• This Week In Geek Looking For Call-Ins For New Pony Segment

    Hey, guys! Wanna hear more of my voice? I sure don't, but if you do, a radio show called This Week In Geek is debuting a new segment called Last Exit To Ponyville, which is slated to be a more general, high-level community news update spot. I just got finished recording the first segment not a few minutes ago with the host, and I think you guys are gonna like it.

    You can also participate! The show is looking for 30-45 second call-ins from fans to be included in the show, with the following topic:

    What makes you a brony?


    What makes you a fan of the show in general?

    You can call in at (817) 717-7202. They're taking calls until tomorrow, so get them in if you want to potentially be on the show!