• Drawfriend Stuff #519

    Celestia edition!  For being the queen/diety/OVERLORD of equestria, she sure doesn't make the header for drawfriend posts much.

    Have some art!

    And new video game Ponilympics banner from RiokennG3 on Deviant Art.  If you want to submit your own for a chance at the top, the deadline is August 4th.  Hit this post up for more information!

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    Princess Celestia to enjoy time

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    COMM : Sugar Kicks

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    I didn't catch you.. I'm sorry... (speedpaint)

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    Little Princess Sisters

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    'Mind if we look inside the barrels?'

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    Luna And NMM

    Source 10
    Was there ever any doubt?

    Source 11
    Pillow fight

    Source 12
    Playtime with Pinchy

    Source 13
    Stallions of the West

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    TwilightSparkle Plushie

    Source 15
    Special Running of the Leaves

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    Standing In the Rain

    Source 17
    Happy Birthday Midwest!

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    Moondancer White Mage

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    Source 20
    Time for Science

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    Workin' Hard

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    Now you will remain here

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    MLP - Cliff Hanger

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    Lost in Manehattan

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    Applejack under a tree

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    Source 27
    Spike-Bane: The Dark Knight Rises

    Source 28
    Zebra Rarity