• Story Updates September 19th (Afternoon)

    Stories.  You read them. They are below.

    Story: Windfall (Update Story 2 Part 30!)


    Author: Warren Hutch
    Description: This story involves a time skip of about 5-7 years after Season One. Twilight and her friends have remained close despite life taking them in different directions, and they come running when it comes time for Fluttershy and Big Macintosh to have their first foal.

    Story: Number 12/Traveler (Update Story 2, Chapter 9!)

    [Crossover][Sci-Fi] Number 12 is a popular Dr. Whoof fic from Squeak on /co/, and she/he just updated it with a second part called "Traveler"!  You can find both below!

    Author: Squeak
    Description: A blue box has fallen out of the sky, and crashed right into Twilight's Library! A strange brown stallion, calling himself the Doctor stumbles out. Soon after, strange stone Pegasus are everywhere, one of resident weather ponies has vanished, and Twilight is tossed in the middle! The Doctor and Twilight have to find out what's going on, before it's too late!
    Number 12

    Story: An Old Mare's Tale (Update Part 16!)

    [Normal] I'd like to think this is how Luna reminisces about these particular events. Huzzah for origin stories!

    Description: The long version of the story told in the opening of the pilot episode.
    An Old Mare's Tale