• Tumblr Spotlight: Pirate Day Edition

    Yar, you landlubbers! Didn't think I would completely forget Pirate Day did you? As a special treat tonight we've got a special pirate themed edition of the Tumblr Spotlight for you! So protect your booty and feed your favorite parrot as we dive right in!

    Our first tumblr tonight stars a plucky pirate Rainbow Dash! I can't adequately describe what you'll find therein, so let the artist tell you himself!

    "What happens when the Element of Loyalty gets an itch for high-seas adventures?  Rainbow Dash becomes a pegasus pirate in the Tumblr Ask Pirate Dash.  Joined by her trusty first-mate Twilight Sparkle, known as Bookworm, along with Scootaloo and Deck Hand Derpy, the crew pillage and plunder their way through the Tumblr world.  Whether it’s throwing cannonballs at Trixie, indirectly insulting yellow pegasi, or dropping a pun, there’s always an exciting adventure with Pirate Dash."

    Check it out for some pirate themed fun along with our other pirate tumblrs after the break!

    Ask Pirate Dash - Current Page - First Page

    If Rainbow Dash is off pirating you can bet dimes to donuts that Pinkie can't be too far behind! Instead of Dash on the high seas we have the ever excitable and enthusiastic Pinkie Pie on a quest for plunder, adventure, and parties on the high seas. Check out Ask Pinkie Pierate below!

    Ask Pinkie Pierate - Current Page - First Page

    For Pirate Day, you can't have a pirate themed spotlight without including Pipsqueak in some way! Taking place years in the future, Ask Captain Pipsqueak stars a much older Pipsqueak, now a Captain in the Equestrian Royal Navy. On a mission from the royal sisters, he embarks on a quest to explore the uncharted corners of Equestria as well as the world! Join Pipsqueak on his quest by following the links below.

    Ask Captain Pipsqueak - Current Page - First Page

    Remember to send in your tumblrs to either [email protected] or to my Twitter at @CalpainEqD. Only through your help can this feature survive!