• Nightly Roundup #440

    Guard ponies: Distracted by butterflies.

    We have a massive roundup for you all tonight.  Everything from Sega games, to pony web browsers can be found after the break!

    Sega Pony Visual Novel Trailer

    I have to admit, I never expected to see Sega style anything pop up in this fandom, but here we have a visual novel in the good old fashioned pixely goodness. Check out the trailer above!

    Have a bit of info too:
    The game is (starring Spike of course) basically a story where
    at certain points you are given choices to lead Spike to one of
    12 different endings, so replay value is something people probably won't
    complain about. Spike will eventually feel more than being friends with
    a member of the Mane 6 (again, that pony is chosen based on your
    choices you make in the game earlier) but don't think there's any pornographic
    or..."sick"...stuff involved, we are the kind or bronies who'd never
    tolerate something like that.


    You guys is crazy!

    Art Source

    Equestria Explorer Teaser

    Someone is working on a full on pony web browser, just in case your life isn't completely enclosed in it already. Trailer below!

    Pony Trading Card Game Seeks Help
    Hello, my name is Erik, a brony game designer and I want to officially unveil my secret two month project, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Trading Card Game. There are over 270 ready to play cards and that is officially in open testing. I need specific help from testers and I would also like artist to help me design a card frame and maybe put some original art into the game, because otherwise we have the bland monstrosities that are my sample cards.
    The game can be found here

    Sun Times Reports on Pony

    A  neat little article popped up in the Sun-Times recently.  Head on over here to check it out!

    German Fan-made Documentary on Pony

    This one is in German, but it has some subtitles for all of you that lack the ability to learn more than one language like myself.  Check it out here!

    Andrew W.K. Interviewed Again!

    Can he get any less Pinkie Pie? I think not.

    Find it here.

    Dominion Pony Expansion

    Copy Paste:
    For those who like playing the card game Dominion, a pony-themed expansion of Dominion is linked below. It was actually completed a few months ago, but I just got around to sending it. The expansion has gone through a basic playtesting of about 50 games. To avoid infringing on copyright, it's up to you to find a way to play with these cards if you wish to do so. I recommend a printer and lots of card sleeves.
     Find them here!

    German Pirate Party Pony Flag

    Known already for their "Pony Time", where an episode of FiM is played to cool everyone down after an argument, the German Pirate Party has added this new flag to it's repertoire of equine goodness.  Not even politics can avoid the herd! Check out their website here.

    My Little Portal - Pony Flash

    A very early demonstration of a new pony portal game with a top-down perspective can be found below!


    Canterlot Voice 10

    Hey, everypony on canterlot.com!

    Ready for another dose of the Canterlot Voice?

    Erlenmeyer (Ernie? Maybe?) and Nemmy take the podcast down the Curious Corner and ask the important questions in life like cute stuff, Galiax, the Tubey Awards and...wait, and I think we're going to get pretty deep half way through.

    Some serious talk of the Elements is gonna go down, guys. Seriously. Guys. :shock:
    Plus, check out Rockzy’s Channel in the meantime. He's a member from Canterlot who did the mid-introduction music and has got some pretty sweet tunes on his Youtube channel. ;)



    Successful Meetups

    Tasmania Meetup

    Last weekend 8/9/12 Some friends and I attended MAIcon (Miniature Anime Island convention) at Utas, Launceston Tasmania Australia! We were cosplaying as characters from MLP: FiM of course!!! We met a heap of Bronies and made a heap of friends! On behalf of the Tassie Bronies Facebook Group (130 members as of now xD So happy!!!) I’d like to send a few photos for your viewing pleasure and to share with others, there were more Bronies about but a heap missed the photo as they were tied up elsewhere! The Two lovely ladies cosplaying as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy and myself acting as discord won 2nd in the fan favorites cosplay comp, our Brony Friends cheered their hearts out bless them! Chaos and ponies FTW!!!

    Kind Regards and Brohoofs all around!


    Pinkie Pie Is best pony =)

    Nintedo World Meetup

    Nintendo World was having a celebration of the touring symphony "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses"

    There were about 20 some-odd Bronies who were initially attending and a large number of other bronies, also coincidentally attending, who joined us midway. The music was epic an we all had a great time getting a chance to know each other (and simultaneously celebrate somepony's birthday).
    All in all there were well over 30 Bronies who were attending the concert. After fun, food and great music, we had one successful meetup!
    Included are group photos for the event; although none of us managed to get in early enough to get a concert pack.

    Thanks for reading,
    Saj Harris AKA RockIt

    SoCal Bronies - Irvine Meetup

    On Friday 14 at 5 PM, 43 members of the SoCal Bronies met up at the Irvine Lanes for bowling and good times. After about two and a half hours of bowling, some grew hungry while others thirsted for venture. We split up into two groups - The hungry group headed to Red Robins in The District while the adventurous group ran rampant in Irvine hitting up three different Targets and one Toys R Us for various pony goodies! Once the adventurous group finished their raiding, they joined up with the now filled group for food and hanging out. Thirty minutes turned into a couple of hours as we had a glorious time talking and singing. While many bronies had to leave after Red Robins, many still believed the night was young and took up karaoke at a local spot. The remainder of the night was filled with music, laughter, and amazing fun till everyone had to return to their homes. It was an incredibly, fantastic meetup!

    Calgary BBQ Meetup

    Wow, time sure flies. A year has passed since the last barbeque and I'd be lying if I said things didn't change. We've seen the number of bronies grow quite nicely since the last one. What made this day extra special was to have a few bronies show up that we though were banished to the moon. In the end, we got together, shared some laughs, and enjoyed some of the fleeting nice weather. All around, it was a good time and one I hope we get to experience again next year. Hopefully with someone remembering to bring the lighter fluid for the charcoal. This is The Grill Master saying, to all your bronies, grill on and hope for another wonderful year of ponies.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Manchester Meetup

    When: 22nd of September

    Website for information!

    Madrid, Spain Meetup

    When: 22nd of September

    Website for information!

    Guild Wars 2 Guild

    Guild Name: Canterlot Vanguard [Hoof]
    Home World: Dragonbrand
    Contact: Chezne Wildyon in-game, or whisper/pm Chezne.5612
    Description:  The Canterlot Vanguard, on the front lines defending our capital.  I spent a while trying to find a pony guild on this server to no avail... so I had to make one.  Casual guild, PvE and PvP, mostly a gathering place for like-minded ponies.  Always willing to lend a hoof to new players.  Also if another pony guild exists on Dragonbrand please get in touch with me!

    University of Arizona Club

    The University of Arizona has officially recognized the University of Arizona My Little Pony Club! Now that we are an official organization we want to get the word out to our fellow bronies that they are welcome to join us. We can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/UAPonies/ or UA students can look us up on OrgSync.

    North Carolina Meetup

    This is an invitation and a reminder to all you Carolina Bronies about the Scarowinds Brony Meetup that is being held this Saturday on the 22nd. We will be walking around the park, riding roller coasters, going through the some of the terrifying mazes and scarezones, and there will be a rave. That's right, a rave inside the park. I suggest you try and get to the park half an hour early so that way we can go in on time and enjoy the parks opening ceremony. Feel free to bring as many guests as you want just let me know on the meetup's facebook page how many you'll be bringing. You can also email me if you don't have a facebook. All those attending this meetup, remember we are meeting outside of the park's mane entrance. So come and join us and giggle at the ghosties with your fellow bronies. If all goes well there will future meetups.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Lotus And Aloe Plushies
    Derpy Plushie
    Ball Jointed Pony Doll
    Luna Custom
    Perler Ponies