• Random Merch: Pony Microphone, Suspenders, and Pixel Kittles Joins Welovefine!

    We have a shorter merch post this time around, but also a really... odd one!   First off, as you can see above, Hasbro has decided to take over your MP3 players with a new pony microphone.  I have no clue how well this thing works, but it has ponies on it, and it exists, so you colllectors might want to pick it up!  This was found at a Target in Texas.  Thanks to Tentacle Master (kinda scary name there!) for the picture.

    And on the other side of the pond at FYE, a new set of pony... suspenders has been added.  I didn't know people still wore suspenders to be completely honest, especially in the age group that these appear to be for!  As I have said in the past though, I such at fashion trends.  Maybe they are making a comeback over there in Europe?  Thanks to Michelle Bartlett & Sonny Oliveira for the image!

    And finally, in the more normal news sector, Pixelkitties has joined the Welovefine artist league.  It's about time too, she already had a bunch of stuff up there anyway!   You can find her page here, along with a few new ones (Including the one found above).  I still say that Fluttershy shirt is the best one they have on the site.  It's too bad the one I got is too small! It makes a good poster at least.

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