• Equestrian Ponilympics - Banner Competition!

    Pinkie Pie invaded Earth, and while travling the world sampling all sorts of desserts, she discovered the Summer Olympics.   Along with hundreds of new recipes, she has returned with plans of making Twilight Sparkle run it for the citizens of Equestria!
    Griffons, Donkeys, and Ponies around the world will be competing in the ultimate test of skill, strength, and Showmareship.  They need a banner though!

    Head on past the break for information on submitting your design!

    So what is this?

    Similar to the past few banner competitions,  your task is to create an EQD banner to commemorate the Summer Olympics!  If we get enough, we will hopefully be able to rotate them daily during the event.

    What are the requirements?

    • It needs to be 1000x300-350 in dimensions. 
    • It needs to involve some sort Ponilympic Related Topic (Gymnastics, Track, Fencing)
    • It needs to be a transparent .png file
    • It needs to have "Equestria Daily" in some way shape or form. 
    • The banner above should give a good example of all of this (Or check out these! We prefer they stay transparent without a full background)
    • Same EQD rules: No Gore, No Pornographic material
    • It can be either photoshopped with vectors, or drawn. 
    Since the Olympics last 17 days, we won't have a major "winning" banner this time around.  We will instead have multiple winners throughout, as displayed at the top of the blog with sources attached in that day's Drawfriend post.  At the end of the event, we will display all the banners in a compilation.

    Deadlines and Submissions

    All entries should be sent in by August 4th at 12:00 PM PST. 

    We will be using our new submission system.  Simply click the "Equestrian Ponilympics - Banner Contest" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be a maximum of two submissions per person.

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below:

    Paste your URL Here:

    If you run into any trouble with the submission system, send an email to ([email protected]).