us' thing. Everybody already hates us.

      And to your last sentence. How is it close to furries? I don't need to define furries to you, do I? There's this furry percentage thing I saw a long time ago. Let's see if I can find it.

      Ok. Here it is.

      Ok, she has CAT EARS and a COLLAR. That's 10%. The image you're gonna see on that calender is 0%. ZERO. There will be absolutely NONE of those things that makes furries disgusting. (Ok, at this point, I'm kinda unsettled that no one's defending furries.) I mean, the majority of people, and even I, wouldn't hate furries... if they weren't so damn creepy! Tentacle rape can be considered bestiality or something. Why does no one despise those? Because it's awesome! Of course, whether something is good or bad is always subjective. But there is always a ratio of likes and dislikes on all subjects. Anyway, if these human arts really creep you out, I'd say blame the artists if you must.

      You claim that you were sarcastic when you said it was funny. That's... some pretty specific denial I must admit.

      How about it wasn't meant to be funny? How about, yknow, it was supposed to berate you? It'd actually be weirder if you laughed.

    170. @XKat's*


      I think you can lay off that 'joke' now.

      What I mean by that our reputation really has nowhere to go but up. People expect us to be unemployed fatasses fapping to furry porn. And they probably expect tons of that on EqD. They've never been here. It's not that we can't post clopfics and rule 34 because it'll make anyone not a brony hate us. It's going to turn bronies into haters. Anyone not a brony won't be visiting this site anytime soon. But by the off chance they do, they will see it's not like that. And since everyone hates us, we need to put effort into making people like us. For example, not calling humans creepy.

      Furry and pony porn is hurting us. HUMANS aren't. Humanization is not furry. Ignoring all the technicalities (if there is any), furries are creepy, humanization isn't. Simple as that.

      That it's from a children's show won't even hurt anything. People already set Rule 34 of the Internet, and even throw it around as a joke. There are anime for kids, yet what's with all the huge breasts in those shows?

    171. Porn for charity? Seriously? You can't be serious.

      ...please tell me you're not serious?

    172. I'm glad the community is doing more charity things to help people but i just find selling porn for a children's charity a bit to inappropriate. Yeah i know its a common fact that sex sell's but couldn't there been something else a little less sexual done instead?

    173. On second thought, it's not like I have nothing AGAINST having a NORMAL pony calender for charity. I guess, why not? If so many people have complaints...