• Funrise Plushies Expanding

    Funrise, the company behind the mini plushies included in the Crystal Empire displays, has some plans for the near future! Fluttershy will be joining the collection in Spring, and it sounds like bigger 10'' ones will be invading stores in the Fall. 

    No other information is available at this time! Check below for the exact message from their Facebook page though! 

    Thanks to Bronley for the heads up!

  • Pony Monopoly Board

    Two words: Pony Monopoly. As an avid fan of buying up properties, preforming shady deals and forcing your opponents into bankruptcy, I can tell you that I'm quite excited for this pony modification!

    Coming to us from Sup3rgh0st, this dedicated fan has meticulously replaced all the properties and cards from the original Monopoly set with pony themed ones! For those of you so inclined to purchase Cloudsdale or Canterlot for your own, check out links to the full modification below!

    Picture Gallery
    Deviantart Page for the Board
    Title Deeds
    Community Chest/Chance Cards 

    And now money
  • Derpy Cardcaptor Ending

    Some of you may remember the Derpy Cardcaptor intro released some time ago. Well, the same artist is back with a completely Derpified version of the ending as well. Check out the cute above!
  • Comic: Fun With The Wind / Megan is Back / React, Fluttershy...React!

    Derpy is truly the best mother. Happy, carefree, loving, and muffins of course!

    Comics you guys! Click for full of course.

  • Discussion: Pony Music - What do you prefer?

    We have a pretty large community of musicians in the fandom, and they cover just about every form of music.  Electronic, acoustic, rap, you name it.  For simplicity sake, we at EQD split these into three major categories:
    • Instrumental (Original, no vocals outside of sampling pony voices, not a remix of a show track)
    • Vocal (An original pony song with vocal lyrics) 
    • Remix (Transforming a song from the show, or a famous original vocal song from the fandom)
    And within the posts, we tend to point out what each song actually is from the more specific sections.

    Looking at the internal EQD page views for music posts, we usually see vocal hitting the most, with remix and instrumental following closely behind.

    My question to all of you is, what do you prefer? What kind of genre do you seek out on Youtube or EQD when you are looking for some pony music?  Would you rather allow instrumental tracks to pain their own picture, or do you want to be guided by vocals/remixes?

    Discuss it below!
  • Music Remix: Find A Pet Song (Bigger and Cooler Rock Cover) / Love Is In Bloom (SixofLasers Remix) / So Many Wonders (Poniver Remix)

    We have a rock version of Find a Pet, followed by a dubstep Love is in Bloom, and finishing off with some Drums and Bass So Many wonders. It's remix time!

    1.) MLP-FiM: Find A Pet Song (Bigger and Cooler Rock Cover)
    2.) Love Is In Bloom (SixofLasers Remix)
    3.) So Many Wonders (Poniver Remix)

  • Story: Around The Bend

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: Chatoyance
    Description: Persuaded by Pinkie Pie to loosen up, Twilight Sparkle uncharacteristically deviates from her routine and finds a street that does not exist on any map, a street that should not be there. Down this road is both a threat, and an answer, one that may help us all reconcile the troubling inconsistencies between Season One, and all subsequent seasons of MLP:FIM.
    Around The Bend

    Additional Tags: Critique, Continuity, Noprize, Cosmic, Definitive
  • Civilization 5 Pony Mod - Equestria

    Oh glorious Celestia, ruler and deity of Equestria.  She who raises the sun, and brings happiness and friendship to all of her subjects.  What brings you to this land filled with war and strife?  Why would one as benevolent as yourself wish to join the power hungry Romans and sneaky Mongolians in this eternal dance of  corrupt politics and violence?  Is Civilization 5 really a place for a princess like yourself?

    Apparently it is! Celestia has joined the league of superpowers in Civilization!  Control various cities from Equestria on your quest to become a benevolent dictator, or heartless warmonger.  Judging by her special ability, I'd guess shes into that whole expanding like crazy thing.

    Check it out here

  • Game: Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare

    Derpy Hooves has been recruited to save the mane 6 from the dreaded Chrysalis, using Equestria's number one form of weaponry: baked goods.  Honestly, if you got hit with hundreds of muffins, I'm sure you would either go blind or keel over at some point too.  Especially if Applejack cooks them.

    Click the image above to go SAVE EQUESTRIA.
  • Comic: Queen Chrysalis - My Lullaby / One Day Part 1-2 / Chrysalis Exam / Avant-garde

    You want comics? Have a bunch! We have a Lion King crossover above, a two part Trixie MOTIVATION comic following that, Chrysalis's magic exam in the 3rd slot, and finish off with more ridiculous Lyra.  Click for full!

  • Music: I Write Sins Not Ponies / I'm Fluttershy

    The mane cast have teamed up once again to parody "I Write Sins not Tragedies" from Panic at the Disco! Find that in the first slot.

    We also have some crazy Fluttershy vocal splicing, check that out in the second slot, because Fluttershy is cute, and so is her voice.  Can you resist the Shy? I think not.  If you could, you wouldn't be watching this show! In fact, I bet she lured you in right from the beginning didn't she?   Subliminal messaging right there.  Your weakness was completely exposed and taken advantage of! You love it though don't you?  Yeah, don't lie. Ponies rock. Bow to your equine overlords.  

    1.) PMV(VocalCover): I Write Sins Not Ponies
    2.) I'm Fluttershy (Fire of Friendship Remix)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #519

    Celestia edition!  For being the queen/diety/OVERLORD of equestria, she sure doesn't make the header for drawfriend posts much.

    Have some art!

    And new video game Ponilympics banner from RiokennG3 on Deviant Art.  If you want to submit your own for a chance at the top, the deadline is August 4th.  Hit this post up for more information!

    Source 12 
    Princess Celestia to enjoy time

  • EDEL: Kids to Release Bilingual Season 1 Episodes in Europe

    Well, it looks like Europe is going to be getting some more My Little Pony love! EDEL: Kids of Germany has delivered a press release indicating that they plan on releasing all of season one with a few extra perks I'm sure you'll love. The two biggest are that the DVDs will stay region free and, probably the more exciting of the two, will be bilingual as they will have the original English version included in the new releases.

    To check out the product info pages for yourself, check out EDEL's site here

    You can find the official press release after the break!
  • Twilight Sparkle Gatling Gun

    You saw it used in the season finale, and the heavy was so impressed with it, he decided to pick one up for himself! Twilight Sparkle, or "Tara" has been adopted as the new way to riddle people with bullets.  Unfortunately magic lasers kept overheating the thing. 

    Video above!
  • Brony Show Epiode 51 - UC77

    Tis that time of the week mateys, infos be after the break.  Arrr.

  • Pony Marathon Starts Now!

    The Hub is running a pony marathon from 6:00 AM (Now) and playing 10 back to back episodes.   You already know the channel! Go watch it!