• Custom Compilation #86

    Not too often that we get griffon art of any kind on the site, especially ones that aren't Gilda related. Gustave here is proud to represent the MLP griffon fans out there for this edition of the custom compilation!

    Customs you guys! You ready for them?

    Source 1
    Gustave le Grande Custom

    Source 2
    Cadence Foalsitter Custom

    Source 3
    Vinyl Scratch Skateboard

    Source 4
    Andrew W.K. pony sculpture

    Source 5
    My Little Custom: Superpony

    Source 6
    My Little Custom: Cheerilee

    Source 7
    Pinkie Struggles

    Source 8
    Applejack Tells Tales

    Source 9
    Spitfire Wonderbolt

    Source 10
    Soarin' Wonderbolt

    Source 11
    Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt

    Source 12
    MLP: FiM Custom Sculpt GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE

    Source 13
    Fluttershy -- MLP Custom Sculpt

    Source 14
    Pop Star - No Hair Falls

    Source 15
    Brony Fry - Futurama

    Source 16
    Ninja Rainbow Dash Custom

    Source 17
    Custom Lyra and Bon Bon

    Source 18
    My little Pony FIM Derpy Hooves Custom Pony

    Source 19
    Princess Cadance - Custom G4 My Little Pony

    Source 20
    Doctor Whooves Custom

    Source 21
    Scootaloo: Secret Santa Gift

    Source 22

    Source 23
    Shadowbolt Dash 2

    Source 24
    Sweetie Belle singing

    Source 25
    Filly Rarity

    Source 26
    Rainbow Dash

    Source 27

    Source 28
    Best Young Fliers Rarity

    Source 29
    Big Mac reshoot

    Source 30

    Source 31
    G 2 THE P 2 THE T

    Source 32
    Screwball Custom

    Source 33
    Fluttershy Woodwork: Flutterskip

    Source 34
    9th and 11th Doctor

    Source 35

    Source 36
    Madame Masquerade