• Nightly Roundup #392

    Ponies in samurai outfits edition?  Can we do more of this? 

    Have some nightly roundup stuff!

    Fighting is Magic Invades Kotaku

    It looks like once again, Kotaku has reported on ponies! Check out the article here!

    Way too many pony posters

    This dude has too many posters.  I guess hes going for a world record or something! Check it out here.


    Canterlot Voice Episode 5

    The Iron Pony RP Event has begun, we got a design/audio revamp, it's CBlaze's birthday... and there are only two podcasters on?!

    Is Vinyl Scratch and Octavia really the best couple? Are muffins really all that? And will Erlenmeyer and NemesisPon3 be able to pull all this off with the new 30 minute limit rule?

    Find out as we join our two colts heroes in this week's mane itching, hoof biting, flank spanking episode of the Canterlot Voice!



    Successful Meetups

    South Australia Meetup

    On the 29 July 2012, we had an informal Bronies meetup at the Adelaide AVCon (Anime and Video Game Convention). The con was great fun, and us Bronies made a good appearance. The area where FiM was showing got covered in Bronies as we joined and numbered the few kids that were there. Pinkie Pie paid a visit too and she was awesome enough to do a group photo with us.

    Charlotte Meetup

    The Charlotte, NC Meetup was amazing! We had over 70 people show throughout the day.
    This was taken when it started, a lot didn't want to be in it, and not everyone was there yet.

    Toronto Meetup

    This was on July 15 2012 it was the atomic lollipop brony meet up in toronto ontario canada.

    Colorado Meetup

    Hey there, just wanted to share a moment of awesome I had with many other Colorado bronies over the weekend with everyone in the western Colorado city of Grand Junction!  From what I've heard, we in Colorado are somewhat known for not just being very organized but also active as a community; well this particular gathering is special in that people from all over the state attended it!  The gathering itself consisted of a day of fun at Banana's Fun Park in Grand Junction, a day I know everyone there enjoyed.

    Arkansas Meetup

    On Saturday, at Old Chicago restaurant in Conway, members of the Arkansas Bronies group got a picture of just how many bronies occupy the state! Our group of 20-25 bronies enjoyed a great meal and just had fun in general hanging out with our friends, new and old. We look forward to more events in the future!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Lebanese Group


    El Paso Group


    Philly Meetup

    The Philadelphia Bronies are going to be visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of the largest museums in the nation, on Sunday August 5th.  We will be meeting at Love Park at 10am so we can all head down there together.  August 5th is the first sunday of the month and the Museum's 'pay what you like day' so our less wealthy members can come with us without having to worry about going broke.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Dash plushie
    Mac Book Decals

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