• Music: I Write Sins Not Ponies / I'm Fluttershy

    The mane cast have teamed up once again to parody "I Write Sins not Tragedies" from Panic at the Disco! Find that in the first slot.

    We also have some crazy Fluttershy vocal splicing, check that out in the second slot, because Fluttershy is cute, and so is her voice.  Can you resist the Shy? I think not.  If you could, you wouldn't be watching this show! In fact, I bet she lured you in right from the beginning didn't she?   Subliminal messaging right there.  Your weakness was completely exposed and taken advantage of! You love it though don't you?  Yeah, don't lie. Ponies rock. Bow to your equine overlords.  

    1.) PMV(VocalCover): I Write Sins Not Ponies
    2.) I'm Fluttershy (Fire of Friendship Remix)