• Discussion: Pony Music - What do you prefer?

    We have a pretty large community of musicians in the fandom, and they cover just about every form of music.  Electronic, acoustic, rap, you name it.  For simplicity sake, we at EQD split these into three major categories:
    • Instrumental (Original, no vocals outside of sampling pony voices, not a remix of a show track)
    • Vocal (An original pony song with vocal lyrics) 
    • Remix (Transforming a song from the show, or a famous original vocal song from the fandom)
    And within the posts, we tend to point out what each song actually is from the more specific sections.

    Looking at the internal EQD page views for music posts, we usually see vocal hitting the most, with remix and instrumental following closely behind.

    My question to all of you is, what do you prefer? What kind of genre do you seek out on Youtube or EQD when you are looking for some pony music?  Would you rather allow instrumental tracks to pain their own picture, or do you want to be guided by vocals/remixes?

    Discuss it below!