• Megacon Annouces Tara Strong

    Joining John de Lancie and Andy Price at Megacon is the brony queen herself - Tara Strong!  I wonder how many others they will recruit before it happens? It's way out there in March, so I can't imagine it would be difficult to get a few more by then!

    You can find the convention website here!

    Thanks to mrjay786 for the heads up!
  • Music: // Winter Wrap Up (Aftermath Remix) // Being A Brony //

    Clutch it like a cornerstone.
    Otherwise it all comes down.
    Justify denials and
    Grip 'em to the lonesome end.

    Two remixes and a vocal track for you today: an original vocal piece, Winter Wrap-Up, and a song about being a brony.

    2) Winter Wrap Up (Aftermath Remix)
    3) Being A Brony

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Pirate Day Edition

    Yar, you landlubbers! Didn't think I would completely forget Pirate Day did you? As a special treat tonight we've got a special pirate themed edition of the Tumblr Spotlight for you! So protect your booty and feed your favorite parrot as we dive right in!

    Our first tumblr tonight stars a plucky pirate Rainbow Dash! I can't adequately describe what you'll find therein, so let the artist tell you himself!

    "What happens when the Element of Loyalty gets an itch for high-seas adventures?  Rainbow Dash becomes a pegasus pirate in the Tumblr Ask Pirate Dash.  Joined by her trusty first-mate Twilight Sparkle, known as Bookworm, along with Scootaloo and Deck Hand Derpy, the crew pillage and plunder their way through the Tumblr world.  Whether it’s throwing cannonballs at Trixie, indirectly insulting yellow pegasi, or dropping a pun, there’s always an exciting adventure with Pirate Dash."

    Check it out for some pirate themed fun along with our other pirate tumblrs after the break!

    Ask Pirate Dash - Current Page - First Page

  • Story: Sweet Escape

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Bob From Bottles
    Description: Luna is on a mission to save Equestria. With so many ponies gaining weight, she feels it is time to put down the cake and pick up a salad. The dieting and exercise begins today. Now, if only she could find a way to let her sister know.
    Sweet Escape

    Additional Tags: Sisters, good intentions, umbrella fight
  • Pony Collection Contest - Fluttershy Promo Cards Up for Grabs

    Friendship is Magic has been around for almost two years now, and throughout all this time I'm sure a bunch of you have either accidentally bought a ton of pony merch, or collect it as a hobby.  Perhaps you have dedicated a section of your room to it, or maybe an entire wing of your house?  It's pretty easy to get carried away!

    It's time to battle it out with the rest of the fandom and give the collectors out there a chance to show off all that pony! 

    And for the best of the best, we have some much deserved Fluttershy Promo cards (The ones that are still up on ebay for crazy amounts) up for grabs.  The top three largest/most creative collections will each receive one!

    This will primarily revolve around G4 collections, but older gen fans are free to include their older ponies as well!

    Head on down past the break for all the nitty gritty details, and information on submitting yours. 
  • More Shirts at Welovefine

    Welovefine has added an armada of new designs to their already massive pony collection.  Everything from Lyra with foam hands to a couple of new Derpy ones.  I wonder if any of you millionaires out there have a collection of them?  Now that would be funny to see. 

    I think I'll run a pony collection contest actually! How many of you would be interested in something like that?  A battle to see who's pony armada is the best? 

    Anyway, head on over here for the listing of new shirts, or after the break for quick images. 

  • Becomin' Popularrr

    Shiver me Timbers! It still be pirate day! Pirates be not th' best singers on the seven seas, but a bottle or two o' rum 'll make even the pickiest 'o captains celebrate!

    Head on below past th' break fer some becomin' popular scurvy pirate style!

  • Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 1: Fandom is Magic

    Our call for call-ins for This Week in Geek's new FiM-centric show was a huge success, generating approximately six zillion submissions! With that news I'm happy to report that the first episode, my segment included, is out on their website:

    Ladies and gentlecolts! I welcome you to the first episode of TWiG’s newest specialty show "Last exit to Ponyville”, a show dedicated to all things pony and brony community related! Mike “The Birdman” Dodd is joined by Laura “Undecided” Thomas and our newest contributer Trevor “That other guy” Dupp. In this first episode we talk about what makes us fans of this show and ask YOU the community to tell us why you are fans of it as well. We also talk about some experiences we have had with the Brony community both good and bad.

    This show will also feature “Ponyville gift shop” which a segment where we look at many items of merch out there and let you know if it’s worth your hard earned bucks.

    So enough with the yap and let’s get to talkin’ bout Ponies!

    Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 1: Fandom is Magic

  • Drawfriend Stuff #570

    Chrysalis edition! For whatever reason art of her just keeps flooding in lately.  She hasn't had a header in forever.

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
    The True Queen of Equestria

    And new banner from Zachary Rich over at Double Rainboom

  • Story Updates September 19th (Afternoon)

    Stories.  You read them. They are below.

  • Discussion: Yarr Mateys, It be Pirate Day

    Ahoy there mateys! Captain Applejack be recruitin' a crew for her upcomin' voyage into the heart of the Griffon Empire.  Yer job if ye be feelin' up to it is to advise the salty lass on which ponies be fit for the part.

    You'll be needin a quatermaster, cook, first mate, and three average crew for the boat she be sailin'.

    Dive on down t' the comments and build her a crew!
  • Animation: My Little Pony - Friendship Was Magic

    This is probably one of the deepers animations we have gotten in the fandom so far!  Twilight Sparkle's life in a minute. 

    And if you aren't in the mood for anything deep, have a dragonball Z thing.  It's... weird. 

    Check it out after the break!

  • Custom Compilation #86

    Not too often that we get griffon art of any kind on the site, especially ones that aren't Gilda related. Gustave here is proud to represent the MLP griffon fans out there for this edition of the custom compilation!

    Customs you guys! You ready for them?

    Source 1
    Gustave le Grande Custom

  • Music: This Song is Sweet(ie Belle) // Afternoon Walk; Afternoon Nap // Project: Cake //

    Angel, angel, what have I done?
    I've faced the quakes, the wind, the fire.
    I've conquered country, crown, and throne.
    Why can't I cross this river?

    Three instrumentals for you today: one for Sweetie Belle, one for Applejack, and one for Pinkie Pie.

    1) This Song is Sweet(ie Belle)
    2) Afternoon Walk; Afternoon Nap
    3) Nicolas Dominique - Project: Cake

  • A Rhyme by Rarity

    Blackgryphon is at it again with another Rarity animation, this time with a tiny surprise: Tabitha herself provided the voice. That's right! The ever talented and awesome Tabitha St. Germain did the voiceover for this little piece! I'm always amazed how integrated the fandom is with the show staff and VAs. Simply amazing! Check out the video after the break.

    Update: Video link fixed after the break! Of course it has to break just when I start teaching lab!
  • Tabitha's Fallout Equestria Collection

    Looks like you are all about to corrupt Rarity with your fallout crazyness! Tabitha St. Germaine has a full set of FoE books, along with a bookmark to go with them.   I hope shes ready for what shes about to walk into!

    Check out her "Make my Day" page here!
  • Nightly Roundup #443

    The one danger I've discovered now that I teach is that you get exposed to all sorts of diseases. Yep, Calpain is feeling a little under the weather tonight from some sort of bug. Hopefully it'll be short, much like tonight's Roundup. Check it all out after the break!