• Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 1: Fandom is Magic

    Our call for call-ins for This Week in Geek's new FiM-centric show was a huge success, generating approximately six zillion submissions! With that news I'm happy to report that the first episode, my segment included, is out on their website:

    Ladies and gentlecolts! I welcome you to the first episode of TWiG’s newest specialty show "Last exit to Ponyville”, a show dedicated to all things pony and brony community related! Mike “The Birdman” Dodd is joined by Laura “Undecided” Thomas and our newest contributer Trevor “That other guy” Dupp. In this first episode we talk about what makes us fans of this show and ask YOU the community to tell us why you are fans of it as well. We also talk about some experiences we have had with the Brony community both good and bad.

    This show will also feature “Ponyville gift shop” which a segment where we look at many items of merch out there and let you know if it’s worth your hard earned bucks.

    So enough with the yap and let’s get to talkin’ bout Ponies!

    Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 1: Fandom is Magic