• Pony Collection Contest - Fluttershy Promo Cards Up for Grabs

    Friendship is Magic has been around for almost two years now, and throughout all this time I'm sure a bunch of you have either accidentally bought a ton of pony merch, or collect it as a hobby.  Perhaps you have dedicated a section of your room to it, or maybe an entire wing of your house?  It's pretty easy to get carried away!

    It's time to battle it out with the rest of the fandom and give the collectors out there a chance to show off all that pony! 

    And for the best of the best, we have some much deserved Fluttershy Promo cards (The ones that are still up on ebay for crazy amounts) up for grabs.  The top three largest/most creative collections will each receive one!

    This will primarily revolve around G4 collections, but older gen fans are free to include their older ponies as well!

    Head on down past the break for all the nitty gritty details, and information on submitting yours. 

    • Clean stuff only
    • Pony collections only 
    • No business related pony collections, only personal (i.e. don't take a picture of your ponycon sale boxes)
    • September 25th at 12:00 PM PST
    What do I win?:

    The Top 3 Collections (In either size or creativity) will recieve one Enterplay Fluttershy promo card each. 

    Where do I submit? 

    Head on past the break for the normal submission information.

    We will be using our submission system.  Simply click the "Pony Collection Contest" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  Each person gets a single submission this time around.

    If you would like to film your creation and put it on Youtube,  toss the link in the "Page URL" section.  You will also need a direct image to go along with it though!

    A tutorial for grabbing the DIRECT URL of an image can be found below:

    Paste your URL Here: